Grey’s Anatomy’s Ellen Pompeo Aka Meredith Revealed When The Show Will End,New Details

Grey’s Anatomy’s Ellen Pompeo Aka Meredith Revealed When The Show Will End,New Details

According to the folks over at People’s Choice, Ellen Pompeo (above) who plays Dr. Meredith Grey on ABC’s hit medical drama “Grey’s Anatomy” recently revealed when the show is actually scheduled to end. They say she recently gave an interview with the Variety news team and told them that the show will end when she decides to quit.

Luckily, that doesn’t seem to be for quite some time the actress revealed. She said that she and the show’s producer Shonda Rhimes actually had a conversation about this topic and came to the conclusion that the show will go on as long as Ellen wants to keep doing it.

Ellen stated, “Shonda Rhimes and I have both said that when I’m ready to stop, we’re going to stop the show. The story is about Meredith Grey’s journey and when I’m done, the show will end.” Ellen went on to explain that the show’s fate is actually in the fans’ hands because she certainly has no plans to quit. As long as the fans think there’s more story to tell then they’ll keep it going.

Ellen said, “You don’t walk away from something for nothing. I’m really open to whatever the universe presents. I don’t know how long the show will go on. I know the network and the studio like to say they see no end in sight, but I think the audience will tell us when the show is no longer a fan favorite.

I think it’s quite arrogant to assume the show can go on forever. I don’t like that approach. Right now, we’re very lucky to have the fans still hanging on, and I think the fans will let us know when it’s time to stop the show.”

So, there you have it guys. As long as you’re still interested in the show, it looks like it will stick around.

Update for October 22, 2017: We’re hearing from the people over at Hollywood Reporter that while Ellen is not ready to quit Grey’s Anatomy anytime soon, she is looking to branch out and create a new show! They’re telling us that Ellen is a producer as well as an actress, and she’s looking to put those producer skills to work developing a new series!

They say this new show will be a legal drama called,”Big Law.” Ellen is teaming up with ABC to bring this new show to life. This show will be adapted from Colombian format La ley del corazon. It is currently in development status over at ABC. “Big Law” is described as a production that will deliver a modern look at a large Los Angeles law firm and what it takes to survive and thrive in our work-obsessed society.

The lines between lawyers’ professional and personal lives are increasingly blurred, and moral ambiguity is a job requirement. They’ve hired writer David Marshall Grant to pen the script. David has worked on shows like: Looking, Code Black, Brother & Sisters and more.

Along with writing the script, David will also help produce the show along with Ellen. The Hollywood Reporter also explained this new show is based on the format from RCN and hails from Pompeo’s ABC Studios-based Calamity Jane banner. It’s revealed that another executive producer will be attached, and that is Laura Holstein. She apparently works at Ellen’s Calamity Jane company.

Along with her duties on Grey’s Anatomy, The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Ellen has done a lot of work as a producer which we thought was very interesting. She’s actually sold numerous amounts of scripts to broadcast and cable channels. She also has a very active role with Disney’s ABC Studios as a producer. It was part of her overall deal with them. She also has a long relationship with Grey’s Anatomy producers. Of course, that’s not as big of a surprise since she’s been working on Grey’s Anatomy since its inception.

So, that’s very interesting stuff to know about Ellen. It sounds like she stays extremely busy outside of working on Grey’s Anatomy. Let’s just hope she never gets too busy to want to leave it. Judging from her interview, it doesn’t sound like it, and I think we can all agree that’s a good thing.

In other Ellen Pompeo news, has revealed that Ellen actually owns a beautiful $1.995 million dollar house that’s located in Hollywood Hills, California and she’s looking to sell it. She just recently listed it for that $1.995 million asking price on the Trulia website.

The house features three bedrooms and two bathrooms. They pointed out that Hollywood Hills is a popular neighborhood for celebrities. Some big names mentioned to live there are people like: John Legend, Chrissy Teigen and musician Adam Levine from NBC’s “The Voice.” Ellen’s house is a midcentury modern structure that was designed way back in 1957 by architect Harry Greene. It spans a whopping 1,889 square feet.

It has a stainless steel kitchen, media room, lots of glass walls and concrete floors. The outside area features an outdoor courtyard with a fire pit, pool,spa, and its all surrounded by lots of trees. They explained that makes it ideal for families that want lots of privacy. The property also has an outdoor shower and a outdoor sunken bathtub.

What’s really impressive is they revealed that Ellen and her family own even more lavish properties than this. They own properties in nearby Los Feliz, California and on the East Coast! Ellen is married to a music producer named Chris Ivery and has two daughters Stella Luna and Sienna May.

They say that Ellen revealed she has a big passion for decorating. She told the press, “This is my hobby and I absolutely love it. This was the first modern barn I have done. I have two Mediterranean homes, and I have two modern homes as well. I have just finished my Malibu house, which is midcentury. They are like completely different paintings to me.”

So, wow. It sounds like Grey’s Anatomy has loaded Ellen’s pocket book to no ends. I don’t know about you guys, but I think I just lost count of how many houses she owns. Crazy. No wonder she never wants to quit Grey’s Anatomy. She’s a smart lady. You guys can view the pics of Ellen’s beautiful house that she has put up for sale by Clicking Here.

As for Grey’s Anatomy’s current season 14, it started back on Thursday, September 28,2017, and the ratings are looking pretty strong and steady as expected. The premiere was watched by over 8 million people. They’ve shown 4 episodes since then, and the numbers remain the same. They’re still bringing in over 8 million viewers per episode. The ratings for the 18-49 year old demographic started out at 2.34 this season and has only slightly dropped to 2.13.

Grey’s Anatomy does have a loyal following. So, I don’t think it will ever have to worry about ratings. We’ll continue to follow the numbers as the season goes on and update this post with new intel. So, keep checking back. For all you UK viewers, hold tight. The season 14 premiere is coming your way pretty soon. We don’t have a confirmed date for you guys. But based on past season premiere dates, it should arrive in November 2017 sometime. So, be on the lookout for it.

The 14th season has introduced a host of very interesting and emotional storylines with the whole Amelia situation. Then there was the whole situation with Owen’s sister Megan Hunt. Things really got intriguing with Arizona and Andrew Deluca’s sister Dr. Carina DeLuca. Six new interns hopped onboard to make things a little more interesting.

There’s definitely more interesting storylines to come. We’re due to see Jo’s violent ex-husband Dr. Paul Stadler make another appearance at some point. His portrayer Matthew Morrison said his role will be huge this season. So, that sounds very interesting. Stay tuned. Also, Be sure to follow us on our Grey’s Anatomy Facebook page for more Grey’s Anatomy news by Clicking Here.

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