NCIS Season 15 Sean Murray Aka McGee Talked Premiere Details, What’s To Come & More

NCIS Season 15 Sean Murray Aka McGee Talked Premiere Details, What’s To Come & More

Recently, Entertainment Tonight got chance to talk with NCIS Tim McGee star Sean Murray (above). During their interview, he talked about some of the things that went down in last night’s big premiere.

He a gave a few tidbits about what we can expect to see from he and Delilah’s characters moving forward as well as the McGee and Gibbs new dynamic. He talked a little bit about a new agent that’s arriving and more.

To get things started, Sean talked about the McGee and Gibbs dynamic while they were trapped in that awful Paraguay prison. He thought it was definitely way outside of the norm and was similar to a father and son relationship.

He stated when asked about it, “It’s obviously away from the norm, but it’s almost as if the father-son relationship that Gibbs and McGee have always had almost turns brotherly in this episode. To me, they’re both in the same place. They’re stuck in the same situation and they’ve got to rely on each other. Gibbs obviously gets it rougher than McGee does, but there’s a camaraderie there that’s almost brotherly.”

Next, Entertainment Tonight asked Sean if this experience brought McGee and Gibbs closer. He revealed that it absolutely did and that there will be little reminders here and there as the season moves along.

He told them of McGee and Gibbs, “It absolutely has brought them closer and we reflect on that as we go on. There are things placed here and there. There are reminders. It’s not just, ‘Oh, OK that happened and we’re all good. We’re back to normal.’ That’s a scarring thing and there are things that both characters take from it that are troublesome and hard to deal with. You’ll see some of that as the season goes.”

Sean also filled them in on how they filmed that fight scene between Gibbs and McGee while they were in the prison. It went down as a ruse plan that would eventually set them up to break out. Sean revealed that they had a lot of fun filming it. The improvised a lot.

He stated, “We had a lot of fun filming that scene. I remember Mark and I talking to each other and you know there’s the typical stunts that are filmed with the stuntman. But, Mark and I put our heads together and said, ‘You know what, let’s just go for it. Let’s just start wrestling. Try and get some punches in the stomach around the shoulders. Let’s just wrestle and grapple.’ That’s what we did and went for it and improvised a lot of it. You see later that there was a bit of a ruse to that. Something that I think they had been cooking up a little bit.”

Entertainment Tonight asked Sean about any possible McGee and Delilah fatherhood and more. Sean said he does know for sure that there will be some more McGee and Delilah stuff coming up. He revealed that they haven’t written any baby stuff into the script yet.

He told them, “I know we’re going to have some of that coming up. More about Delilah and McGee. The everyday stuff that they go through and then I’m sure eventually, a baby will be born. I don’t know that. They haven’t written that, but that would be my guess. Although who knows, babies are hard to work with. Maybe they don’t want to deal with that.”

Sean revealed that he’s excited for the fans to see the domestic side and growth of Delilah and McGee’s relationship. He also said there’s going to be a lot going on this season stating, “I’m really excited for fans to see not just the McGee-Delilah stuff that I personally love. I love seeing the domestic side of them and their growth, but there’s a lot going on this season and there’s been a lot of stepping up to the plate by everyone. It’s gonna be a good season.”

Sean also talked about a new female agent that will be arriving. She is played by actress Maria Bello. She’s due to arrive in the fourth episode and will focus on forensic psychology. Apparently, McGee will actually be working with her when she first joins the team.

When asked about how it was to work with Maria, Sean stated, “Maria is really wonderful and such a cool, down-to-earth person. It’s great having her there. Her character is a really interesting psychologist profiler and McGee actually gets to do some work with her early on when she first joins the agency. That was a blast to do that. We filmed some stuff out of order. So, I got to film some heavier stuff with Maria early on. It was kind of our introduction. We had a blast.”

Sean also talked about the dynamic Maria will bring to the table. It turns out that a lot of the crew will come to her with their problems and vice versa. However, sometimes they’ll be a little scared of her.

Sean explained, “We’re still figuring her out. We know she’s her own woman but warm, and Gibbs seems to like her being around. So, we each come to her with our problems and sometimes she comes to us about her problems. Some of us are a little frightened of her because we think we’ll be profiled all the time. It’s really cool having Maria bring something new and something that feels like it has been missing.”

Lastly, Entertainment Tonight asked Sean how he would describe the new season 15. He thinks it’s renewed and has a new kind of energy about it. It’s been really good so far.

He told them, “It feels renewed. It feels like there’s a new kind of energy and everyone is excited and happy about it. We have a really positive working environment. Recently, we had a read-through for our next episode and it was a “knocked it out of the part” read-through. The stuff the writers are coming up with. The stuff the actors are doing. It’s been good so far. We’re almost a quarter through the season and we can’t believe it.”

Alright, that wrapped up the Entertainment Tonight interview that Sean Murray gave for the premiere of season 15 and beyond. It sounds like the new agent played by Maria Bello will bring some interesting stuff to the table. The next episode 2 is set to air on Tuesday night, October 3,2017 at 7 pm central standard time on CBS. We’ll be posting some teasers for that one pretty soon. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our NCIS Facebook page for more NCIS news by Clicking Here.

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