‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Ellen Pompeo Aka Meredith Is About To Start A New, Different Show

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Ellen Pompeo Aka Meredith Is About To Start A New, Different Show

According to a new report from The Hollywood Reporter news team, we’re about to see Grey’s Anatomy’s main actress Ellen Pompeo aka Meredith Grey (above) branch off and do something different, but you guys don’t need to worry. Grey’s Anatomy will still remain her main gig. She’s not crazy.

Grey’s Anatomy has been extremely good to her. We just got done reading a story about how many houses she owns. It’s insane! Anyways, I digress. So, Ellen’s new gig that she has lined up consists of her producing a new show for ABC. The Hollywood Reporter is telling us that it’s a courtroom drama type of show. They’ve already given it a name at this point. It’s called,”Big Law.” They say it’s an adaptation of the Colombian format La ley del corazo.

They pointed out that the show is officially in development at ABC. The general description for it is that it’s “a modern look at a large Los Angeles law firm and what it takes to survive and thrive in our work-obsessed society. The lines between lawyers’ professional and personal lives are increasingly blurred, and moral ambiguity is a job requirement.”

They went on to reveal that writer David Marshall Grant has been hired to pen the script and to executive produce it alongside Ellen. David’s writing and producer resume includes shows like: Looking, Code Black, Brothers & Sisters, Smash, Blink TV movie, Nashville, Only Human, Last Dance and Jenifer TV movie.

The new show is based on the format from RCN, and it hails from Ellen’s ABC Studios-based Calamity Jane banner. They’re also bringing on another executive producer named Laura Holstein.

Lastly, The Hollywood Reporter pointed out that Ellen has a very long relationship with Grey’s Anatomy producers and ABC Studios which is no surprise considering the fact that she’s starred on the show for 14 long seasons. She’s also an active producer which was part of her overall deal with the company. She has also sold multiple scripts to broadcast and cable networks.

So, Ellen is definitely a very busy lady outside of starring on Grey’s Anatomy. In related news, it’s been reported by architecturaldigest.com that Ellen is in the process of selling one of her many homes for a whopping $1.995 million dollars. If you round that off the nearest tenth that would be a cool $2 million dollars.

The house is located in beautiful Hollywood Hills, California. The area is home to a lot of big name celebrities. Some of them are: singer John Legend, Chrissy Teigen and musician Adam Levine from NBC’s “The Voice.”

Ellen’s house is a midcentury modern structure that was designed way back in 1957 by architect Harry Greene. It features 1,889 square feet of space. Some of the nice features that the house includes are: a stainless steel kitchen, media room, lots of glass walls and concrete floors.

The outside area features an outdoor courtyard with a fire pit, pool,spa, and its all surrounded by lots of trees which makes it ideal for families that want plenty of privacy. The property also has an outdoor shower and a outdoor sunken bathtub.

As we mentioned before, this isn’t the only house Ellen owns. The article also pointed out that Ellen owns a couple more homes with her music producer husband Chris Ivery. She has a property that’s located in nearby Los Feliz, California and on the East Coast!

When she was talking to the press about her love of decorating, she mentioned that she owns about five other houses stating, “This is my hobby and I absolutely love it. This was the first modern barn I have done. I have two Mediterranean homes, and I have two modern homes as well. I have just finished my Malibu house, which is midcentury. They are like completely different paintings to me.”

You guys can view the pics of Ellen’s house that she currently has up for sale on Architectural Digests’ website by Clicking Here.

Also, according to a new article that Forbes.com recently put out, Ellen is currently the third highest paid TV actress. They say she’s actually tied for third place with actress Mindy Kaling who plays character Mindy Lahiri on Hulu’s “The Mindy Project” TV show. The report report claims these two ladies bring in around a whopping $13 million dollars a year.

They’re only second to Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco who reportedly brings in a cool $26 million dollars a year for playing the character Penny Hofstadter on the show! Apparently, Kaley gets paid a whopping $1 million dollars per freaking episode that she shoots for them. Since they shoot about 24 or so episodes a season, she barley has to do any endorsement work to get that second place spot.

The lady who is out-earning all of them is actress Sofia Vergara who plays character Gloria Delgado-Pritchett on ABC’s hit series, “Modern Family.” They claim she brings in a huge $43 million dollars a year! However, that’s due to most of her numerous endorsement deals as opposed to just her work on the TV show. She reportedly has endorsement and licensing deals with major brands like: Head & Shoulders, Pepsi and CoverGirl.

She also makes a ton of dough from doing work in movies, her talent management agency and speaking engagements. Sofia now focuses on licensing deals rather than straightforward endorsements. In licensing deals, she can control the product and enjoy a stake in its sales. She has three perfumes she produces in a partnership with Avon, a line of furniture at Rooms To Go and a coffee machine she helped design with SharkNinja.

Getting back to Ellen, her salary should get bumped up a notch if her new TV show takes off for ABC. Currently, there’s no premiere date for it or anything like that since it’s still in development stages.

As for Ellen’s main gig Grey’s Anatomy, it’s new 14th season appears to be off to a very great start. The season premiered to a whopping 8 million and something people and has pretty much remained the same through it’s 4th episode. The ratings did drop slightly,but definitely not to a point to worry about.

This season started off with a 2.34 demographic rating for the 18-49 year old audience, and has only dipped down to a 2.13 rating which occurred during the 4th episode. Also, it’s not uncommon for ratings to fluctuate throughout the season. As long as they keep bringing in these 8 million or so viewers each week, they should be good to go.

So far, we’ve seen some very emotional and intense season 14 storylines right out the gate. The biggest one being the whole Amelia situation. I think Owen’s sister Megan Hunt’s storyline takes a tight second place. Then there was the intriguing situation with Andrew Deluca’s sister Dr. Carina DeLuca and Arizona. Also, six new interns hopped on board to make things a little more interesting.

There’s definitely more interesting storylines to come. It’s been reported that Jo’s violent ex-husband Dr. Paul Stadler is due to make another appearance at some point.

His portrayer Matthew Morrison mentioned that his role will be huge this season. So, that sounds very interesting.

In other Grey’s Anatomy news, former Callie Torres star Sara Ramirez has recently landed her first TV show gig after exiting Grey’s Anatomy in season 12. According to the The Hollywood Reporter, she will be joining CBS’s hit drama series “Madam Secretary.” The news was just announced this past Tuesday, October 24,2017.

Sara will make her first onscreen appearance in the episode that’s scheduled to air Sunday night, November 19,2017. Her character is named Kat Sandoval. Kat is described as being a brilliant political strategist. She’s legendary in D.C. for her talent and for abruptly dropping out of politics until Elizabeth (Tea Leoni) manages to coax her back to the State Department.

The executive producer of the show Barbara Hall had really nice things to say about Sara stating, “We’re very excited that Sara is joining the cast. She brings a fresh perspective and a fun, energetic quality to the State Department staff.”

The other executive producer Lori McCreary said, “We are thrilled to have Sara join the Madam Secretary state department team. From the moment she walked on set with her talent, intellect and spirit, she became part of the family!” So, I guess that will squash any rumors of her return to Grey’s Anatomy at least for now. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Grey’s Anatomy Facebook page for more Grey’s Anatomy news by Clicking Here.

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