New Big Brother POV Winner And Replacement Nomination Revealed For February 21-22, 2018

New Big Brother POV Winner And Replacement Nomination Revealed For February 21-22, 2018

Alright guys. Yesterday, Wednesday, February 21, 2018, the Celebrity Big Brother houseguests competed for the coveted Power Of Veto after the reigning HOH Mark McGraff nominated Ariadna and big mouth Brandi for eviction this round.

According to Big Brother Network, Mark, Brandi, Ariadna, Marissa, Omarosa and James were selected to play in the POV comp. Ross hosted it since he was the only person that didn’t play.

And guess what guys. Ariadna pulled out the victory! So, that left Mark with the responsibility of having to nominate someone else to replace her. The POV ceremony apparently took place earlier today. Of course, Ariadna ended up using the POV to save herself. From there, it’s being reported that Mark decided to nominate Marissa to be the replacement nominee. So, now we have Brandi and Marissa as the two eviction nominees for this round, and one of them is definitely going home tomorrow night.

It was revealed that tomorrow’s live eviction show is going to feature a double eviction. Brandi is definitely Mark’s target. We’re fairly certain she will go tomorrow night, but the big looming question is who will follow in right behind her?

During yesterday’s live feeds, James revealed that he thinks it’s a good thing Ariadna is staying because if she wins, she can be the one to take a shot at Omarosa instead of them. James also thinks Ross would definitely go after Omarosa. Mark wasn’t too sure about that. James said, “I think Ross is telling the truth when he says he doesn’t want to sit next to a girl in the end.”

At around 6:55 pm,James told Mark, “After Brandi leaves, I will have helped in getting out every single person who tried to get me out.” Those are some very strong campaigning words for sure.

At around 7:02 pm, James expressed his excitement for Brandi finally leaving. He said, “It needed to happen sooner than this.” He also talked about hiding the alcohol from her.

At around 7:25 pm, Ari, Brandi and Marissa had a discussion about why Mark and James wouldn’t go after Omarosa. Brandi said, It’s because they can beat Omarosa physically due to her asthma but not mentally.” At around 7:30 pm, they all agreed that James will probably win the entire game. Marissa said, “James is winning this game. We messed up the first eviction when we kept James over Chuck.”

At around 7:52 pm, Ross gave Marissa his word he won’t vote her out against Brandi. At around 9:03 pm, Brandi asked Ross if she had his vote. Ross told her,”I would love to, but I don’t know if it’s enough. I’m in a tough position and if I vote to keep my word to you, I will mess up my game. If the vote is a tie, they won’t keep you.” Brandi said, “I think they can be convinced.” Ross said, “I don’t think so.”

At around 9:06 pm, Ross told Brandi, “I don’t want to lose your friendship over this.” Brandi replied with, “You won’t lose my friendship, but if you vote me out, you won’t get my vote in the end. I stuck to our deal and now I’m kicking myself for sticking to it.”

Ross asked Brandi, “Why are you kicking herself?” Brandi said, “Because I knew you wouldn’t stick to our deal.” Ross told her, “Marissa has been good to Mark and James, and they won’t flip the target to her.” Brandi said, “You could convince Mark.” Ross said,”I don’t think so, but I will talk to him.”

At around 12:05 am pacific time today, February 22, 2018, Brandi, Ariadna, Ross and Marissa had another one of their big discussions. At one point, Brandi told them they need to get rid of James next because he’s a bigger threat than Omarosa.

At around 1:10 am, Brandi and Ariadna had a discussion about Ross. Brandi told her, “Ross messed up his own game. That wasn’t my fault. He made too many deals around the house. I think Ross could win by outsmarting James and Mark, but I won’t vote for him to win. I think the Jury is going to be angry with him come voting time.”

Apparently, Brandi is very upset that Ross isn’t helping her out because they had a deal they made on the very first day. Ariadna said she thinks Marissa would beat Ross if they were in the finals. Brandi said she would actually probably vote for Ross to win over Marissa.

At around 1:55 am, Omarosa joined Brandi and Ariadna’s conversation. She told them, “James is making strategical errors by handing over comp wins. I value comp wins over social game to determine the winner. I also worry about Marissa at the end ,and I would rather not be there against her. I tried to push for Ross to go up, but Mark insisted Brandi was his target.”

At around 2:00 am, Omarosa promised Brandi that she would vote for her to stay if she can get one more vote. Otherwise, she can’t because it would be a tie, and Mark would send Brandi home. Also, that would leave Omarosa in big trouble.

Omarosa told Brandi to try and talk to Mark only when James is not around because he’s the bitter one. Brandi said, “I’m frustrated that the guys are playing with more emotion than the girls.”

And that wrapped up the major game talk for yesterday and into the early morning today. I definitely don’t agree with Omarosa’s take on favoring comp wins over social play. I’ve seen a person win on pure social game but never on just winning out. Big Brother is definitely a social game first. Comp wins are important, but if you have a good social game, you don’t really need to win that many comps if any. The great Dr Will proved that.

Anyways, tomorrow’s live double eviction show is scheduled to air tomorrow night at approximately 7 pm central standard time on CBS. It’s going to be another huge two-hour show. So, be sure to tune in for that one. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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