Big Brother 19 Raven Totally Cussed Jason Out Today August 28 After POV Ceremony

Big Brother 19 Raven Totally Cussed Jason Out Today August 28 After POV Ceremony

Hey Big Brother fans. Man, did we experience some fireworks today August 28th. Raven totally lost her her sh@#t and went completely off on Jason after the big POV Ceremony. We expected this to happen and it totally did. What we didn’t expect is for Matt to get so crazy but he did. He tried to play calm at first but eventually he lost his sh#@t too!

However, his main argument was really dumb. He kept accusing Matt of hiding in the storage room after the POV Ceremony which wasn’t really true. Anyways, the whole fight got started because Jason held true to his decision and didn’t renom Kevin which left Raven and Matt on the chopping block. This is of course left them knowing that one of them is definitely going home this week.

We’re going to give you guys a complete run-down of the events. Please be aware that a lot of exclamation points will be used because Raven always shouts everything even when she’s not mad.

Alright, the feeds cut back on at around 11:59 am. Raven was was super pissed and in tears. She shouted at Jason while he was in the storage room with Alex, “You wanna say counterfeiting sun of b@#tch all the time! Now, I know why you say that phrase!” Then she gave Matt a hug and kiss. Christmas was just strolling along on that scooter so she could get a close up glimpse of the crazy show. Matt told Raven,”it’s ok.”

Raven said, “It pisses me off!” At 12 pm, Raven walked into the diary room. Then immediately walked back out. Matt said, “At least now, I don’t have to eat slop for the rest of the week.” (Apparently, he plans to just break the rules because he knows he’s going home.)

At around 12:03 pm, Paul asked Raven, “Are you ok. Raven said, “No I’m not!” Paul said, “Just go outside and blow off some steam. I’ll be out there in a second.” Then Matt joined Raven in the backyard. She started talking about Jason saying, “I’m going to go insane on him! Be a man and tell me you’re not going to use the veto on me! Are shitting me?” Matt said, “It’s ok babe. I know. He’s hiding in the storage room.” Raven said, “Yes he is. He should stay there all fucking day! He’s not being a man! He’s stuck in his freaking , ooh! I’m gonna gun for hoh you muther f#@cker!”

At 12:05 pm, Paul came out there and told Raven to just relax. Raven said of Jason, “I’m pissed! Don’t have a full conversation with me this morning and then pull that sh@#t! Are you kidding me?” Paul doing a good acting job said, “It’s tough. It’s part of the game.” Raven said, “Oh, I understand that!” Paul said, “ You know how upset I am right now?”

Raven said, “I know!” Paul said, “But we can’t show it babe. We can’t. It sucks but we need to go far, right? Raven said, “Oh, I agree.” Paul said of Jason, “F@#ck dude. He like mumbled. Did you see that? Matt said, “Cause he’s a b@#tch man.” Raven said, “He’s a b@#tch and he’s hiding in the storage!”

A few seconds later, Raven told Paul, “The line is already drawn in the sand! If Alex wins, we’re going up! The line’s already drawn in the sand! So, f#@ck it!” Then she said of Jason, “ If you wanna be shady, I’m gonna call you out on your shady sh@#t! Don’t sit there in the kitchen with me this morning and tell me how you’re tired of throwing competitions and you’re ready to do this. Just be a man and be like, ‘You know Raven. I’m not going to use the veto. Kevin’s on my side!’”

Paul said, “Let’s just find a more strategic way. That’s all i’m saying.” Raven said, “It doesn’t matter!” Paul said, “I’m upset too but we can’t. Be upset. It would be weird if you weren’t upset but let’s be smart about it. We’re still in the game.” Raven said, “Oh yeah! I’m just pissed off!” Paul said, “So am I. F@#ck dude f@#ck.” Raven said, “I mean are you sh@#tting me? Don’t . ooh!” Paul said, “ Did you pick up any signals this morning?” Raven said, “no!”

Paul said, “Well, you know what we have to do?” Raven said, “Oh, I know!” Paul said, “But we can’t blow up.” Matt said of Jason, “I can’t believe he’s still hiding in there!” Raven said, “Oh, cause he knows how I am!” Paul said of Jason, “Maybe they’re just trying to come up with a reason.”

Raven said of Jason, “I don’t wanna hear a reason! Don’t f@#cking talk to me!” Matt said of Jason. “Even Cody didn’t go hide in the freaking storage room!” Raven said of Jason, “Don’t talk to me! Avoid me! That’s fine with me! You don’t exist in my book! And if for some reason you make it to the f@#cking end, shove my vote up your f@#cking a@@!”

Paul told Matt, “You’re the narliest dude I’ve ever met. The most chill.” Matt said, “It is what it is. He’s not require to do what he says.” Raven said, “Guess what Jason if you and Kevin make to the end, I’m voting for f@#cking Kevin! Not you!” Matt said, “I’m just mad he’s hiding in the storage room like a p@#ssy. Face the music. Cody did.” Paul said, “I don’t even know what to do. All I know is we have Christmas and Josh.” Raven said, “Are you sure?” Paul said, “I talked to them yesterday.” Raven said, “ Ok, good.”

Paul said, “But we can’t expose any of that.” Raven said, “ No, I’m not going to. I want to personally f@#cking take him out!” Paul said, “We’ll get around it. We don’t want to make ourselves so crazy where they do put up both of us and we’re both f@#cked.” Rave said, “It doesn’t matter!”

