Big Brother 19 Christmas & Josh Started Crazy Fights With Kevin Yesterday,August 28th

Big Brother 19 Christmas & Josh Started Crazy Fights With Kevin Yesterday,August 28th

Alright, so as we previously reported, the big POV ceremony took place yesterday,August 28,2017. And after everything was all said and done, it was revealed that the current HOH Jason did indeed not use the veto and kept his nominees Raven and Matt on the chopping block. After that, all hell broke loose with Raven, Matt and Jason! We already reported that fight. You can read that report by Clicking Here.

But, there was a second and third fight that happened about an hour and half after that one. It involved Christmas and Kevin at first. Then Josh joined in to cause the whole thing to really spiral out of control! It was actually planned by Christmas and Josh though. But it definitely wasn’t planned for by Kevin and he really flew off the handle!


Josh, Christmas and Paul were seen on the feeds between the 1 pm and 2pm pacific time hours talking about how they were going to start a fight with Kevin. Then at 2:15 pm, Josh was seen telling Paul in the storage room, “Christmas is about to get into it with Kevin.” After that, they started jumping around and dancing about it. It was pretty hilarious.

At 2:16 pm, Christmas was seen in the kitchen with Kevin. She started ranting to him about him asking her to take a swim in the pool. Apparently, she started acting like she was real pissed off about it, claiming he was taking a shot at her because of her broken foot. Christmas told Paul,” Kevin asked me if I’ve gone f@#cking swimming when have I never gone swimming.”

Then Christmas told Kevin, “You never once all summer asked me if I’ve gone swimming! The point is. Let me answer because I’m gonna answer your question right now. The point is that you sit there and you ask questions that you know the answers to!” Kevin said, “Really? I didn’t mean jump in the pool.”

Christmas said, “You know what I can’t have as a have-not! You never once asked if I’m going swimming! I’ve had a broken f@#cking foot all summer! Why would you even ask me that? Kevin said, “I meant are you gonna sit on the side of the pool!”


Christmas said, “Well, then say what you mean! If you’re meaning things and not saying what they are then how do we know anything else is what you meant?” Kevin said, “Why are you making such a big deal? You asked me first! I didn’t bring nothing up to you! You brought it up to me!” Christmas said, “No, you asked me if I was going swimming!”

At 2:17 pm, Josh decided to jump into the conversation. He said, “You just asked her! I was right here!” Kevin said, “Josh, stay out of it.” Josh said, “No, don’t lie! I was right here and you turned and asked if you’re gonna go swimming in the pool!” Kevin said, “She asked me first! She said are you gonna go in the pool!”

Josh said, “Don’t lie!” Christmas said, “I did ask him first.” Kevin said to Josh, “Listen to her!” Josh said, “Ok, don’t yell at me!” Kevin said, “Then apologize!” Josh said, “If you wanna go there with me, I will go there with you! Don’t go there with me! I’m telling you I’m not gonna fight with you.” Kevin said, “Just say you were wrong!” Josh said, “Ok, I was wrong. I’m not gonna fight and argue and disrespect you but don’t go there with me. I was wrong but don’t disrespect me. Don’t get rowdy with me because I’m telling you I have mad respect for you. You don’t wanna go there with me!”

Christmas told Kevin, “ All I’m saying is if you mean something, say what you mean. Don’t imply anything else!” Kevin said, “So, this is all because I asked you if you’re going in the f@#cking pool?” Christmas said, “No, because it pissed me off because I’ve had a broken f@#cking foot all summer long! You said are you going swimming!” Kevin said, “You sat by the pool the other day.” Christmas said, “You didn’t say by the pool! You said swimming! So, what do mean Kevin? Because whatever you say, you should say what you mean! Don’t mean what you say!”


Josh said to Kevin, “You did it to me the other day too. That’s why I got involved and got upset. Christmas told Josh, “ Drop it. It’s fine. We’re all crazy f@#cks! Everybody in this house is a crazy f@#ck.” Josh said, “Kevin we can talk about it.” Kevin said to Christmas, “It was nothing personal so it’s fine.” Christmas said, “I didn’t say it was personal.”


