New Big Brother 19 Eviction Nominees Revealed Yesterday, September 8th,2017

New Big Brother 19 Eviction Nominees Revealed Yesterday, September 8th,2017

Alright, so yesterday evening, September 8th,2017, the Big Brother season 19 remaining houseguests finally had their nomination ceremony. As previously reported, Josh won the HOH competition this week and we’re down to just the final five: Josh, Christmas, Paul, Kevin and Alex.

This made Josh’s decision of who to nominate real easy as he, Christmas and Paul’s plan is falling right into place for them. Actually, I should just say it’s Paul’s plan. However, Christmas and Josh did play their part in helping him execute it. Anyways, with no further ado, Josh did follow through with the next phase of Paul’s plan which was to nominate Alex and Kevin.

That means Alex and Kevin are currently up for eviction this week. Alex is the main target because she is a much stronger competitor than Kevin. Paul feels like they will have a much easier time getting rid of Kevin in the final four since he can’t ever seem to win any competitions. Meanwhile, Alex has been beasting a lot of them throughout the season.

The only way Alex has a chance of staying this week is if she wins the upcoming Power of Veto competition. What’s sad is that she’s still so blinded by Paul’s mist that she thinks he’s still working with her. She has caught on to the fact that Kevin is not the target. She now thinks it may be her or Paul because again in her mind, it’s her and Paul against the house.

According to Big Brother Network, Alex pulled a fake crying session on Josh after the nomination ceremony was over. Josh fell for her tears hookline and sinker. Josh started crying to Christmas and Paul about it and they had to comfort him again like he’s a child. He told them that he feels like a bad person for the moves he’s made in the game. Later, Alex told Paul that she can cry on command.

Let’s go over some of the conversations that took place after yesterday’s nomination ceremony. At around 5:41 pm pacific time, the feeds came back on after the ceremony was done. Alex was seen crying to Josh. She told him, “You betrayed my trust in you.” After Josh left the room, Alex talked alone to the cameras and revealed that she was fake crying.

At around 5:47 pm, Josh started crying to Christmas and Paul. He said, “I Feel terrible for what I did to Jason and Alex because I like both of them.” Paul told Josh, “You’re being duped by Alex. Don’t fall for her tears.”

At around 5:56 pm, Christmas told Josh, “Alex can’t be trusted and needs to go. Alex will keep messing with your head to make sure you don’t win veto so she can try to win it, stick around and retaliate against you.”

At around 6 pm, Alex told Paul, “I can cry on command. I think I convinced Josh to use the veto on me if I win. But, I’m afraid if Josh does that, he’ll try to backdoor you. I don’t believe Kevin is the target.”

At around 6:06 pm, Paul of course ran back and relayed this information to Josh. He told him, “Alex says she can cry on command.” Then Paul told both Christmas and Josh, “Alex said they made a mistake leaving Christmas in the game because now she’s trying to win.”

At around 6:16 pm, Paul told Kevin, “As long as Alex doesn’t win veto, we’re good. Try to win it.” At around 6:43 pm, Alex told Paul, “ You need to win the veto so you can save both of us.” (Oh my gosh. Paul really worked her over well. She’s thinking Paul could possibly go up next to her as a backdoor or something.)

At around 6:45 pm, Alex told Paul, “They want to take me and you out because we’re good competitors. They’re going to let a gimpy girl Christmas win the game. You are the only person I trust. Josh has gone rogue.”

At around 6:56 pm, Paul told Josh, “It’s the two of us in the final HOH and one of us gets to pick who will sit next to each other in the final two.” They also both agreed that Christmas is acting like she won’t be upset if they cut her in the end.

At around 7 pm, Paul started working on Josh to convince him to nominate Christmas as a replacement nominee if someone uses the veto. Apparently, Paul wants to make sure he keeps a clean record of never being nominated this season. Or I should say never being on the block because technically Cody tried to nominate him in week one.

At around 7:05 pm, Josh started panicking to Paul over Kevin possibly winning next week’s HOH comp. Paul told Josh, “If Kevin wins and nominates you and Christmas. And if you win veto don’t use it. I will save you.” (Paul obviously told Josh to do this totally ridiculous thing to keep himself safe next week. If Josh actually did do this, he would certainly take over the dumbest Big Brother player spot. No doubt.)

At around 7:33 pm, we saw Josh actually contemplating possibly flipping the game to get Paul out this week. Say what? He talked alone to the cameras and said, “I know I can beat Alex or Kevin in the end but not Paul. I wonder if I could pull Alex down and put Paul up? I’m worried that Christmas will take Paul to the final two instead of me. I feel really alone and like I’ve been played. Alex and Kevin would both take me to the final two over the other. So, I think it would be smart to get Paul out now if I win veto.”

