Big Brother 19 Cody Nickson Did Something Very Shocking To Josh After The Finale

Big Brother 19 Cody Nickson Did Something Very Shocking To Josh After The Finale

Recently, the people over at Us Magazine got to chat with the winner of the 19th season of Big Brother Josh Martinez (above right), and he revealed that one of his main nemesis in the house Cody Nickson (above left) did something I think none of us never imagined he would do after the finale wrapped up.

It turns out that Cody actually apologized to Josh! No, I’m serious. He really did. And not only that, he also apologized to Josh’s family! Josh told them,” It was so crazy. He came up to me and shook my hand and congratulated me. I was not expecting that and he said, ‘I apologize. It was just a part of the game.’

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I apologized too and he then went to my family and said,‘I apologize. It was just a game move and just a show. If I hurt you guys I’m so sorry.’That was huge. As a man, I really respected that and it meant a lot. Even though we’re not friends and we probably won’t talk after this, I really appreciated that and it meant a lot to me.”

In addition to revealing that shocking Cody news, Josh answered other questions with the magazine. He revealed that he for sure thought Paul had won stating,”I honestly thought that Paul had won. Me and Cody never had a conversation since week one when I decided to keep Christmas Abbott for a game move for my game. And from there, it was just arguments, arguments, arguments.

The fact that I think what played a vital role for him to vote for me was that he saw how straightforward I was and how honest I was. I would say to your face how I felt and if I was targeting you and didn’t like you, I would say it. And let’s handle it as men. And I think that’s what he respected and that’s why I got his vote.”

Josh revealed that he still thinks Cody is a meatball but he does have respect for him. He stated, “Oh, he’s for sure a meatball in my book! One-hundred percent he’s still a meatball, but the respect is there. The respect is there and I appreciate that he appreciated how I play my game and I stayed true to who I was and I played a straightforward game and that means a lot to me.”

Next, they asked Josh exactly when he made the decision to take Paul to the final two. He revealed that it actually happened a few days prior to the finale. He also explained what went into making his decision stating, “I honestly made the decision probably a few days prior. A lot played into it. Jury being bitter, the way I was working my goodbye messages and basically exposing the final three and how I chose to be loyal and stick by my word.

I knew jury would be bitter against both me and Paul but also Christmas didn’t tell me she would take me to final two. If she won, I don’t think she would have taken me to final two. She would have taken Paul because she had a better chance against him because I did play a better game. Not only that, as people were walking out they would congratulate, hug and wish Christmas the best and that was signs of, ‘OK, she has their votes.’”

Josh also revealed that he did not let Christmas know ahead of time who he was taking to the final two mostly because she seemed so disinterested saying she’d be happy whatever he chose.

Josh stated, “I did not tell her because she was like, ‘No matter what happens I’m happy for both of you. Do what’s best for your games.’ She actually told me a week, two weeks prior, ‘I think it’s best for your game to take Paul.’ And I told her, ‘I’m taking you. Can you promise the same?’ And she said, ‘I don’t know if I can promise you that because I’m not there.’ Instantly, I knew she was taking Paul. I didn’t have to hear anything else.”

Josh also revealed that he was really offended by the coward statement that Paul made about him in reference to ratting their alliance out in the goodbye messages. He also thinks Paul underestimated him saying, “I think the whole coward comment really threw me off because he knew how people were calling me a coward the whole season and for him to say that to me was really offensive. But you know I think he also underestimated me.

I knew that the game doesn’t end until you walk out. And I knew the goodbye messages were huge. So, yeah. You play your game and put all the blood on me and Christmas. But, guess what buddy? I have a voice and I’m going to be completely honest and let jury know that I stuck by you and Christmas and I was loyal and I had a final three and I did not lie, fabricate or say anything that wasn’t true. And that’s what I think got me the win.”

Despite being a little offended by Paul’s coward statement, Josh told them that he thinks he and Paul are definitely going to be friends. He thinks their friendship is genuine. He stated, “Oh no, I’m for sure going to be friends with him. I love those two so much. They became genuine friendships. Besides game and everything I love them and we will be great friends. They are stuck with me for life even if they are bitter. Whatever it is. They are stuck with me. We’re going to be good friends.”