Next, Josh started his big solo fight set up with Kevin. He said, “Kevin come here because I want to have this conversation now. I’m not gonna argue with you. We don’t have to argue or fight. The reason I’m upset about this situation is because in the room you did it to me also when you directly told me, ‘Be yourself. Stop being a follower.’ And then you went on a rant and Jason was sitting there and heard the whole conversation.

And then as soon as I said, ‘Kevin, I don’t like the way you directed it towards me,’ You said, ‘I never said that. I was directing it towards the house.’” Kevin said, “I didn’t direct it towards you.” Josh said, “You want me to call Jason in here to confirm it?” Kevin said, “I didn’t direct it towards you.” Josh said, “Ok, me, you and Jason can talk about it.”


Kevin said, “I don’t want to discuss this.” Josh said, “Yes, because I’m not a liar. I haven’t lied this whole time. So, I wanna address it.” Kevin said, “Argue with someone else. I don’t wanna argue with you.” Josh said, “I’m just having a conversation. I’m not gonna be put out to be a liar. I haven’t lied in 69 days.” Kevin again said, “I don’t want to argue with you.”


Josh said, “You think that I’m real stupid, and I’m really on to your sh@#t. You think that I’m the goofy stupid one.” Kevin said, “I never said that. Other people have said that. Not me.” Josh said, “No, you say it.” Kevin said, “Josh don’t make things up.” Josh said, “Kevin, you talk in the room. I can hear you in the kitchen.” Kevin said, “And I talk about you Josh? You’re crazy. Don’t flatter yourself Josh.”

Josh said, “I’m not flattering myself. You played yourself. That’s what happen. You played yourself.” Kevin said, “Josh, listen. It doesn’t even matter to me Josh.” Josh said, “It does matter to me because Kevin we like you but you’re a liar.” Kevin said, “I won’t answer your conversation!”


Josh said, “You’re a liar!” Kevin said, “I’m telling you you better be cool because I don’t give a f@#ck about no muther f@#ckin game! You’re f@#ckin up! Call me another f@#cking name again and see what happens!” Josh asked Kevin, “Who won the 25k Kevin?” Kevin replied with, “You tell me who won the 25k! You won the 25k! You’re the one who told me you did!” Josh again asked, “Who won the 25k Kevin?” Kevin said, “You did ! You did!” Josh said, “ I did? Swear on your kids!”

Kevin then charged at Josh saying, “I’m not swearing on my kids. Don’t even bring my f@#ckin kids names up muther f@#cker!” Then the feeds cut out for second. When they came back on, Josh said, “You did it to yourself Kevin. We all liked you.” Kevin said, “What the f@#ck are you trying to prove? That I’m gonna go the f@#ck home! I don’t give a f@#ck about you or what you’re telling me! So, shut up!”

Josh said, “Why are you being aggressive?” Kevin again said, “Shut the f@#ck up!” Josh said, “ “I’m just having a conversation. You’re a liar!” Kevin said, “There’s my conversation! Shut the f@#ck up! You’re just a big mouth fool!” Josh said, “I’m a big mouth fool that’s calling you out on being a liar! We’ve all caught onto it.”

Kevin said, “Josh, I won’t even answer you because I’ll end up hurting you and you’ll take me out of the f@#cking thing! You’re f@#ckin right I will! If you keep calling me f@#cking names. I’m telling you shut your f@#ckin mouth! I’m not talking to you! Shut your f@#cking mouth!”

Josh said, “I can have a conversation. Nobody’s gonna shut me up! After that, Kevin then charged at Josh again saying, “Say something about my family!” Then Kevin picked up a glass of water like he was about to throw it at Josh! After that, the feeds cut out for a whole hour.

When they finally cut back on, Josh, Jason and Alex were seen talking in the bathroom area. Kevin and Christmas were talking outside. By the end of the day, they all seemed to have made up. Christmas and Josh just did it on purpose anyways, but I think Josh got more than what he bargained for when Kevin charged at him.

The only way we’ll ever know what Kevin did just before the feeds cut out is if they decide to air it on the TV show. That just might happen too. They did it with the situation where Cody charged at Josh when he was in the house. So, we’ll see. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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