Unfortunately, Josh encountered second thoughts about putting Paul up now because he thinks Alex and Christmas wouldn’t vote Paul out over Kevin. So, he decided that he would hold off taking a shot at Paul until the final three. That means his ultimate plan is to take Christmas to the final two. Well, at least that’s better than letting Paul go to the final two and winning the whole damn thing I guess.

Anyways, at around 8:55 pm, Alex told Paul, “I’ll try to convince Josh to put Christmas up instead of you if someone comes off the block with veto.” At around 9:03 pm, Alex asked Josh, “When was the plan to evict Jason enacted?” Josh said, “I never actually planned to vote out Jason. If we talk it has to stay between the two of us.” Alex said, “We’re all alone now so I wouldn’t have anyone to tell.” Josh told her,” Jason was going to be too hard to beat.” Alex said, “It was a good game move but as a friend it wasn’t cool.” Josh agreed with her.

Next, Alex told Josh, “You will lose to Christmas who had everything handed to her or Kevin who lied his way to the top.” Josh said, “Getting Jason out broke my heart but I know that Big Brother will enhance his career.”

At around 9:12 pm, Alex told Josh, “ I always had your back and didn’t even put you up when you voted to evict Jason. I don’t know if I want to be friends with you.” From there, she started fake crying again and said, “You’re not playing a friend game. I’ll give you a fair shot but I don’t feel like being your friend at the moment especially if I’m voted out this week. You’ve done this to me three times now with Jillian, Jason and now me. After each time, I still protected you. I’ve been loyal to everyone.”

Josh said, “You still have a chance to win veto.” She said, “It doesn’t matter now because if I win, Paul or Christmas will have to go up. After Jason left, I thought it would be the two of us and Paul since we all worked the hardest. What you did isn’t good on a friend level and I don’t think I can forgive you this time.” After that, Josh asked her for a hug. She refused and then left the room.

At around 9:20 pm, Christmas again told Josh, “Alex is just playing on your emotions. Why are you moping over her?” Paul joined them and told Josh, “It’s all Fake.” Christmas told Josh, “If you’re going to have a ‘woe is me moment,’ I can’t listen to it. You need to snap out of it and either be our teammate or let Alex ruin your game.”

Paul told Josh, “Alex knows your biggest issue is wanting to be friends with everyone outside the house and she’s using that against you. Alex is a game player and she wants to convince you to save her so that she can turn around and sweep you.”

Josh asked Christmas and Paul,”Why are you acting so concerned for me right now? They said, “Because you’re acting like you’re depressed and Alex is making you vulnerable.” Christmas told Josh, “Emotional exhaustion is harder than physical exhaustion. You need to shake it off or you’re not going to be at 100 percent for the veto. Unless you want me or Paul to go home this week or next week, you need to snap the f@#ck out of this funk.” Paul told Josh, “You’re letting Alex play you.” Josh said, “I’m fine.”

Paul told Josh, “The two people you want out of the game are on the block right now. So, you should be happy.” At around 11:50 pm, Alex told Paul about the guilt trip she tried to lay on Josh earlier. Afterwards, she told Paul, “I hope you can win veto for our best case.” Paul asked her, “Who do you think we could beat?” Alex said, “Kevin and Christmas are a maybe. Against Josh, I think you would sweep it. I promise to campaign for you in the jury if I go before you.”

At around 12:25 am today, September 9,2017, Christmas told Josh, “You need to get your head in the game or either me or Paul could go home this week.”

At around 12:50 am, Paul, Christmas and Josh talked about Kevin’s chances of winning the game if he was in a final two situation. Paul said, “Most of the jury members would vote for Kevin over any of us.”

At around 1:02 am, Paul told Josh, “Alex told me you were going to get out her or me because we’re too strong of competitors.” Josh denied that. Paul said, “ I’ll use that as an excuse not to use the veto if I win it. Alex wants to use me to take out Josh if she stays this week.”

Alright, that was it for most of the game talk that took place yesterday and into early this morning. In usual form, Paul has Alex looking like the biggest fool to ever play Big Brother. Josh proved once again that he still can’t handle his emotions even when he’s been told for a fact that he’s getting played by Alex. Somebody needs to teach him how to get some tougher skin, seriously.

Anyways, the Power Of Veto is scheduled to be played later on today sometime. Things could get pretty interesting if Kevin or Alex win it. Just to recap, the current HOH Josh nominated Alex and Kevin for eviction at the nomination ceremony.

Alex is the main target this week. Kevin is a backup target. We’ll see what happens with this Power Of Veto competition and report back to you guys what took place. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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