New Celebrity Big Brother POV Winner Revealed For February 14-16, 2018

New Celebrity Big Brother POV Winner Revealed For February 14-16, 2018

Hey, “Big Brother” fans. We’re back at you with another report from inside the house. As previously reported, Ariadna won HOH this week and had no problems at all when she decided to throw Shannon Elizabeth and James Maslow on the chopping block. Of course being the very intense player she is, Shannon totally broke down into tears shortly after when she gave her rant to the group that she thought was her new alliance.

This past Wednesday, February 14, 2018, they played for the coveted Power Of Veto, and the winner turned out to be James which means Shannon is officially fried. However, Shannon has appeared to bounce back from her extreme breakdown and has been trying to round up votes.

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According to Big Brother Network, the houseguests were given the “Black Box” challenge during the POV comp. It caused the live feeds to be gone for a whopping seven and a half hours. The Black Box challenge was a timed competition which was reportedly very messy. It will air during tonight’s live eviction show. Ariadna, James, Shannon, Ross, Omarosa, and Brandi were the houseguests that got to compete in the POV comp.

Yesterday, February 15, 2018, the POV Ceremony took place, and Ariadna ended up nominating Mark McGraff to take the place of James when he took himself off the chopping block with his Power Of Veto win. Apparently, Ariadna has not been effected by any of Shannon’s tears at all and is hell bent on making sure that Shannon walks out the door tonight.

However, Shannon’s whining does get to Brandi. It harps on her emotions. So, she’s been getting advice to stay away from Shannon. Some pretty interesting conversations did take place yesterday on the feeds. Apparently, the celebs are plotting to get Omarosa out next right after Shannon if tonight is a double eviction.

At around 3:45 pm pacific time, February 15, 2018, Shannon was seen just sitting alone in the kitchen working on her nails. At around 4:40 pm, Ross, Mark and James started talking game for a bit. Ross said all the women definitely want to get Omarosa out next.

Mark said, “I would nominate Omarosa if I got HoH.” They also talked about Shannon’s behavior. They said they were disappointed in how she was currently handling the situation.

At around 4:50 pm, Ross started wondering if he should form an alliance with Mark and James. Mark said, “It doesn’t need to be an alliance, but we can all work together.” Hmmm, I define that as being an alliance, but ok. Whatever.

At around 5:30 pm , Shannon was still seen hanging out all by her lonesome in the kitchen. She was talking to herself. At around 7:18 pm, Ross, Marissa, Ariadna and James were seen talking game again. They were trying to decide what they need to do if tonight is a double eviction.

They agreed once again that Omarosa should definitely be their next target. They also agreed that they need to put her up with Metta so he won’t be able to vote to save her. Ha! Ha! He would probably just vote the wrong way again anyways.

At around 9:37 pm,Omarosa told Shannon that she plans to nominate Marissa and Ross for eviction if she wins HOH. Shannon said, “That’s smart because they need to be broken up. I told Brandi that, but Brandi doesn’t realize she’s on the bottom of that alliance.”

At around 11:35 pm, Shannon started expressing how bad she feels about her Big Brother gameplay. She thinks her fans will be disappointed in her for going out third. Poor thing. At around 12:00 am today, February 16,2018, Shannon was seen talking with Metta. She promised him that she would vote for him if he got to the end.

She also mentioned that she hoped she would be able to do a Chilltown phone call skit in the diary room with Omarosa, but never got the chance. Of course not. She freaking ditched Omarosa when she first got the chance to.

Anyways, Shannon also told Metta about the all-girls alliance she formed the first couple of days and how it all fell apart. They also talked about her flipping the vote to get Chuck out. At one point, Metta told Shannon, “It was a mistake to get rid of Keshia. The women should have stuck together and taken out the guys first.” I guess Metta still doesn’t know that Keshia begged to be sent home over some breast milk.

Anyways, Shannon went on to say that she would vote for James to win over Ross, Brandi, Ariadna, or Marissa. She doesn’t think they’re doing good jury management.

At around 12:30 am, Shannon attempted to coach Metta on how to handle the final HOH. However, Metta tried to tell her, ” I’m not sure I will even get there.” But Shannon thinks he possibly could.

That was pretty much all that happened during the evening and morning feeds in regards to any kind of talk about gameplay. It certainly looks like Shannon will indeed get shafted tonight during the live eviction show. However, will we see a double eviction that will cause someone else to follow right behind her? That’s the big question.

We’ll just have to wait and see because there’s definitely no official news or confirmation of that. The live eviction show is set to start at approximately 7 pm central standard time tonight, February 16, 2018 on CBS. It’s going to be another two hour show. So, be sure to tune in for it. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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