New Celebrity Big Brother Eviction Nominees Revealed For February 17, 2018

New Celebrity Big Brother Eviction Nominees Revealed For February 17, 2018

Alright guys. As previously reported, Omarosa was able to pull off the last HOH competition win to become the new Head Of Household for this round. That all went down this past Friday night, February 16, 2018. There was a whole big scandal about who voted for Mark McGraff to go over Shannon.

Somehow, Ariadna found out that it was Brandi, and that caused a rift in the whole Ross, Marissa, Ariadna and Brandi final four alliance. However, Ross did try to smooth things over with Brandi so she wouldn’t go turn on them. Ross, Brandi, Marissa and Ariadna were all worried that they would get thrown on the chopping block. James had actually made a deal with Omarosa during the HOH. That deal consisted of her not nominating him. So, it was assumed that he would be safe this round.

With all that said, the nomination ceremony did take place yesterday, February 17, 2018. According to Big Brother Network and the live feeds, Ross and Brandi became the nomination victims for Omarosa this round. So, Ross and Brandi are officially the unlucky houseguests that are currently sitting on the chopping block at the moment.

Before Omarosa came to this decision,a lot of stuff had apparently taken place. At one point, Omarosa talked with Marissa, Ari, and Brandi about bringing the ladies alliance back together, and that her target would be Ross. She also wanted to throw Mark up on the block with Ross. However, something very interesting happened after that which caused Omarosa to quickly change her direction entirely!

Omarosa actually went and talked with Mark. Then later on, Omarosa was seen agreeing to a final four deal with Mark, James and Metta! So, that was a swift 180 degree turn around. Perhaps Omarosa just didn’t trust the ladies’ alliance. She’s probably right not to do so because they’ve shown to turn on people at the drop of a dime.

They ditched Shannon with no problems. Then Brandi threw Shannon that suspicious vote during the last eviction. They were quick to throw Ross under the bus to try and restore their all-girls alliance. So yeah, I think Omarosa probably did make the best move for her with this new alliance with Mark, James and Metta, but only time will truly tell.

It’s believed that Marissa is indeed a backup nominee if Brandi and Ross somehow come off the chopping block. Whatever the case, it looks like someone from that side of the house will definitely be going home during tomorrow night’s live eviction show.

It’s also reported that drama went down after the nomination ceremony. Ross was seen trying to defend himself. He said he didn’t have a final four deal with the entire house. Brandi was seen saying, “I want to know who exposed my final four deal.” Omarosa said, “I just had to say something dramatic instead of something plain like breaking up the pairs.” Ross said, “That would have at least made sense.”

So, apparently Omarosa accused Ross of having a deal with the whole house during the nomination ceremony. Ross told her that wasn’t accurate. Omarosa replied with, “It was just to make for dramatic TV. I really want to split up the pairs.” Ross replied with, “You should have just said that then.”

Marissa also got upset. Apparently, Omarosa said that Marissa sold out her allies. She promised Brandi that she didn’t do anything shady when she tried to make a deal with Omarosa.

At around 7:40 pm,February 17, 2018, Ross started worrying about Ariadna possibly getting renominated in place of Brandi. He thinks if that were to happen, he could be in big trouble. He really wants to get Omarosa out now.

At around 8:05 pm,Marissa and Ariadna started chatting. They were starting to suspect that Mark and James made a deal with Omarosa to vote out Ross. Marissa started to realize she’s in a bad spot right now because she would vote to keep Ross, and she would be in the house with Brandi after voting against her. Marissa and Adriadna both started to realize that Metta, Mark and James could’ve very well made a final four deal with Omarosa.

At around 8:35 pm,Ross mentioned that he was going to try to question Mark because he can tell when Mark is lying. At around 11:30 pm, Ariadna and Brandi were seen just hoping the veto twist will provide them with a way out of this mess. At around 11:50 pm,Ross and Brandi expressed that they really want to make it further than Omarosa. So, they really need something to get them through this round.

Well, it’s definitely not looking good for Brandi, Ross, Marissa and Ariadna’s side of the house at the moment. They’re probably going to show that big POV competition tomorrow night during the live eviction show like they did last week.

If that is the case, it should be a pretty exciting show. It’s scheduled to start at approximately 7 pm central standard time on CBS. So, be sure to tune in for that. They’re also showing a new episode tonight, February 18, 2018 at 7 pm central standard time. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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