Big Brother 19 Alex Ow Getting Vicious. She Did Real Mean Stuff To Someone Yesterday August 29th

Big Brother 19 Alex Ow Getting Vicious. She Did Real Mean Stuff To Someone Yesterday August 29th

Alright, so yesterday, August 29th,2017 some more pretty crazy fights took place in the Big Brother season 19 house and Kevin was involved in all of them. There was a small blow up between he and Matt. The next one was between Alex and Kevin. Apparently, Alex has been cranking up the viciousness towards Kevin because she really wants him out of the house.

She’s been insulting him to his face and trying to set him off. Yesterday, it apparently worked. Unfortunately, the feeds were out when their crazy fight happened. But, we know some of the details of it because when the feeds came back on, Alex talked about the whole thing in the HOH room with Jason and Josh.

Apparently, Raven got involved too because she talked about how she stuck up for Alex during it. Hopefully, they’ll show the Kevin and Alex fight footage on the TV Show tomorrow night.

The first thing we want to do here is give you guys a rundown of the small but quite intense Kevin and Matt blow up. It took place at 6:42 pm pacific time. Matt was walking past Kevin in the backyard. Paul, Raven and Josh were talking in another location in the backyard and could see them. All of a sudden, Raven started saying, “What is he doing?” Then Paul said, “What is he doing” too. “Who is he talking to?” Raven said, “Kevin.”

Next, the cams zoomed straight in on Matt looking real pissed off while walking towards Kevin. Kevin told him, “I’m not one of these young kids. Don’t get in my face.” Matt said, “Oh, you’re threatening people again dude! Are you threatening people again?! Kevin said, “I didn’t say nothing to you!”

Matt said, “Get the f@#ck out here dude. Get the f@#ck out of here with that sh@#t! You want me to grab a glass for you?! You want me to grab you a glass so you can threaten me with it?!” (he was referencing how Kevin almost threw a glass of water at Josh during their fight). Kevin said, “I didn’t threaten you! Don’t make stuff up about me!” Matt said, “You just said you wouldn’t be talking about me would you? Don’t raise your voice at me dawg!” Kevin said, “Don’t make stuff up about me! I never said nothing to you!”

From there, Matt walked into the kitchen. Then Kevin shouted to Paul, Raven and Josh, “I’ve been out here all day and never said a word to him at all! I asked him if his brother was graduating and that’s it! He just makes stuff up about anybody!”

After that, Kevin just continued to swear up and down to Paul and Josh that he didn’t say anything to Matt and that it’s all lies. Josh told Kevin, “Never get heated to the point where you want to throw a glass at somebody. It’s not a good look.” Kevin said, “I didn’t though!” You could tell at this point that they’re really throwing Kevin off his game.

Next up came Alex to finish the job. We’ll go over some of the crazy things she said before her actual fight with Kevin took place. At around 4:55 pm, Alex mentioned that she wants Kevin out next. She also started feeling concerned about some of the things she might have said this season and how she’ll react when she watches it back.

At around 6:35 pm, Alex had a conversation with Josh about Kevin and told him, “I want you to call him a follower next time you two fight.” Josh replied with, “I’m not going to do that. I’m done fighting with Kevin.” Alex said, “I’m not.”

Again, we didn’t see this Alex and Kevin fight on the feeds because they cut out shortly after the Matt and Kevin fight. They didn’t return for about two hours. However, we do know that they fought due to conversations that took place

At 8:31 pm, the feeds came back on. Kevin was seen having a conversation with Christmas. He kept asking her if people can mess with his personal stuff. It sounds like he was really worried that Alex might try to mess with his stuff because he knows they’re trying to make him their next target. We think Alex tried to hide his food or something.

Christmas told him they’re allowed to hide his stuff or move it, but they can’t damage it. At one point, Kevin said of Alex, “I’m not afraid of her. I think she’s a bully in my opinion.” He told Christmas that he thinks Raven and Alex would stoop to messing with his personal things. Kevin said the only thing he’s said about Alex is that she’s petty. Christmas agreed saying, “Well, she wears it on her hat.”