Josh revealed that he was most shocked by Mark and Cody’s votes because Paul had more conversations with those two than he did. He stated when he was asked, “What votes were you surprised by?” “Oh, Cody and Mark Jansen threw me for a loop. They had more conversations and time with Paul than me.”

They also asked Josh if he now thinks he could’ve beaten Christmas if he took her to final two? He thinks he probably could now given the outcome of the Paul situation. He stated, “At the moment, I didn’t think I would because I don’t think people saw my game. I think people were just going to be bitter towards me. But now that I realize that people really did see the good game I was playing I think I would have beaten Christmas.”

Josh talked about he and Mark’s relationship. He said It was a love and hate relationship and that he sees the good in Mark. He stated,”Me and Mark had a love/hate relationship. I don’t hold a grudge. I’m a human being and I always see the good in people. I see the good in Mark. I see the heart that he has and the great person that he is.

But his game. He was playing all angles and he was trying to play all corners. So, I called him out for his game and I don’t think people can separate where I was exposing his game. I wasn’t exposing Mark. And man, I love the kid.

He made it fun for me. We went head to head and we were rivals and it was crazy but at the end of the day, he’s a great person and he has a heart of gold. He’s emotional just like me. And if anything, I did want to work with Mark, but Mark never opened up to me. So, I stuck to my people and it worked out.

Josh said Christmas is his favorite houseguests stating, “She has a heart of gold and she’s a fighter and she’s a bada@#. That girl had a broken foot and that did not stop her. Christmas would have to be my favorite houseguest.”

Josh also revealed that he had a very big problem with a lot of things houseguest Raven Walton said in the house especially when they were in reference to him. He said, “Wow, I heard some crazy things about Raven Walton and things that were made up about me, and it really took a toll on me. The things that were made up about me were just really offensive and she didn’t know it affected me.”

Despite all that, Josh said Cody was probably his least favorite houseguest stating, “The least favorite in the house. It was really hard to live with Cody. We are polar opposites and he did a lot of things that I did not like. We never had a conversation and he never gave me a chance and I didn’t understand why.”

Josh also commented on the feelings that Christmas developed for Paul. He said he was actually surprised to learn he was a third wheel in their threesome alliance. He stated, “Now, I realize that Christmas did have feelings for him. Like, what!? So, I really was the third wheel? What the hell! It’s bizarre! Because the whole time I’m like, ‘We’re the three best friends anyone could have!’ Nope, you’re the third wheel buddy. Bounce back.

But, I could tell with the companionship and it’s intense in that house. People will never understand the bonds and the relationships that grow in that house. It’s so intense and all you have is literally each other so you lean on each other for so much. I can see where the feelings were manifested on Christmas’ end.”

Josh also explained why he was so emotional and teary eyed in the house. He said the experience was so surreal and that he never thought he would’ve gotten picked. He was filled with joy every moment.

He stated, “People don’t understand but being such a huge fan I never thought I would be picked. Being the chubby guy. Being the Cuban loud mouth. I never saw someone like me on the show and I never thought that I would get that call.

For me being on the show every single day was surreal. I always woke up extremely grateful and blessed. No matter what happened the night before or what arguments I got into my heart was filled with joy every moment. Not only that, I was playing for my family.”

They also asked Josh why he chose to keep singing the da,da,da,da,da,da song. He revealed that it came about when he was playing pool with Jason one day stating, “One day I was playing Jason Dent and he goes, ‘Da da da da.’ So, I was like, ‘What?’ So, every time we played pool we did that. Mark would scratch, Cody would scratch, Jason would scratch. It would throw them off of their game. So, I loved it. It drove them nuts but hey it worked.”

Lastly, Josh revealed that he doesn’t think he could play Big Brother again unless he had about a year or two years to decompress. However, he would love to come back and host a game or something like that.

So, it was certainly interesting to find out that Cody actually apologized not only to Josh but to his family too. I never thought that would happen. That is truly “the unexpected” as the slogan goes. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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