Big Brother 20 Kaitlyn Started Another Fight Plus POV Ceremony Results Revealed July 16, 2018

Big Brother 20 Kaitlyn Started Another Fight Plus POV Ceremony Results Revealed July 16, 2018

Happy Monday Big Brother fans. As previously reported, the reigning HOH Scottie also won the coveted POV competition this past Saturday, July 14, 2018. The day before, he decided to nominate Winston and Brett for eviction this week.

So, earlier today, July 16, 2018, the POV ceremony did indeed take place. And the big results are that Scottie did absolutely nothing with his power of veto. He kept his nominations the same because he just feels so strongly that Winston and Brett are so dangerous.

I personally would’ve liked to have seen him backdoor Kaitlyn, but it was not to be even though she confessed to Scottie just before the POV ceremony that she was the flipped vote that sent Steve packing in week one. Apparently, Scottie blames Winston and Brett’s manipulation for Kaitlyn’s flip.

Winston and Brett did try to offer Scottie a final three deal, and were trying to get Kaitlyn backdoored. But again, Scottie didn’t go for their offer. It’s reported that Scottie revealed Winston and Brett’s plan to Kaitlyn and she went ballistic over it, confronting Brett at one point.

According to Big Brother Network, the action took place at around 9:36 pm pacific time on the live feeds last night, July 15, 2018. After Scottie told Kaitlyn about Winston and Brett’s proposal to backdoor her, she got very livid and decided to call a house meeting.

At around 9:46 pm, Kaitlyn started shouting at Winston and Brett to admit anything she might need to know. Winston and Brett played dumb at this point. That triggered Kaitlyn to come down stairs and confront them face to face. Then the other houseguests gathered around to get a good eyeview of the crazy show Kaitlyn was putting on.

Kaitlyn with anger in her voice questioned Winston and Brett why they threw her name out there to be a backdoor replacement for one of them. She said,” I thought we were friends.” Winston said,”We are friends.” Kaitlyn replied with,”Not friendly enough!”

From there, Scottie came down and told everyone that Winston and Brett did have a secret meeting with him to suggest Kaitlyn be backdoored this week. After that, Brett did fess up to what they did. He said they suggested Kaitlyn because she would leave the least amount of blood on Scottie’s hands. Kaitlyn was still angry and continued to chew them out.

After a couple of minutes, things started to calm down and Kaitlyn went outside. JC told Scottie it was a bad move to rat out Winston and Brett’s plans because he’s not going to be HOH forever. JC told Scottie,”Why make yourself a target now when you’re almost out of power?”

Eventually, Tyler went to talk to Kaitlyn again. He tried to encourage her to stay calm and and not make herself a spectacle and target for the other houseguests. Kaitlyn now definitely wants to evict Brett. However, Tyler and his L6 alliance wants to keep Brett around to possibly shield them since he’s a big target now. Apparently, Scottie, Faysal, Bayleigh, Angie and Haleigh want to vote Brett out.

One thing that we can be sure of is that either Winston or Brett will be walking out the door this Thursday night, July 19, 2018. Who do you guys want to see get evicted this week? Brett? Or Winston? Let us know in the Facebook comments. As always, You guys can view the Big Brother live feeds yourself FREE for one week over at CBS by Clicking Here.

Another new episode of Big Brother season 20 is scheduled to air this Wednesday night, July 18, 2018 at 8 pm central standard time on CBS. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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