New Celebrity Big Brother HOH Winner Revealed For February 16, 2018

New Celebrity Big Brother HOH Winner Revealed For February 16, 2018

Hey, fellow Big Brother fans. Last night’s live eviction show did indeed feature the elimination of the former American Pie movie girl Shannon Elizabeth. It turns out that her intense and fast-moving gameplay proved to be too much for these other houseguests to handle. So, they sent her packing.

About ten minutes after the live eviction show ended, the live feeds returned to show the new HOH competition being played. They revealed that it was an endurance competition during the live show. When the feeds came on, everyone was still hanging in there for dear life. We weren’t really surprised by this since it appeared to just be a sitting competition. How hard can that be right?

Let’s give you a guys a rundown of what happened during the HOH competition,and we’ll cap it off of course by revealing who won this damn thing. At around 7:20 pm pacific time, February 16, 2018, all the houseguests started getting showered with something that was shot out from cannons. At around 7:28 pm, Metta fell first. He claimed he was just too big for this comp.

At around 7:35 pm, Big Brother started shooting t-shirts from cannons at houseguests. At around 7:36 pm, Ross fell off. At around 7:40 pm, Ariadna whispered to Metta that Brandi voted to evict Mark over Shannon. At around 8:01 pm, Mark fell off. Then Marissa fell off right behind him at around 8:04 pm. That left Omarosa, James and Brandi as the final three.

At around 8:25 pm, Brandi finally fell off leaving James and Omarosa as the final two. At this point, James and Omarosa started talking about a deal. And at around 8:27 pm, a deal was struck. James decided to take Omarosa’s deal which involved him falling off so Omarosa could win. Apparently, Omarosa promised not to nominate James. So, there you have it guys. Shady as F@@#ck Omarosa is the new HOH for this round! Oh, what will she do? What will she do? That is the big question at the moment.

Following the HOH competition at around 8:56 pm, the feeds returned so we could get a glimpse at what might get planned out. At around 8:58 pm, Adriana told Marissa, “Brandi told me she voted to evict Mark. You cannot do that when you are a part of a team.” She was apparently very upset about what Brandi did.

At around 9 pm, Mark started asking about who voted to evict him. He thinks it might have been Metta or Omarosa. Marissa told him it wasn’t either of them. At around 9:05 pm, Brandi said, “I’m not going to kiss up to Omarosa. That’s just not me. I’m just going to have fun and whatever happens happens.”

At around 9:15 pm, Ariadna was still very upset at Brandi and told Ross and Marissa,”Brandi might have to go.” Marissa said, “Omarosa will nominate me, Ross, Brandi or Ariadna.” Ariadna expressed that she was afraid Brandi might try to team up with Omarosa now. Marissa said, “She probably will.” Ariadna said, “I feel bad for telling Marissa and Ross about Brandi’s vote.”

At around 9:20 pm,Omarosa started wondering if Metta might have voted for Shannon to stay. At around 9:23 pm, Omarosa asked James if he has a final four deal with Ross, Marissa and Mark. James told her, ” No, I have no one.” Omarosa told James, “We can talk later before I make my decision.”

At around 10:40 pm, Brandi decided to issue an excuse to Metta and Marissa as to why she voted for Brandi to stay. She said she just wanted Shannon to have a vote. Then she asked if that was bad. They replied by saying, “It wasn’t good because you didn’t tell us.” Brandi then said, “I’m sorry but I felt bad for Shannon.” Brandi told Ariadna, “I knew my vote wouldn’t change the final results. So, I didn’t think it was a big deal.”

At around 10:50 pm, Ross asked Mark if he’s got his vote if he gets put on the block with Brandi. Mark said yes. At around 11:15 pm, Mark told James that he thinks Brandi and Ross are going to get nominated, and that Brandi will be the one that ends up leaving. He also said he’s good with that since Brandi voted to evict him.

At around 11:36 pm, Brandi engaged in another conversation about her rogue vote with Ross and Marissa. They told Brandi that they were really shocked she voted to keep Shannon. At this point, Brandi was really confused why they were so shocked and told them, “Fine, I’ll just remove myself from the alliance. Shocked, is such a big word for this.”

At around 11:46 pm, Ross had a conversation with Marissa and Ariadna about Brandi. He told them, “We have to keep Brandi close to us. We can’t have her turning on us over this rogue vote. We need to let her know we still love her.”

At around 11:52 pm, Brandi had another conversation with Ross about how upset she is over her Shannon vote. She told him, “I just had a moment of humanity and wanted to make Shannon feel good.” Ross asks her, “Are you going to vote with me next time?” She replied with,”Of course.”

At around 12:20 am today, February 17, 2018, Marissa, Ross and James were seen having a conversation about the HOH comp. They definitely thought Shannon would’ve probably won it if she had stayed. They also think James will most likely be safe because Omarosa will honor her deal with him that they made during the HOH competition.

At around 12:30 am, Ariadna, Ross, James and Marissa started to wonder if Brandi might be flipping since they saw her help Omarosa carry her things to her HOH room. Marissa started worrying that she might get nominated for eviction with Ross. James said, “I could save one of you if I get to play for veto and win. It’ll be hard to win against Brandi or Ariadna.”

At around 1:05 am, Brandi was seen having a conversation with Ariadna. Brandi told her, “We need to get rid of Mark or James. I think we should try to restart the girls’ alliance with Omarosa so she’ll put up Ross and Mark. Then we can save Ross.”

Ariadna expressed that she wants to get rid of James. Brandi said she doesn’t think they can pull that off this round. At around 2:40 am, Omarosa was seen trying to think up different nomination scenarios in her head. She mentioned possibly nominating Ross and Marissa. Then going after Brandi as a backup. However, she’s not sure how Metta would vote. So, she continued to examine all possibilities.

That was pretty much it for the major live feed events that happened last night and into early this morning. It is looking like we might see Ross and Marissa on the chopping block after today’s nominations take place. We’ll definitely let you guys know what the results are. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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