New Riverdale Season 2 Details Revealed About Veronica’s Evil Ex Boyfriend Nick

New Riverdale Season 2 Details Revealed About Veronica’s Evil Ex Boyfriend Nick

Recently, the folks over at TV Line got to chat it up with Riverdale showrunner, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and he delivered some new intel on what we can expect to see from Veronica’s ex boyfriend Nick St. Clair when he arrives on the scene.

They also revealed who will be playing him. So, we’ve finally got a face to go with the character. He will be played by actor Graham Phillips. He’s pictured in the above photo for this article to the left of Veronica.

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As previously reported, Nick is going to bring some trouble to Riverdale. He’s will bring out the darker side of Veronica and do something very bad to her that will have all the ladies of Riverdale banding together to fight it!

In this new article, we got a new set of details from Sacasa. Nick is described as being one of Veronica’s old classmates/ex-boyfriend from her time spent in the big apple New York City, New York. Nick is currently scheduled to appear in two of the season 2 episodes. Nick will be looking to make Veronica’s life a little more troublesome while she’s right in the midst of trying to start up her budding romance with Archie.

Sacasa told TV Line that Nick is more like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He’ll pose as a nice boy around the parents. But, he’s actually someone with very dark desires that will definitely threaten Archie and Veronica’s relationship and even put people’s lives at risk!

Sacasa stated, “Nick is an old classmate of Veronica’s from New York. And despite his parent-pleasing veneer, he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing: a hard-partying Lothario with dark desires and an unchecked sense of privilege. His arrival in Riverdale will threaten Archie’s relationship with Veronica and may even put some of our characters at risk.”

Sacasa also hopped on his official Instagram account to confirm the casting news for Nick by posting a picture of KJ Alpa aka Archie and Camila Mendes aka Veronica posing with Graham Phillips aka Nick. He captioned it with the words: “A new love-triangle in #Riverdale? Welcome to town, Nick St. Clair!” You guys can view the pic on Sacasa’s Instagram by Clicking Here.

Graham Phillips acting resume includes roles in A 2016 TV Series called, “Secrets And Lies.” In it, he played character Liam Connors. “The Good Wife” TV Show. In it, he played character Zach Florrick. A TV Show called, “Guidance” where he played character Roger.”The King Of Queens” TV Show. In it, he played character Winthrop. Judging Amy TV Show. In it, he played character Toby Carroll.

A TV Movie called, “Love’s Long Journey” where he played character Jeff Huff. A TV show called,”Crossing Jordan.” In it, he portrayed characters Kyle and Jonah Wheeler. He played Moses’ son in The Ten Commandments: The Musical. He played character Jordan Baxter in the Evan Almighty movie.

He appeared in Ben 10: Race Against time which was a TV Movie. In it, he played character Ben Tennyson. He played character Mark Wakefield in the movie “Stolen.” Lastly, he played character Evan Leary in the White Collar TV show. So, he’s definitely been a very busy actor. Welcome him aboard.

Season 2 is scheduled to premiere on Wednesday night, October 11,2017 at 8pm central standard time on The CW. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Riverdale Facebook page for more Riverdale news by Clicking Here.

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