Celebrity Big Brother USA First Alliance & More Revealed From The Live Feeds

Celebrity Big Brother USA First Alliance & More Revealed From The Live Feeds

Hey, fellow Big Brother fans. We’ve got some great news for you guys. CBS already launched the Live Feeds for Celebrity Big Brother this past Friday afternoon, February 2, 2018. It was a brief sneak peek according to Big Brother Network. The sneak peek happened at around 2 pm Pacific standard time, and it lasted for about 15 minutes.

What this all ultimately means is that we were able to already find out a little bit of what’s going on among the current Celebrity House Guests. Big Brother Network is reporting that some very important details for the very first alliance was revealed in those brief 15 minutes.

It turns out that actress Shannon Elizabeth, reality tv star Omarosa and actress Marissa Jaret Winokur got the early jump on forming an alliance. All that’s left to do for them now is to come up with a good name and execute their plans of course. We all know that isn’t so simple.

We’re going to go ahead and give you guys a breakdown of what happened among the houseguests during that 15 minute sneak peek at the live feeds this past Friday afternoon. At 2 pm Pacific time, Mark, Ron Artest aka Metta World peace and Chuck Liddell were seen talking about Chuck’s Mixed Martial Arts fighting days.

At 2:01 pm, beauty pageant contestant Ariadna Guitierrez and reality tv star Brandi Glanville were spotted getting ready in one of the bedrooms. They agreed that everyone is currently getting along pretty well. However, they did wonder when the fighting will start up and who will be involved.

Brandi mentioned that she expects to possibly be one of the first people to get in a fight. Additionally, she already began asking the Big Brother production crew for her medication. So, that’s interesting.

At 2:02 pm, Shannon and Omarosa were seen talking about memory tricks. They were also just having a general conversation. A few moments later, Marissa joined them. At around 2:08 pm, Marissa brought up the first discussion of a possible alliance. She told Omarosa and Shannon, “There’s power in the women sticking together. I think that for 2.5 weeks these grown adults should be able to work together.” Omarosa said, “I won’t participate in any of the catty behavior.”

They all agreed that they think the Big Brother audience wants to see strong women together. At around 2:09 pm, the cameras switched to the kitchen area and showed Chuck and Mark having a conversation. They were sharing stories. Former Cosby Show Rudy Huxtable star Keshia Knight Pulliam was also spotted in the kitchen with actor James Maslow. A few moments later, television host Ross Mathews arrived.

At around 2:10 pm, Marissa said, “I was very nervous heading into the house and fearing high school style cliques, but instead I’ve been happily surprised by everyone being so warm and friendly.” Omarosa offered to punch anyone in the face who wasn’t nice to Marissa.

At around 2:12 pm, Shannon asked Omarosa and Marissa, “Do you think any of the women would flip?” They all mentioned that they wanted to stick together. From there, Marissa said, ” If someone does flip, we’ll cut off that limb and still be okay.”

After that, Omarosa offered to pinky swear on it. Each of them said, “I’m solid.” So, it looks like Omarosa, Shannon and Marissa are indeed teaming up to run this house as of Friday afternoon. But who knows what has happened by now. We all know the house can change on a dime.

Anyways, at around 2:13 pm, Omarosa was spotted attempting to think of a name for their alliance. They want to use some sort of acronym for their all-women alliance. At around 2:14 pm, the feeds cut out. So,it appears that CBS wants to tease us with brief footage from the Live Feeds between now and when the show finally premieres this Wednesday night, February 7, 2018.

CBS posted on their official Twitter page that they are probably going to give us more of these short sneak peeks at the live feeds. So, we’ll definitely have to keep our eyes peeled for them. It’s also been revealed that the live feeds are set to officially start up this Wednesday night, February 7, 2018 at around 9 pm pacific time. We’ll definitely be watching them to give you guys full coverage on the important stuff that takes place.

Again, the televised premiere is scheduled to start at approximately 7 pm central standard time this Wednesday night, February 7,2018. So, be there or be square! Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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    This celebrity Big Brother is literally going to suck! No one wants to see nor hear from Omarosa. Why don’t you just come out and say its all scripted and put something good on. I don’t even know if you can call half of them celebrities!

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