Big Brother 19 Josh Said The Craziest Things About He And Paul’s Game Yesterday, September 19th

Big Brother 19 Josh Said The Craziest Things About He And Paul’s Game Yesterday, September 19th

Alright, so yesterday, September 19,2017, Josh took the time to sit down and go over why he should win this season of Big Brother. We have to say, we were quite baffled at what he had to say in reference to Paul’s game. He said Paul never made any big moves, but Paul actually made all the moves.

Josh said he played the middle but it was actually Paul who played the middle. Josh said he was the one who made targets out of people but it was Paul who did all of that. It’s like he seems to have everything totally backwards. There were some true things that Josh said but when it came to Paul, I was like, huh?

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Let’s go over exactly what he said to the live feed cameras. At around 7:08 pm pacific time, Josh had another one one of his alone talks in front of the live feeds cameras. He said, “One more competition tomorrow and then they announce the winner.

I’ve been thinking about who to take to the end. To be honest with you. As crazy as this sounds. I’m going with Paul to the end because yeah he’s a vet and he played a great game, but I know the jury doesn’t want to see a vet win. I know that Raven doesn’t want to see a vet win. I know Matt doesn’t want to see a vet win. Alex doesn’t. Jason doesn’t. Christmas doesn’t. That’s five votes. So, that’s all I need.

I just gotta articulate my words. Is that the right word? I just gotta make sure that I break down my game. He’s played a great game. An aggressive game 24/7. But, so did I from day one. Hour one when I got off the trapeze and I had to save myself and get safety because it wasn’t gonna be Cameron’s a@#. It was gonna be me if I was up there. So, I’ve been playing since day one.

I went from the golden apple to finale. So, I’ve been on my toes the whole time. Putting targets on people’s backs. Winning HOHs. Taking shots. Being a pawn. Going on the block as a target. Having to get out of that. Being loyal. Picking my allies wisely. Sticking by my allies. Going against them at one point. Going against Jason and Alex. Being a team player. I f@#ckin played a f@#ckin great game.

I’m either gassed up on it or I’m thinking I played a pretty decent game. It’s been a f@#cking hurricane though. I feel confident enough to where if I’m standing next to either one of them, I can state my case.

Now, it just comes down to who’s more liked in the jury. Christmas or Paul. I think if I sit next to Christmas in the end, she’ll beat me. I think she’ll have Cody’s vote. She’ll have Elena’s vote. She’ll have Mark’s vote. She’ll beat me in the end.

But, if I have to go against Paul. We’re kind of like the most hated. He’s played it safe. He’s played an aggressive game, but he also hasn’t made any moves. He laid under the radar. I guess it was smart game play on his side but in a game sense, I don’t know one move he made where it was like wow.

I think me taking out Alex was a big move. Me taking out Jessica was a big move. Me putting a target on Elena was a big. Me putting a target on Mark the whole game was big. Me having the house believe that I was going after Kevin when we were blindsiding Jason was big. But, I don’t know if I should say that.

So,my game is broken down to picking my allies week one and sticking by them. Being loyal to them. Having their back and playing the game the whole way through with them. Putting targets on people’s backs since week one. Being on to people’s games. Exposing people’s games. Calling people out for their shady games and just putting a target on their back.

Winning competitions when I had to and taking shots. I mean I put all of my targets on the block. I put Elena and Mark on the block. They all gunned for me. I put all of them on the block. I didn’t give a f@#ck who left that week. One of them was going. luckily, it was Jessica.

I won competitions when I had to win. I played a strategic social game. I was a team player. I put targets on people’s backs. I played a pretty fearless game. I played a mental game throwing people off their game. I threw Jessica off her game. I threw Mark of his game. I threw Elena off her game. I threw Cody off his game. I threw Kevin off his game. I was just throwing people off their games left and right.

It’s kinda like when you play sports. You always have people running their mouth. They wanna throw you off. You can’t let them throw you off. You gotta zone out. A lot of people didn’t know how to zone me out this season. They played themselves.

Being underestimated physically, mentally and how well I knew the game was my biggest attribute in the game and blessing in the game. Hiding that I was a super fan all season. People didn’t know how well I knew the game.

Essentially, tying in Christmas and Paul with Jason and Alex because I kinda from the beginning was always putting in a good word for Christmas and Paul on this side and knowing that they were protecting me on the other side. So, I kinda played the middle in a sense where I was good with the outsiders. And then I had Christmas and Paul protecting me with their group.

Also, Christmas feeding me information the whole time. The pecking order and who they’re going after. All this stuff. So, I knew what they were up to and I just had to blow some sh@#t up.

Strategic, social game, and putting targets on people’s backs since day one. Winning comps when I had to win comps and taking shots and making moves in order to ensure my safety but also the safety of my allies. Picking the right allies. Sticking by them and being loyal. Staying true to who I was. Being underestimated was my biggest blessing.

Going against friends and having to make hard decisions and having to play against them because I knew that they would beat me. So, I knew that I had to get rid of Jason and get rid of Alex and go against them because if not, I was going to lose. That was the hardest thing that I ever had to face in this house. Having to put Alex on the block and get rid of her. Having to blindside Jason. That was really hard.

I was a pawn. I was a target and I was on the block during final four. I literally played this game in its entirety from every angle. I was a have-not for a f@#cking month. I bit the bullet for half of these muther f@#ckers. It’s funny. I won’t see how good my game play was until I watch it back.

I just feel that standing up for myself and standing up for people. Calling out people. Not caring if I would go home. Voicing my opinion. I think a lot of people wished they could’ve played like me but they didn’t. I wish a lot of people wish they could’ve stepped up like I did but they didn’t.”

That was it for Josh’s crazy cam talk. Even with all those inconsistencies, it’s possible that he could win against Paul if the rumors are true about the jury being bitter. However, if they’re not true, Josh is going to look like the biggest idiot for taking Paul to the end if he wins that final HOH.

If things work out as planned, we will definitely be seeing a Paul and Josh final two tonight. They both do plan on taking each other to the final two. Christmas didn’t even try to negotiate a final two deal with Paul or Josh. She just resided to taking third place which is quite sad.

This is it guys. Tonight’s the big finale night. They’re going to finally wrap up this sad excuse for a season. Then we can look forward to the new Celebrity Big Brother edition this winter. Hopefully, it’ll offer up some sort of consolation to this sad season 19 cast.

The finale is set to kick off at 7 pm central standard time tonight, September 20,2017 on CBS. It’s going to last for a whopping two full hours so be prepared for that and stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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