New Riverdale Season 2, Episode 8 To Feature Archie & Veronica In Extreme Danger

New Riverdale Season 2, Episode 8 To Feature Archie & Veronica In Extreme Danger

Alright, so recently the producer of CW’s hit drama series “Riverdale” Roberto Aguirre Sacasa revealed what the title will be for the new episode 8 of the upcoming 2nd season. He did so on his official Twitter account. It sounds pretty freaking scary too especially for Veronica and Archie! The 8th episode is titled, “Chapter 21: House Of The Devil.” It was written by Yolanda Lawrence.

He captioned the title tease with the following words: “Uh-oh. Now it’s #Archie and #Veronica’s turn to enter #Riverdale’s…House of the Devil!! Will #Varchie survive?” We’re asking ourselves that same question. Unfortunately, we don’t have any other details other than what Roberto teased in that tweet.

It sounds like Veronica and Archie could be headed for some major danger in this one. I know I would personally pass on an invite to the “House Of The Devil.” But, it sounds like these two are just going to stroll right on in there.

Hopefully, some extra intel about this particular Veronica and Archie plotline will turn up in a few more weeks when The CW starts putting out the press releases for these episodes. We’ll have to wait and see.

In related news, Roberto has been teasing a number of different creepy scenarios that will be featured in the new season. We’re supposed to be seeing a mysterious villain named the Sugar Man at some point. During that reveal, Roberto put up a drawing of the Sugar Man chasing after Cheryl and Jason. He captioned it with the words: “ Lock your doors, #Riverdale, the Sugar Man is coming.” In the photo, the Sugar Man was holding a bag of sugar.

It drew a ton of speculation of who he might be. Some news outlets speculated that he could be a supernatural being. However, the most realistic guess came from someone who just commented on the tweet. They said he’s probably a dangerous drug dealer. The sugar represents the drugs he deals. If I were a gambler, I would gamble on that explanation being the most likely outcome.

Other Riverdale season 2 news that has come down the pipeline is that Cheryl will be even meaner and more vicious than in season one. There was a scene in the season 2 trailer where she’s showing absolutely no remorse for her mother getting burnt to a crisp in that big fire she started. Her portrayer, Madelaine Petsch, revealed that Cheryl will also finally get a new love interest. So, that should be interesting as well.

There’s a new girl named Toni Topaz that will be showing up on the scene. It’s been confirmed that she will definitely cause trouble for Betty and Jughead. She will hang out with Jughead as part of one of the Southside Serpent gang members. She will also be bisexual which is another interesting twist.

Both Betty and Veronica will explore their much darker sides at some point. Veronica’s ex Nick will show up in town and do something really awful to her. It’s reported that it will be so bad that it will have all the ladies of Riverdale joining together to fight against it!

And of course, Archie will really go dark in an attempt to hunt down the person who shot his father. In one of the season 2 promo clips, Archie is seen with a gun at one point. So, that scene will certainly be quite interesting to say the least.

Season 2 is currently scheduled to premiere on Wednesday night, October 11,2017 at 8pm central standard time on The CW. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Riverdale Facebook page for more Riverdale news by Clicking Here.

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