New Big Brother 19 Power Of Veto Winner Revealed Yesterday Night, September 2nd

New Big Brother 19 Power Of Veto Winner Revealed Yesterday Night, September 2nd

Alright guys. So, the Big Brother season 19 houseguests finally competed for this week’s Power Of Veto in the late evening hours yesterday, September 2,2017. Everyone got to play. The show brought on actor Bobby Moynihan to host the competition since he has a new show that’s going to be airing on CBS. No doubt they’re looking to promote it. Apparently, Bobby is a Big Brother fan too.

Anyways, when everything was all said and done, it was Paul that emerged the winner of the coveted Power Of Veto this week. So, Paul is your winner once again. According to Big Brother Network, Paul has been plotting to try and save Alex so he can stay in good graces with her.

A surprising turn of events happened. Josh actually started to catch on to what Paul’s been doing. He told Christmas about it on the live feeds yesterday. He started mentioning how everything is lining up to just benefit Paul’s game and not theirs. So, that was interesting.

He even told Christmas that Paul is the only vet that could’ve returned and worked a house the way he did. He seemed to really be clear of what Paul is doing. Christmas told Josh to keep his suspicions quite because Paul can’t catch wind of them suspecting anything.

At around 1:45 pm pacific time yesterday, Josh and Christmas had this conversation. He told her, “Paul will save Alex if he wins it and that would be Paul playing for Paul rather than all three of us. I don’t like that he is playing every corner of the house. This is all to Paul’s benefit and to help him with jury votes while you and I look like the bad guys. When Jason goes, Alex will be enraged and come after us two.”

Christmas replied by saying, “stop with the anti-Paul talk or someone might overhear you. If Alex comes down then we all need to vote the same so Paul can’t put the blame on us instead.” Josh said, “Jason suggested the you and I have an alliance. I think Paul is putting that idea in his head. I’m not going to play the game to benefit one person’s game.” Christmas said, “ You need to rephrase that less aggressively.” Josh said, “Whatever we do, it needs to benefit all three of us.” Christmas agreed.

Josh also told Christmas, “After we take a shot at Alex and Jason, Alex will come after us next week and she would put both of us up.” Christmas said, “We can address this tonight between the three of us.” Josh said, “ I understand that Paul is worried about jury votes, but all three of us should worry about them too.” Christmas said, “the jury might see me as someone who has been carried all season, but I don’t see it that way.”

At around 9:25 pm, Paul and Josh had a conversation about whether to keep Jason or Alex. Paul suggested keeping Alex. At around 10:10 pm, Raven had a moment where she laughed to the cameras about how crazy things will get after the POV meeting tomorrow. She thinks Paul isn’t going to use the veto. If he doesn’t, Alex and Jason will probably get really pissed off.

At this same time, Jason and Alex talked about what they think will happen next. Alex told Jason that she actually doesn’t know if Paul’s plan is to save her or him (Jason). Jason said, “I trust you, but I’m worried Paul will leave the nominations the same.”

Alex indicated that she thinks she’ll be the one Paul saves. She also said she wants to make sure Paul is protected and even suggested that they throw the next HOH to Paul. Ugh. After that, she admitted to throwing this POV to Paul and said they can definitely trust him. So, Paul definitely has the wool completely pulled over Alex’s eyes right now.

At around 11:05 pm, Josh and Raven agreed that one of them needs to win HOH next week to take out Jason or Alex.

At around 11:15 pm, Paul talked with Josh and Raven. He pushed for Jason to get voted out over Alex saying that Jason will team up with Kevin if he stays. Paul said, “Alex could win more comps, but Jason and Kevin will team up given the chance.”

At around 12:05 am today, September 3rd, Josh told Christmas, “It would be best for our game if Paul kept the nominations the same.” Christmas agreed. Josh said, “Paul probably won’t do that.” Christmas said, “This means you don’t trust Paul?” Josh said, “It means this is all about Paul’s best interests and it’s the truth.” Christmas said, “We can’t start taking shots at each other.”

Later, Paul joined their conversation. He said, “If Alex stays, we can get her to blow up on Kevin to burn that bridge. However, we could be in big trouble if we don’t get Alex out in the next round.”

Christmas asked Paul, “Why would we need to do a tiebreaker this week since Alex wouldn’t know who voted which way?” Paul said, “If we don’t split the votes then Alex will be mad at me.” At one point, Paul said, “Josh will have to take the heat for us.”

Christmas asked Paul, “How can we deal with Alex and this next HoH?” Paul said, “I’m confident I can get her to throw it to me. It would be best for Jason to go this week. Then I can be in Alex’s ear if she gets HoH.”

Christmas again asked Paul, “Why do we need to split the votes?” Paul told her, “Because Alex will be mad at me if we don’t and then she won’t work with me.” After that explanation, Christmas agreed with his idea.

At around 1:15 am, Kevin tried to get Paul to have a conversation with him. Paul was just not into it and told Kevin he was tired. Kevin didn’t give up and tried to talk to him anyways. He tried to tell Paul to get rid of Alex instead of Jason. That of course is not part of Paul’s plans. So, Kevin was just wasting his breath.

At around 1:20 am, Paul told Raven, “ You need to win this next HoH so you can take out Alex for us.” At around 1:25 am, Paul had a conversation with Jason about who the veto should be used on. Paul asked Jason, “Do you have a preference?” Jason said, “no.” Paul said, “Alex wanted me to use it on her.” Jason agreed and said, “You should do that. I trust the two of you.” Wow.

At around 2 am, Paul, Christmas, Alex and Jason had another Raven bashing session. They laughed about all the weird claims she’s been making this season. They talked about her inverted spine, knee caps and dying nerves claims along with her horrible diet. They also brought up one of her most recent claims of having relative that was on the Titanic. Even on the off chance that one is true, who cares?

At around 3:50 am, Christmas and Josh talked about their game plans again. She kept trying to talk him down about his Paul concerns. Josh said, “I’ve been observing Paul’s game and how it’s been changing recently.” Christmas said, “I see it too, but it benefits us too.” Josh said, “I don’t like Paul’s claims that he’s been carrying the two of us. I can only take so much of that.”

And that pretty much wrapped up the discussions for the day before everyone went to sleep. It looks like Paul may or may not use the veto on Alex. If he doesn’t, it still looks like the plan is to save Alex and get Jason out.

The POV ceremony is scheduled to take place tomorrow, September 4,2017. If Paul doesn’t use the veto, we could see more fireworks. So, that should be really interesting. We’ll definitely report what happens. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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