At around 12:11 pm, the big Raven and Jason confrontation began. Jason finally came out of the storage room. Matt immediately got in his face in the kitchen. Jason told Raven, “It’s just what the game dictates Raven.” Raven said, “I know but just at least be honest! Don’t pull the wool over everyone’s eyes and then say something and be two-faced about it! Don’t talk about Kevin and agree with everyone! Just be honest! Tell us, ‘ You know what? I want one of you out so we could’ve spent more time together instead of pulling my leg!”

Jason said, “In all fairness to myself, I didn’t really say anything to anyone.” Raven said, “Yes you did! Are you kidding me! Are you serious!” Jason said, “I don’t know. I don’t know what you’re trying to say.” Raven said, “The nomination speech and then you hugged me! Why would you hug me after the nomination ceremony and whisper in my ear, ‘I’m gonna pull one of you down? Don’t tell me that! That’s sh@#tty!

Don’t give me that hope! That’s sh@#tty, Jason!” Jason said, “I honestly don’t remember saying that.” Raven said, “ You did! I hugged you after the nomination ceremony and you said I’m gonna pull one of you down! Don’t worry is what you said to me! You agreed to everything! You agreed this whole week! Don’t say you didn’t agree with us when you did! Because this whole week, you went yeah, yeah, yeah! This is what we’re gonna do! Don’t worry guys! Just be honest! That’s sh@#tty.”

Then Matt jumped in and started shouting, “Everybody saw it! National tv saw it! You hugged Raven and said I’m gonna pull one of you off! You didn’t have to give that veto speech! All you had to do was say we’re putting both of you up! But instead, you wanted to be a b@#tch and then you go hide in the storage room once again like a b@#tch!”

Jason said, “We’ll play it out at the veto. That’s exactly what I said.” Raven said, “You whispered in my ear!” Matt said, “It’s all good. National TV saw it! We all saw it! You talked sh@#t about Kevin all week!” Raven said, “Don’t deny that and don’t deny that you whispered in my ear, ‘I’m gonna pull one of you down!’”

Matt again said, “I just can’t believe you went and hid in the storage room with Alex for 15 minutes dude! Even Cody didn’t do that man! I would never expect a cowboy like you to be a p@#ssy like that.” Jason said, “I wasn’t hiding.” Matt said, “Yes you were dude! You literally stayed there for 20 minutes like a b@#tch!”

Matt said, “Look Jason. This is a game and I have absolutely no issues with the decision you made. But to go and hide in there like a little punk b@#tch! But that’s just how you’re made dude! To hide from a 105 pound girl. That’s embarrassing!” Jason said, “I’m not hiding. I had to take the box back to the storage room.”

Raven again told Jason, “ Don’t throw Kevin under the bus the whole week and agree with everyone! That’s sh@#tty! You know how I would’ve been if someone wanted Matt out? I would’ve said no! He’s my ride or die! I’m not throwing him underneath the bus, period!” That’s sh@#tty! That is so sh@#tty!”

Jason then said, “When did either one of you ever come to me and ask me what the plan was?” Raven replied with, “Are you kidding me? Why would I have to come to you and ask you if you’re gonna pull one of us down when you told me you were gonna pull one of us down? You said that! Word for word!”

Jason said, “I don’t remember whispering in your ear.” Matt screamed, “Oh my God! You are such a punk b@#tch! Oh my God! You are embarrassing yourself! Just be a man dude!” Jason said, “I really don’t remember saying that.” Matt said, “Uncross your legs and be a man!”

Raven told Jason, “ Well guess what? It’s going to air on national television!” Jason said, “It’s easy for you to say I said that just like it’s easy for me to say I didn’t say that. No one’s going to f@#cking know.”

Raven again said, “It’s gonna air on television!” Matt said, “I expected more from you.” Jason said, “The game doesn’t dictate like that. I can’t tell you I want you out.” Matt said, “All you had to do was nominate us! You didn’t have to whisper in her ear! You didn’t have to do any of that!.”

Jason said, “ Nobody has to do anything. You navigate the way you think it’s going to work out best for you.” Matt said, “I have no problem with your game decision but to go in there and hide like a b@#tch. I can’t wait until your wife sees that!”

Jason said, “I was not hiding. Other people came in there. I didn’t have a chance to come out. What do you want from me? I wasn’t trying to disrespect you are Raven by going into the storage room. When you didn’t have a question, I just thought I’d let everything settle down. Raven came in there. I didn’t kick her out. I just stood there and Raven said a few things and stormed out.”

At 12:21 pm, Alex joined the conversation. She told Matt, “Jason wasn’t hiding. I was arguing with him because I didn’t agree with his decision. Matt said, “I don’t care. You don’t have to stick up for him.” Alex said, “It’s not sticking up for him. I didn’t agree with the situation.” Matt said, “Well then come out here and argue in the kitchen.”

At this point, Raven just kept going back and forth with Jason, basically saying the same thing over and over again about how she thought Jason did a sh@#tty thing to her and how she would never throw Matt under the bus.

To finish things off, Matt kept asking Jason if he was the vote against him at the last eviction until he admitted it. Raven told everyone she’s not campaigning against Matt. So, she’s fine with whatever the house decides. Raven said, “I’d rather go to jury a horrible game player than a liar.” That’s extremely funny coming from her since the show actually had to do a whole segment about all the lies she’s told this season. Ha! Ha!

Alright guys. So, that was it for that big fight. Raven and Matt now know one of them are going home this Thursday night. It should be interesting to see if anymore arguments take place before then because Raven is still super pissed. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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