New Riverdale Season 2 Betty & Jughead Troubles Revealed By One Of The Castmembers

New Riverdale Season 2 Betty & Jughead Troubles Revealed By One Of The Castmembers

According to a new report from the people at, actress Vanessa Morgan who’s been tapped to play a new girl Toni Topaz on the upcoming second season of CW’s hit drama “Riverdale” recently revealed more of what her character will be doing. She confirmed that Toni will definitely cause trouble for Betty and Jughead’s relationship at some point!

They say that Vanessa showed up to walk the red carpet at the recent 2017 MTV Video Music Awards. She told the press, “I stir it up a bit for Bughead. I’m part of Southside. I’m one of Jughead’s first friends. I bring a bit of trouble.”


After that, she went on to say that her character is a badass saying, “I’m the girl in the gang. My character is badass and Jughead is the son of the King Serpent. Why wouldn’t I welcome him?” Next, she confirmed that Toni will also be bisexual. She stated, “My character is bisexual. This is one hundred percent important.”

It’s reported that Vanessa also mentioned that we’re going to be seeing a lot of her character in the new season 2. So, she could be involved in many storylines. It’s speculated that she may also get into a relationship with crazy Cheryl at some point. However, that’s not officially confirmed.

The last time we saw Betty and Jughead in action, they were already facing some heavy issues with the fact that Jughead decided to go ahead and switch schools and become part of the Southside Serpents.

In related news, there’s going to be a lot going in just the first 5 episodes of season 2. We’re expected to see Veronica’s ex boyfriend Nick to show up on the scene and do something really awful to her. There are no specific details of what that is yet but it definitely sounds very interesting. We’re also supposed to see a very dark version of Veronica that Nick brings out.


Betty is supposed to explore more of her darker side. There’s actually a point where Betty and Veronica will experience a lot of tension with their friendship. In the second preview clip for season 2, they showed Archie with a gun in one of the scenes. So, we definitely expect to see him travel down a really dark path while trying to seek vengeance against his father’s shooter.

Cheryl is supposed to get even meaner and nastier if that’s even possible. So, expect to see some shocking stuff from her. A new evil is coming to town. The name of this evil was teased by the producer as being named the Sugar Man. In his tweet, he said, “Lock your doors, Riverdale, the Sugar Man is coming…”

Season 2 definitely sounds like it will be packed with a ton of new and interesting storylines.It’s all set to kick off on Wednesday night, October 11th, 2017 at 7pm central standard time on The CW. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Riverdale Facebook page for more Riverdale news by Clicking Here.

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