Bold And The Beautiful Is Bringing On A New Handsome Male For Scandalous Trouble

Bold And The Beautiful Is Bringing On A New Handsome Male For Scandalous Trouble

According to the people over at soapcentral, the production team for CBS’ hit soap opera show “The Bold And The Beautiful” has decided to hire a former “Days Of Our Lives” male actor Francisco San Martin (above). They’re saying that his character is supposed to be crazy Sheila Carter’s latest weapon in her ongoing war against character Quinn Forrester!

The name of Francisco’s character is reported to be Mateo. They say that Mateo will be brought in to be the guy that is tasked with making sure that Eric’s sprawling Beverly Hills home remains in tip-top condition. Aside from that, he will also be given another job by crazy Sheila.

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She will want him to shift his focus from the flower beds to getting Quinn in bed if you guys know what I mean. Yes, she will want Mateo to try and seduce Quinn! Will it work? Only time will tell. I know one thing, this sounds like this could make for a pretty intriguing storyline.

It’s reported that the Mateo character is supposed to first appear on screen in the Monday, October 2nd, 2017 episode. So, definitely be sure to mark that date down on your Bold And The Beautiful TV calendars.

The people over at gave a little bit more details about the Mateo role. He’s described as being an irresistibly man-tastic estate manager who goes to work for fashion mogul Eric Forrester.

They went on to say, “Mateo’s job is to oversee Eric’s magnificent Beverly Hills home, and he’s soon noticed by supervillain Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) who recruits him to seduce her arch-rival Quinn (Rena Sofer) which is a surefire way to destroy Quinn’s marriage to Eric so Sheila can have Eric all to herself!”

Francisco San Martin’s acting resume includes roles in CW’s hit comedy/drama “Jane The Virgin.” In it, he played character Fabian Regalo del Cielo who was the testy telenovela star that had a no-strings fling with the main character Jane.

An alternate description was:”A hot Latin star who helped put a spark back into Jane’s (Gina Rodriguez) step after the loss of her husband, Michael (Brett Dier), during the winter finale.”

As mentioned earlier, Francisco also appeared in NBC’s hit soap opera show “Days Of Our Lives.” In it, he played the original Dario Hernandez from 2010 to 2011. So, if any of you guys watch “Days Of Our Lives,” he may be a familiar face for you.

In addition to those roles, Francisco has appeared in “A Love Story” which was a 2016 short production. He played the husband in it. He appeared in a 2013 TV movie called, “Behind the Candelabra.” In that production, he played a backstage flirt.

There aren’t any other gigs listed for him on IMDB. So, it doesn’t sound like he’s gotten a slew of opportunities. I’m sure he’s welcoming this “Bold And The Beautiful” gig. This announcement comes on the heels of the show losing two of their main male actors Rome Flynn and Pierson Fode. Pierson played character Thomas Forrester for about two and a half years. He joined the cast back in 2015.

Rome Flynn played character Zende Forrester for about the same length of time as Pierson played Thomas. They both joined the cast in 2015. And actually, they both left the show to pursue other acting gigs. Pierson said he wanted to stay on Bold And The Beautiful but just couldn’t do the other acting jobs and B&B at the same time. We suspect that was the same case with Rome. However, he’s never mentioned that outright like Pierson did.

In related news, we’ll also be seeing a new, very attractive female named Jessica Graf make a guest appearance on one of the future episodes. She’s supposed to play a hostess at the show’s ll Giardino restaurant. She will appear in scenes with Kimberlin Brown aka Sheila Carter, Heather Tom aka Katie Logan and Darin Brooks aka Wyatt Spencer.

She was selected to play this guest spot because she appeared on CBS’ hit summer reality show “Big Brother.” Since she’s not really a professional actress, we’re guessing that she’ll just appear in one episode of the Bold and The Beautiful.

She reportedly filmed her scene or scenes back on September 5th,2017. So, be sure to look for these two new editions in future episodes. We’ll certainly let you guys know if any additional information pops on these roles in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Bold And The Beautiful Facebook page for more Bold And The Beautiful news by Clicking Here.

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