New ‘Once Upon a Time’ Season 7 Episode 9 Is Getting Delayed For A While

New ‘Once Upon a Time’ Season 7 Episode 9 Is Getting Delayed For A While

Hey, “Once Upon a Time” fans. We’ve got a bit of unpleasant news to share with you guys. It turns out that your favorite show is going on a bit of a break starting tonight, Friday, November 24,2017. So, that means this next,new episode 9 will require a little patience from you guys.

Fortunately, it won’t require as much patience as some of the other shows that are taking a break. This is going to be a relatively short break. According to the show’s Wikia page, episode 9 is currently scheduled to air on Friday night, December 8,2017 at 7 pm central standard time on ABC. So, be sure to mark that very important date down on your TV schedules.

We were also able to get a few more details about episode 9. Apparently, it’s entitled,”One Little Tear.” It was directed by Steve Pearlman, and they hired writer Christopher Hollier and Adam Karp to pen the script.

So, what is ABC going to air in Once Upon A Time’s place during this short two week break? Well according to the TV Guide listings for Friday night, November 24,2017, ABC has elected to air one of their classic, animated holiday specials, “Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town.”

The official description reads like this: “Fred Astaire and Mickey Rooney are among those who lend their voices to this holiday tale, which explains the legend of Santa Claus and how he began delivering toys to children on Christmas Eve. As a young man, he tries to deliver toys to the kids.”

That special will be followed up with a 2 hour airing of “20/20.” We believe this one is a rerun since it doesn’t have the red “NEW” label beside it. The description for it reads like this: “A durable news magazine mixing investigative pieces with human-interest and celebrity features that’s ABC’s oldest prime-time series despite its notoriously rocky premiere. Hosts Robert Hughes and Harold Hayes lasted only that one show.”

If that doesn’t sound like a line-up that you can hang with, you’ll definitely want to plan out something else if you haven’t already.

Then next Friday night, December 1,2017, ABC will be debuting the first episode of Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD’s 5th new season. If any of guys are fans of that show, it’s time to get excited for it. It’s going to feature a whopping two-hours of action because they’re airing both episodes one and two back to back.

Episode one is entitled, “Orientation (Part One).” Episode 2 is labeled, “Orientation (Part Two).” The official description reads like this, “In the Season 5 premiere, Coulson and the team find themselves stranded on a mysterious ship in outer space.”

We don’t know about you guys, but we’ll definitely be watching that. “Agents Of SHIELD” rocks! It will be followed up by a brand new edition of “20/20.” They didn’t provide an official description for it. So, all of you who are interested will have to just wait and tune in to see what they’ll be covering and talking about.

As for episode 9, ABC did leave us with a preview clip for it. The clip also provided a teaser description. It said, “In three weeks from tonight, the storybook reveals tales of sacrifice, revenge and for one little girl,a shattering truth.”

It also showed some very interesting scenes. Tt features Rapunzel in serious trouble and screaming for help when the vicious Witch played actress Emma Booth tells her, “You swore to pay any price for your family’s happiness.”

Unfortunately for poor Rapunzel, she’s told by the witch, “There is no way out.” So, it looks like she’s screwed unless someone actually does come and help her. Will someone come to Rapunzel’s rescue? That’s a very serious question for this particular storyline. We’ll just have to tune in to find out.

There’s also a scene with Victoria Belfrey telling little Lucy, “Fairytales are real, but you don’t know the whole story.” During this scene, poor Lucy is seen balling her eyes out. So, she’ll certainly be quite sad when the show returns in two weeks from now. Hopefully, someone will come along to cheer her up. We’ll see. You guys can view the new episode 9 preview clip over on Youtube by Clicking Here.

Addtionally, one of the show’s creators Adam Horowitz revealed a very short script tease for episode 9 on his official Twitter page. He wrote, “Here’s a #scripttease for #OnceUponATime — hope to see ya December 8th!”

He captioned it with a photo of the script tease that reveals Eloise will ask Weaver,”How is Belle by the way?” Then Weaver will reply with, “Don’t you dare say her name!” So, that certainly sounds like it could get quite intense to say the very least. You guys can view the episode 9 script tease on Adam Horowitz Twitter page by Clicking Here.

We also have some new casting news for the show. Apparently, they’ve hired actor Chad Rook to come on and play a mystery role. That’s right. This another one these roles that are being kept top secret. This news was actually revealed by the actor himself on his official Twitter account.

Chad Rook wrote, “Just found out that I will be joining the cast of #OnceUponATime!!! Can’t wait for you all to see my character. ;).” He followed that up with the following tweet, “Wardrobe fitting for #OnceUponATime today. Time to bring this bad boy to life. #StayTuned.”

Then he came back with one more tweet where he wrote, “Reading my script for #OnceUponaTime and WOW… fans are in for one hell of an episode.…”

That tweet of course led us to his official Instagram account where he wrote,”Reading my script for #OnceUponaTime and WOW… fans are in for one hell of an episode. Can’t wait for you all to see this one. #ComingSoon.” You guys can view Chad Rook’s Twitter messages on his Twitter account by Clicking Here. You can also view his Instagram account by Clicking Here.

Well, if nothing else, Chad did certainly get us somewhat interested in what his character will be. Unfortunately, there are no official details or a debut date for Chad’s character at this time. Hopefully, something will pop up in the not-to-distant future.

Currently, “Once Upon a Time” isn’t seeing it’s best viewership and ratings numbers. The current season 7 started off by bringing in 3.257 million viewers in the United States during its premiere episode. That’s a whopping 18.27 percent drop. However, season 6 started with a 32.74 percent drop so it’s not the end of the world.

Since the premiere, season 7 has hovered in the 2.2 to 2.7 million viewership per episode range. That’s quite a bit weaker than season 6 as it hovered around at least 3 to 4 million viewers throughout the whole season. As far as the 18-49 demographics ratings go, season seven scored a 0.75 score which was down a huge 41.80 percent. Season 6 started off with a 1.28 ratings score.

Hopefully, season 7’s current ratings will fluctuate back up once the new plotline really starts to get deeper and more interesting. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Once Upon A Time Facebook page for more Once Upon A Time news by Clicking Here.

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