Big Brother 19 Host Julie Chen Made Hilarious Fun Of Raven And More

Big Brother 19 Host Julie Chen Made Hilarious Fun Of Raven And More

Recently, the folks over at Entertainment Weekly got to chat up the Big Brother host Julie Chen (above left). In this interview, they got Julie’s opinion on some of the season 19 houseguests and who she thinks might win in certain scenarios.

Julie really cracked some good jokes when she was asked about Raven’s (above right) clear delusions she expressed to the other houseguests in the jury house. Julie also revealed that she too thinks Christmas might have a secret crush on Paul. She talked about Kevin and thought he was pretty much lost but street smart enough to snatch up that $25,000 the first week.

Heck, that’s almost second place prize money when you factor in his stipend that he’ll receive to go along with it. I think it’s like $10,000 or something around that ball park.

Julie thinks Paul better deliver a good jury plea speech if he makes final two or it could very well cost him the game! He will need to be humble and leave the arrogance at the door. She definitely thinks Christmas would take Paul over Josh to the final two.

Let’s go ahead and get into this interview. To start things off, they asked Julie how she would sum up houseguest Kevin Schlehuber’s time in the Big Brother house. All in all, she thought he was a good guy even though he was a bit lost in the game. She stated,”I think Kevin had a nice long vacation from his seven kids! But what he got was a new bunch of kids who he had to deal with. Kidding. Kind of. I think he probably had a blast while never really knowing how the game works or what the heck he was doing there.

I think the first temptation was perfect for Kevin. He’s street-smart and knew hey, someone’s going to go for the 25k, it may as well be me! But all other aspects of the game I think were probably a bit lost on him. That being said, Kevin is a gem and I enjoyed seeing him and getting to know more about this guy. He’s one of a kind in a good way.”

Next, they asked Julie what she thought about Raven’s crazy claims of being a puppet master this season. She definitely had a few jokes to crack when it came to Raven. One of them being delusional. Julie told them, “Boy, as the old saying goes, denial ain’t just a river in Egypt. But in this case, I think it’s more delusional. Wow. But hey, I gotta give her credit for believing in herself. I wish I had that self-confidence at that age.”

After the Raven jokes, they asked Julie if there was any scenario where she doesn’t see Paul winning if he makes the final two. Julie replied with, “It all depends on his final plea to the jury. If he somehow messes that up or rubs people the wrong way, he could lose. He better have hat in hand, zero arrogance, and just be humble and funny and amiable and then I think he’s got it made. Even Cody will have to respect and recognize that he was masterful at the game.”

I definitely agree with Julie on this one. He definitely needs to stop lying to the jury members about how he played them in the game. He seems to think that he needs to keep fooling them even when they’re already voted out. Instead, he should be trying to tell them how he played them and sent them home. Revealing his strategy to them. If he makes it to final two and continues to lie to the jury members on finale night and not own his game, he will be in real big trouble. No doubt.

Anyways, Entertainment Weekly had one last question for Julie. They asked her, “If Christmas or Josh wins the final HOH? Do you think they take each other to the end or Paul?” Julie answered with, “Christmas for sure takes Paul. I think she may have a crush on him and even wants him to win over her. Josh takes Christmas. She is his original ride-or-die and he’s woken up and smelled the matcha latte. He can’t win against Paul.”

Alright, that was all the questions they had for Julie Chen in this particular interview. As previously reported, there is some updates about who Josh would actually take to the final two if he won the last three part HOH competition.

Yesterday, September 15,2017,Josh revealed that he’s confused about who he should take because he thinks Christmas would surely win over him. He thinks he might at least have some sort of a shot by taking Paul because they’ve both pissed off some of the jury members.

He did point out if he got rid of Paul that would at least earn him a good amount of points with the jury. We think that’s true. Would it be good enough to get him the win? That’s something that we’re not too sure about. We definitely know Josh would have a really hard time getting jury votes no matter who he takes. If he did cut Paul, I think he would have a better shot though.

As for the Christmas crush on Paul thing, it does seem true. Unfortunately, we can’t confirm it outright because she’s never come right out and said it. There were reports that claim she might have been talking about Paul when she told the cams that her heart flutters and things like that. But again, she never outright said it was Paul she was talking about.

She does cuddle up with him all the time. Yesterday, she nearly spent the whole day sleeping with him in bed. I mean she was literally on top of him. Paul supposedly has a girlfriend outside the house and everything is just really speculation at this point from what I’ve gathered. I can tell you that Paul and Christmas seem extremely close to say the least.

As previously reported, the second round of the three part HOH competition is set to take place later on today sometime. We’ll definitely be back to give you guys a full report of that. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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