New Big Brother 19 Final HOH Part 2 Winner Revealed Yesterday ,September 16th,2017

New Big Brother 19 Final HOH Part 2 Winner Revealed Yesterday ,September 16th,2017

Alright guys. The Big Brother season 19 houseguests Josh and Christmas finally competed in the second round of the big three part final HOH competition late last night, September 16,2017. It reportedly took a whopping six hours to complete! As previously reported, Paul won the first round comp which automatically catapulted him into the third round.

This second round comp was huge. Whoever won it, advances themselves to the third round to face off against Paul for the final HOH crown. Whoever wins it gets to claim who they want to take with them to the final two. With all that said, Josh was able to pull out the victory over Christmas in this second round comp.

According to some conversations that took place, the second round featured three rounds within it and Josh had to spend more than an hour to complete one of them. It was revealed that Josh beat Christmas by about five or seven minutes. So, Christmas actually did a great job because she had to do all the same running and stuff with a broken foot.

Josh’s win means he will indeed advance to round three to face off against Paul for the final HOH of the season. The third round comp is scheduled to take place on finale night which is this Wednesday night, September 20,2017. It’ll be a huge two hour show that starts at 7 pm central standard time on CBS. So, be sure to mark that very important date down on your TV calendars.

Paul really wanted Josh to win this second round comp because Josh has him believing he will take him to final two if he wins the final HOH. He might be right. However, Josh has expressed that he would really like to take Christmas with him since Paul made it look like they were the ones to blame for most of the moves he pulled in the latter stages.

Josh also thinks Christmas might be too well liked by the jury members. That’s the main reason why he wouldn’t want to take Christmas to the final two. Let’s go over some of the conversations that took place yesterday.

At around 3:36 pm pacific time, the live feeds cut out while Josh and Christmas competed in the second round HOH competition. At around 9:47 pm, the live feeds finally cut back on. Josh, Christmas and Paul were talking about the comp in the kitchen area. Josh was distraught about his performance. Christmas said that it featured multiple rounds and they had to figure out questions to knock down pictures of former houseguests in order to progress.

Christmas said Cameron’s target messed her up and it took her too long to reload the “ammo” to knock his down again. Josh said, “I spent an entire hour on one of the parts.”

At around 10 pm, Josh said the competition ruined his life and that it was very brutal. Paul said, “I was upstairs waiting for four hours.” There was a point where Christmas left the conversation. Then Paul told Josh, “You had me scared but now we’ve won. It’s over.” He patted Josh on the head and told him, “Good job.”

At around 10:05 pm, Paul went to find Christmas and told her that she did well. Then he gave her a hug. At around 11:40 pm, Josh told Paul, “I’m taking you and not Christmas to the final two. Christmas will understand and she’s probably going to get America’s Favorite Player anyways. I want to tell Christmas that my chances are better against Paul than her.” After that, they talked about when they think they should tell Christmas. They eventually agreed to do it just before the third round competition starts on finale night.

At around 11:45 pm, Paul told Josh he “gassed up” his goodbye messages.Josh said he also clowned on the evicted houseguests. At around 11:50 pm, Paul suggested to Josh that they both give Christmas the same reason for not taking her to the final two. That way she can’t get mad at either of them. Paul told Josh, “You might only get one vote if you’re there against Christmas. I want to talk with you each day about the decision.” Josh said, “That isn’t necessary.”

At around 12:55 am today, September 17,2017, Paul and Josh had a pretty interesting conversation about Christmas. Josh asked him something about her. He whispered in Paul’s ear so we don’t know exactly what he asked. But judging from Paul’s answer, we could tell it was something about possibly hooking up with her in the future.

After Josh asked Paul the question. Paul replied with, “No, I don’t think so.” Josh said, “Really?” Paul said, “Fool, she’s 35. I’m 24.” Josh said, “That doesn’t mean anything. I’ve been with a 32 year old.” Paul said, “The oldest girl I’ve been with is currently and she’s 25.” Josh said, “Really?”

Paul said, “Yeah fool. No dude. I doubt it. I mean the girl is chill as f@#ck. I love that girl but not like that. She’s attractive no doubt but we live very different lives. She’s eleven years older than I am.” After that, Josh whispered something else into Paul’s ear. Paul said, “No fool.” Josh laughed and said, “I don’t believe you.” Paul laughed shortly afterwards and said,”You’re an idiot. I’ve got a f@#cking diamond waiting for me.” (Paul was referring to his girlfriend that he has back home.)

Later on in the discussion, Paul told Josh, “We’re the same age so what are you talking about?” Josh said, “Yeah, but you’re like more mature you know? You’re like 30.” Paul said,”What the f@#ck?” Josh said, “I’m like 12 and you’re 30.” After that, the discussion turned to family stuff.

Shortly after that, they all went to sleep. So, that was it for most of the conversations that took place yesterday and into the early morning hours of today. That’s it for all the big competitions until finale night which is this Wednesday, September 20,2017.

What we’ll do from here on out is really pay close attention to these conversations and see if anyone starts changing their minds about who they want to take to the final two. We also want to see if Christmas tries to make any attempts to sway either Paul or Josh to take her to final two. It’ll be very disappointing if she doesn’t at least try. The way this season has been going,I wouldn’t be surprised if she just passively sits by and lets what happens happen. We’ll see.

Just to recap, Josh won the second round of the final three part HOH competition which means he will indeed face off against the first round winner Paul to see who gets to claim that very last and very important HOH. Josh and Paul currently have told each other that they will take each other to the final two. So, it’ll be interesting to see how hard they’ll battle for this last HOH.

If this scenario is actually true, it unfortnately falls in line with the way this whole season has been going. Paul has made everyone who competed for HOH feel safe enough to not win it or fight hard for it. So, it’ll really suck if that’s the way this final third round HOH is played.

It’s highly possible that Josh could change his mind in the next few days because he has already expressed much confusion about who to take to the final two. He thinks Christmas has too many good relationships in the jury house but doesn’t like how Paul made he and Christmas take most of the blame for a lot of his game moves.

On the other hand, Josh thinks he may have a better shot at beating Paul because he thinks they both have a lot of jury members upset with them. We definitely think Josh will have a better shot at winning if he cuts Paul and takes Christmas. Because at least then he can take credit for getting Paul out in the end.

We believe Paul has Alex and Raven’s votes. Alex has said she will try and get Jason to vote for Paul too. So, that’s three. And if Raven is voting for Paul, Matt will probably vote for Paul as well. We think Paul would probably get Mark and Elena’s votes. We also think Cody would vote for Paul over Josh. So, yeah Josh would be smart to cut Paul if he wins that final HOH comp. In either scenario, Josh will have a difficult time winning this game.

We expect Paul to keep checking in with Josh over the next few days to make sure they’re still good. We’ll certainly report any new changes to you guys. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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