At 8:37 pm, Alex was seen talking to Jason and Josh about the fight that had just gone down between her and Kevin. She said she asked Kevin, “I’m just trying to understand. Did you win the 25k?”

A few seconds later, Alex told them, “See how easy it is to unnerve somebody? You call them old. You hide their food. Yeah, the little things drive them crazy. Oh my gosh. I can’t wait until next week when he tries to get back with us. I’ll be like whatever. All you have to do is call someone old and their skin looks leathery. And tell them to make their own f@#cking food and they wig the f@#ck out. He tried to push my buttons and I let him know like you’re pushing my buttons.”

At one point, Alex talked about how their fight might end up on the internet and how she can’t wait to watch it back when she gets out. She also said something about how their fight was good TV. She also said, “Kevin’s head looked like it was gonna bust off.” Jason and Josh told her she definitely hit Kevin’s switch. Alex agreed by saying, “I did.”

At around 8:56 pm, Alex said, “ I wonder what people are saying about us on the outside. They’re probably telling me to leave Kevin alone.”

At 9:01 pm, Kevin was seen talking to Paul about what he’s going to do about Alex. He told him, “I’m not afraid of no one. I’m not kissing Alex’s a@# no more. I’m gonna tell her I’m against you. Do you mind if I do that?” Paul said, “Go for it.” Kevin said , “I’m gonna tell her right now. Would you tell Josh to be cool? Tell him not to take her side. I’m gonna tell her tomorrow to stay away from me. I don’t like you. You’re a bully. You’re the biggest bully in the house.” Paul said, “Just don’t turn on me.” (Yes, Paul has everyone asking his permission if they can do something. It’s so sad.)

At 10:01 pm, Josh and Christmas started talking about how Alex tries to listen in on everything. They also said she’s very arrogant. Josh said of Alex, “I don’t care anymore. I’m taking a shot at her next week.”

At 10:06 pm, Kevin started to talking to the cams by himself, telling production to take his clothes because if Alex touches his stuff he will tear apart the house and destroy everyone else’s things. He said, “ Alex isn’t not going to push me around for the next 10 days.”

At 10:28 pm, Raven was seen talking to Matt on the hammock about the Alex and Kevin fight. She talked about how she got involved and asked Kevin, “Where’s your class at? You have kids that are Josh’s age! Way to set an example! He was like, ‘don’t get personal.’ I was like, ‘No, I’m not. I’m just stating facts dude.”

Raven also said something about how she hopes they show footage of how she and Alex were standing side by side yelling at Kevin. She also said something about how Alex thanked her for sticking up for her. Matt said, “Yeah, because Jason sure didn’t.”

At around 10:39 pm, Kevin had a conversation with Josh about Alex. He said something about trying to understand why Alex is treating him so bad. Josh told Kevin, “Just own up to things and relax.” (he was referencing the situation about Kevin winning the $25,000 in week one.)

At around 10:50 pm, Alex told Jason, Paul and Josh, “I hope one of us four wins America’s Favorite Player. It just can’t be Kevin. If he wins, “I’ll kick him in the balls right on the stage and say, ‘F@#ck you old man.” She’s horrible. At 11 pm, Alex told Jason, “ Go cowboy on Kevin and cuss him out.”

That was the end of all the Alex crazy talk. There was a moment at 1:25am today, August 30, where production told Matt to stop eating ice cream because he’s a have-not this week. He refused to stop though since he knows he’s going home this week.

At 2:05 am, Paul , Christmas and Josh came to an agreement that they need to get Jason out before Alex because they think Alex won’t be good at the rest of the competitions that are left. Paul believes that the endurance comps are over.

Alright, that wraps up our crazy fight report for yesterday. As previously reported, either Matt and Raven will definitely be going home tomorrow night since Jason didn’t use the POV to save one of them. We expect it will be Matt unless a shocking change of plans happens today. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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