Big Brother 19 Cody Nickson Refused To Apologize For Something Very Offensive He Said

Big Brother 19 Cody Nickson Refused To Apologize For Something Very Offensive He Said

According to a recent report from Buzzfeed, Big Brother season 19 houseguest Cody Nickson (above) isn’t showing any remorse about some very offensive comments he said early on in the season. They pointed out that he had said some pretty insensitive things about transgender people.

He referred to them as “trannies.” He called them “it” instead referring to them as people. CBS made sure to never show these moments in their TV Show edit. So, they never made the air. There was one instance that happened back in July where he used the term “trannies” while he was having a conversation with houseguest and girlfriend Jessica Graf.

She tried to tell him to stop using that term and he responded by saying, “What? Tranny? I don’t give a sh@#t. They can tuck away their d@#cks all they want. Do you really think they’re f@#cking gonna come at a Marine Corps infantryman for f@#cking saying the word tranny?”

Then there was another moment that occurred in August. Cody was talking with houseguest Jason Dent. They started talking about former season 17 houseguest Audrey Middleton who was a transgender person. They referred to her as “it” during their conversation.

Jason eventually apologized for it after the season finale last week. Jason said it was very ignorant of him stating, “It was absolutely ignorant. I wouldn’t know a transgender person if they walked up and shook my hand. I have absolutely no issue with transgender people, and I welcome the opportunity to learn more. That’s how you learn to grow by getting in those conversations. That’s how you become less ignorant.”

During that time, Audrey Middleton released a statement about the comments. She basically told her fans that she’s ok because she has enough self esteem to handle it. She was actually relieved that the comments came at her expense and not someone else who might not have as much self confidence. You guys can see the full Audrey Middleton statement by Clicking Here.

Jessica also commented on Cody’s statements. She thinks he made those comments from a lack of education stating, “I think comments like that are made from a lack of information and ignorance of a situation. That’s why when Cody was saying ‘it,’ I was rolling my eyes and telling him to stop not because I think that he was right. I definitely didn’t. It’s just a lack of information.

For example, I don’t know anyone that’s transgender. That’s not me being discriminative against other people. It’s just I actually haven’t met a transgender human being. I don’t fully understand it, and I’m sure Cody is the same way. I think with an education on the situation, that ignorance would disappear and statements like that wouldn’t be made.”

Buzzfeed pointed out that later on, Cody was asked about Jessica’s statement regarding the tranny comments, and he didn’t seem to care one bit about what he said. People or going to love him or hate him.

He stated, “People are going to love me or hate me and it doesn’t matter. I can’t do anything about it. I have a very close-knit group of people in my life that I love and I need to get close to after this. Beyond that, I’m not out to appease anybody or say anything to give anybody hugs out there. If anybody wants some hugs they can find it somewhere else.”

Buzzfeed also told Cody that current President of the United States Donald Trump proposed a transgender military ban. It goes without saying that Cody agreed with it and pointed out some reasons why stating, “You can’t even have an arched foot and get in the military. You can’t have psoriasis and get in the military. So, to change your entire genetic makeup and try and be in the military. I don’t know how they would get in and somebody with an arched foot can’t get in.”

Buzzfeed also got a statement from Big Brother host Julie Chen about this issue. She said everyone has a good and bad side, and Big Brother points that out real fast.

She stated, “I feel like the show not only teaches houseguests how other people view the world and how other people live, I also think it’s a lesson in who you are as an individual because you’re faced with these situations that you may not be in with your real world.

I always say it’s like a mirror that’s held up to your face and some people realize, ‘Wow I’m not as perfect as I’d like to think I am.’ Everybody has a good side and a bad side. We all have flaws. Big Brother just points it out to houseguests real fast.”

We’re actually curious if Cody would have still won “America’s Favorite Player” if CBS would’ve aired those comments. Just something that makes you say, “hmm.” Whatever the case, Cody is quite adamant about his negative feelings towards transgender people and isn’t serving up any apologies for his offensive comments about them.

In related news, Cody did surprisingly offer up an an apology to his arch nemesis in the house Josh Martinez. Josh told Us Weekly that Cody not only apologized to him but also to his family! So, that was quite interesting. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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