Big Brother 19 Kevin Schlebhuger Sort Of Addressed Jason Dent’s Wife Rape Joke

Big Brother 19 Kevin Schlebhuger Sort Of Addressed Jason Dent’s Wife Rape Joke

Alright guys. So, we’ve gotten some request to run this story. Some fans wanted to know what Big Brother 19 houseguest Kevin Schlebhuger did when he found out that his fellow houesguest Jason Dent made a very shocking and distasteful joke about raping his wife while they were in the house.

The joke was made way back on Monday, August 28,2017, when Jason was talking with houseguests Alex Ow, Paul Abrahamian and Josh Martinez. They all started laughing after Jason made the joke. Jason made the joke, saying it would be a consequence of Kevin breaking their alliance.

During his joke, he said, “I’ll f@#ck your wife when I get out of here. And I’m going to tie all your daughters up and make them f@#cking watch you piece of sh@#t.” Josh immediately said, “Oh my gosh” right after it while Paul and Alex laughed. You guys can watch the Youtube clip of it by Clicking Here.

A few days after those jokes were made, TMZ reported that they interviewed Kevin’s wife Deborah and she not surprisingly was very upset with the joke. She told them, “Jason making those comments on the show’s live feed while laughing hysterically is the worst thing I’ve ever seen.”

They had also pointed out that Jason’s family had tried to apologize on his Twitter account. During their apology, they claimed the joke was taken out of context. Deborah told TMZ that’s BS because it would never cross her husband’s mind to say something so horrible.

Now that they’re out of the house, Kevin did sort of address this comment in a recent Instagram LIVE chat that he did. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any instances where he came out and addressed if full on by calling out Jason’s name. We think it’s because he didn’t want to talk about it publicly based on some of the things he said in his Instagram LIVE chat.

During his chat, Kevin answered many questions from fans. But finally, there was one question that came in from one of the fans that really forced Kevin to at least sort of half address the joke Jason made in the house. The fan asked Kevin, “Who do you think you’ll be friends with the most outside of the house?”

Kevin replied with, “You may not believe this guys. But, I’d be friends with Josh, Ramses and you know a couple of the other houseguests. I really don’t know what to say. I’ve been hit with a lot. Since the last 36 hours since leaving the house. Almost 48 hours now. It’s been really difficult to find out what’s been happening. I didn’t know what was going on. I’m really upset about a few things. I mean literally upset that the Big Brother experience had to go pass the Big Brother house and involve my family. It wasn’t right.”

If there ever was truly any bad feelings between Jason and Kevin over the joke, it appears that they did indeed make up . Note that this Instagram chat took place early in the day on Friday, September 22,2017. Later that night, Kevin posted a new pic on his Instagram that showed he and his wife taking a photo with Jason and his wife. They were all smiling. Kevin had his arm around Jason and they appeared to be very happy. You guys can view the pic by Clicking Here.

So again,judging from the photo, I think we can assume that everything is good between them. Kevin seems like a very forgiving guy. We suspect that Jason more than likely apologized for making the joke and Kevin just dropped it. Kevin did say in his Instagram chat that he needed to talk to a couple of people. We assume Jason was definitely one of those people. You guys can also watch Kevin’s full Instagram LIVE chat on Youtube by Clicking Here.

Hopefully, this report can somewhat answer your questions about the whole Jason rape joke comment, and offer up some sort of closure to that. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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