Big Brother 20 New Very Important Details Revealed By The Producer

Big Brother 20 New Very Important Details Revealed By The Producer

Hey, “Big Brother” fans. We’re finally back at you with a new, very important report about this upcoming 20th season of Big Brother. Apparently, there was some speculation going around about whether or not this would be a second all-star season, or if any returning players would show up again. Well, we’re here to tell you guys that you can officially kill those rumors.

The executive producer Allison Grodner confirmed in a recent interview that the new season 20 will feature a total,brand new cast which in and of itself confirms that this will not be an all-star season. However, Allison did go ahead and shoot down the all-star rumor as well. She also revealed that they’re finally revamping the house after over 10 years or so of doing nothing to it. Allison said season 20 will be a very big season that will feature some innovative twists that are specifically set in place to commemorate the 20th season.

Here is her exact statement verbatim, “It’s going to be a big season. We have a lot planned for this season. I think there are certain expectations from our fans that it’ll be an All-Stars season and all of that , and I think we’ve pretty much put that to rest. This will be a brand new cast.

We are in casting right now. We are really excited about completely revamping this house. Wait till you see it. It’s a whole new thing. It’s spectacular. We are really excited about some new an innovative twists that will help commemorate this twentieth season.”

Allison did this interview with Gold Derby on a Youtube chat. You guys can view it for yourselves over on Youtube by Clicking Here.

Currently, the casting for season 20 is almost over. There’s one, final casting call that’s taking place in Wichita Falls,Texas this Saturday, April 28, 2018. After that, anyone who wants to apply will have to wait until the auditions for season 21 to open up.

In related news, arguably one of the best Big Brother players in history Dr. Will Kirby recently had a couple of great moments while going on a movie outing earlier this month. According to a recent report from the folks over at TMZ, Will was out with his wife at the Cinemark Playa Vista theater in Los Angeles, California to see the new comedy flick “Blockers.”

During the movie, people started screaming because a man started having seizures in the front row. In response, Will sprinted to the row to help stabilize the man for around 20 minutes until the EMS team could show up to take him to the hospital. Later on, the theater management addressed the crowd, and Will got a standing ovation for his life-saving efforts. After all that drama, they played the second half of the film.

But Will’s life-saving exploits didn’t stop there. TMZ’s report went on to explain that as Will was leaving the theater, some of the people that worked at the place caught up to him to ask him to help out another person that was having seizures! This time, it was a girl that was watching the new “A Quiet Place” horror flick. Will went and helped stabilize her until the paramedics arrived, and he of course got another standing ovation.

TMZ explained that they got to interview Will about his heroics at the movie theater. He told them, “It was an amazing feeling to put my skills to use, and unbelievably refreshing to see how positive, helpful and truly concerned all the moviegoers were. People were helping in any way possible to complete strangers which was inspiring.”

Will also said that Cinemark gave him the hook-up with a ton of free movie passes. So, it looks like Will could be headed to Cinemark a lot more often. Anyways guys. We’ll keep you posted on any new developments that arise for the upcoming 20th season of Big Brother. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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