Big Brother 19 Christmas Had Intense Fight With Josh Today, September 6th

Big Brother 19 Christmas Had Intense Fight With Josh Today, September 6th

Alright, so we had a little situation that occurred early this morning, September 6,2017, between houseguests Josh and Christmas in the Big Brother season 19 house. Josh decided to raise his suspicions of Paul’s plan to Christmas again but she was just not having it. She basically told him to shut about it and to just go with it until Paul actually crosses them. It got pretty intense there for a second. Eventually, they seemingly came to an agreement though.

Let’s give you the entire rundown. It started at around 12:15 am. Josh told Christmas, “We need to reel Raven in so we can have control over her because guess what? Paul has control over Kevin. Paul has control over Alex. Paul has control of Alex because she thinks she’s working with him. Paul has control of Kevin because he just wants to float to the final two. And Paul has us. If we get past final five, Raven can take a shot for us and we won’t even see it.”

Christmas said, “Raven won’t take that shot. She won’t win HOH.” Josh said, “Either way, we’ll have her as a vote. She needs to make it to final five. Alex can’t make it to final five.” Christmas said, “No, it’s too dangerous.” Josh said, “What do you think Paul’s pecking order is? The whole thing about Paul’s plan this week to make things real clear to you is for him to show the house that he’s not with nobody but them because they offered him protection.”

Christmas started getting angry at this point and said, “I’m very uncomfortable about this whole conversation.” Josh said, “But, it’s a conversation that we need to have because I need to make it clear to you. He’s doing this plan to protect him because he has to which I respect. But, also we need to protect our game. I don’t say I need to protect my game. I say I need to protect me and Christmas’ game. Paul has to protect his game but in protecting his game, he’s dirtying our game. He’s exposing our game. That’s where I’m at with it. You get me?”

Christmas said, “You have to win HOH because if Paul doesn’t take Alex out, you have no idea. The wrath of Christmas will rain down on this house and you have no f@#cking clue what the f@#ck would happen. This is the plan that we all decided on. There is no pivoting without us all collectively deciding. The only time we all break away from each other is when we make top three.”

Josh said, “I’m just having this conversation because I’ve been analyzing his whole perspective.” Christmas said, “I’ve heard things too. I’m not second the fact that he will throw our game to protect one person.” Josh said, “He’s protecting us but also tainting us.”

At this point, Christmas got real angry again and said, “Ok, I’m done with this conversation! Josh said, “ Why?” Christmas said, “I’m pissy about it!” Josh asked, “Why are you getting mad?” Christmas replied with, “Because you’re giving me an earful of stuff that is not team related and it’s not f@#cking cool! Don’t tell me things that you have come to the conclusion for that is going to taint my opinion of this f@#cking team! Not f@#cking cool! So, back off on it!

Josh said, “Can you hear me out?” Christmas said, “I did!” Josh said, “I’m not trying to taint. I don’t even look at Paul like that. I don’t look at him like that. I don’t look at him with any different eyes. I said in there you can pay me 25,000 right now and there’s no f@#cking way I’ll take a shot at either of you. No amount of money is going to change who I am and how I was raised. So, yeah Paul’s playing this game but until he crosses me, I’m going to stick by his side like white on rice.”

Christmas said, “Ok, that’s all I needed to know! Otherwise, what Paul’s doing is fine for his game! If he deviates from our plan without us approving it! That is a betrayal! Do you understand?! So, don’t plant these seeds in my head! Josh said, “I’m not planting seeds. I’m telling you. I know this because I’m as super fan.”

Christmas said, “Ok, fine! You’ve seen it! But as far as I’m concerned, that’s fine. Paul is going to work his f@#cking angle. You should be working yours. I’m working mine. But, don’t plant these seeds that he’s not loyal to us!” Josh said, “ I never said that.” Christmas said, “You didn’t say it but you’re implying he’s stacking his cards just in case one of us gets clipped. I do not accept that!”

Josh asked Christmas, “Have I been wrong about anybody’s game that I’ve analyzed? He doesn’t have control of Raven so he doesn’t mind if Raven goes before Alex.” Christmas said, “I know. We’ve talked about it. I’m not ok with Raven going before Alex. I don’t feel comfortable with keeping Alex in the house, period. You can’t blame Paul for f@#cking trying. He played his f@#cking heart out all by himself last season!

He got f@#cking second! He got screwed! He comes in as the only f@#cking vet. I understand his position! And I have to say that I probably wouldn’t have gotten this far without the both of you. So, I understand what he’s doing and why he’s doing it. And I’m ok with that. I’m ok with that! But, you have to work your angle because it’s what you should be doing too. It’s not like he’s throwing us to the f@#cking wolves and we have to figure it out!

So, I don’t like to hear that because it plants seeds of doubt and it makes me frustrated. That’s all I’m saying.” Josh said, “Ok, I have not looked at him any different.” Christmas said, “The tone of your conversation and the way it was presented was not team related.”

Josh said, “I’m telling you from the bottom of my heart I have not lost any trust in Paul. I am not turning on him. I’m not looking at him any different at all.” Christmas said, “You didn’t think that I didn’t see Paul’s angle halfway through or at the beginning. I saw that too. The point is that we’re a f@#cking team and we’ve all decided that. I know what he’s been doing since I was on the f@#cking block.”

At this point, Paul came out to the backyard to join them. So, that ended their intense conversation. At around 1:05 am, Paul asked Raven, “Are you ready to take the shot at Alex? She said, “ I am and I’m not nervous about it.”

At around 2:55 am, Paul told Raven, “Alex will probably put up Josh and maybe one of us. Alex might throw the HoH to me if I can keep her thinking I’m working with her. The best case scenario is for Josh to win the HoH and go after Alex, but if not then one of us has to do it. Then we’ll put up Alex and Kevin.”

At around 3:10 am, Josh talked alone to the cameras and said, “I see what Paul is doing with stacking the Jury votes. I understand that if I keep pushing Christmas about Paul’s game then I’ll risk losing her support and then Paul will follow. I’m never going to turn on Paul though.”

That was it for some of the main discussions that went on early this morning. Josh and Christmas appear to definitely know that Paul is trying to work all his angles. But, they’re just in way to deep to turn their backs on the plan now. They also feel like they should work with Paul until he crosses them.

It’s really going to be interesting to see what events unfold after they send Jason home tomorrow night especially if it’s a Double Eviction. We’re hearing that it will be a Double Eviction. Unfortunately, we can’t say for sure because a different source says the Double Eviction is next week. So, I guess just get prepped for both possibilities. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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