Big Brother Season 20 Houseguests Are Making Bad Plans For Kaitlyn Now

Big Brother Season 20 Houseguests Are Making Bad Plans For Kaitlyn Now

Hey, Big Brother Peeps. As we previously reported, Big Brother season 20 houseguest Kaitlyn Herman is a total nut job. She’s flipped on her alliance twice this season, causing her to lose all trust in the house. Now, most if not all the houseguests are starting to see her as a major problem for their game. Even her main sidekick Tyler was seen saying on the live feeds that she needs to go! We couldn’t agree more.

At around 6:54 pm pacific time yesterday, July 16, 2018, Angie and Bayleigh were seen talking about how awful they think it is to work with Kaitlyn. Angie told Bayleigh, “Kaitlyn’s erratic and we need to do something about her. A backdoor against Kaitlyn would be the perfect solution.” They also both agreed that Kaitlyn is nuts and that they don’t know how to handle her. They agreed that they need to get rid of Tyler too.

At around 11:10 pm, Sam and Tyler had a very interesting conversation about all the crazy crap Kaitlyn is pulling. Sam was seen telling Tyler that word of her special power app power has been spreading around the house,and that it’s described wrong. She says she’s hearing that her power can punish people which it can’t.

Immediately, Tyler knew it was Kaitlyn spreading all this information because that’s the lie he told her in the first week to convince her to flip her vote against Steve. Tyler told Sam, “Kaitlyn needs to go. I’m fearful of the damage she’ll continue to do to our games. I’m voting to keep Brett this week.” Sam said,”I’ll do the same.”

At around 4:45 pm, JC and Tyler were seen making plans. JC wants them to throw the next HOH competition to Brett because he thinks he will target Kaitlyn. JC said of Kaitlyn,”We don’t need her, and she’s just causing problems for everyone.”

At around 12:05 am today,July 17, 2018, Kaycee and Tyler had a very interesting conversation about Kaitlyn. Kaycee told Tyler, “Kaitlyn can’t be trusted. She has been spreading details.”

At around 4:04 pm today, July 17,2018, JC was seen talking to Scottie about how badly Kaitlyn operates in this game. JC said of Kaitlyn, “She doesn’t keep her mouth shut for anything. Not anyone. She is literally targeting herself, talking about everything with everyone. That’s why I keep telling you , ‘keep your mouth shut.’

Kaitlyn is a liability because Kaitlyn is not really on your team. She’s not on my team. She’s on whoever comes to her head, and that’s what she’s going to believe and do. That’s a liability for everyone’s game. I mean it is what it is. That’s why I keep telling you. That’s why I called you outside to keep your mouth shut. Because let’s say I go to her right now and say that I heard Winston said that you had the power, she’s not even going to go to Winston to try and find out. She’s going to go into the living room and make the little show.

I swear to you Scottie I never open my mouth to her about anything. Nothing.” JC also talked about a Kaitlyn moment where he said, “I literally wanted to grab her and say, ‘are you f@#cking kidding me?” And throw her, but I just kept my cool. She’s just showing me that’s it’s just not worth it.”

JC also talked about how Kaitlyn calls people out when she blows up. He thinks that she should just defend herself and not call out other people’s names. JC continued to say, “That’s why I tell you to keep your mouth shut because she’ll go around and say, ‘Because Scottie said,’ and you don’t need that. Definitely not.”

So, it definitely looks like some possible plans are in the works among various houseguests to finally get Kaitlyn and her crazy ways out of this game. We thought it should’ve been done this week, but Scottie is so obsessed with getting Winston or Brett out this week. It’s believed that Brett has the votes to stay over Winston at the moment.

How do you guys feel about Kaitlyn possibly being the target for a sweet eviction next week or very soon? Do you like it? Do you hate it? Or do you not care one way or the other? Let us know in the Facebook comments. Some other notable events that happened on the live feeds yesterday include the following:

At around 4:20 pm pacific time yesterday, July 16, 2018, Rachel and Angela said that they’re going to let the other people in their L6 alliance know they’re voting to keep Brett over Winston this week. Rachel said, “We need to set a strategy for winning HOH this week. No one can risk throwing it.”

At around 7:10 pm, Angie was seen telling Haleigh, “We need Faysal to be our final three. Then you will convince Faysal to fall on his sword for you so we can be final 2 together.” They also talked about their possible plans for next week. Angie told Haleigh, “We should stick with Angela and Winston as the noms so everyone else can get to Jury.” They’re both hoping Brett goes home this week.

At around 8:30 pm, Bayleigh was seen telling Winston, “I think you’re staying this week over Brett.” At around 9:25 pm, Winston told Brett, “I feel like everyone is avoiding me. So, I think I’m the one going home this week.”

At around 9:36 pm, Sam was seen telling Bayleigh, “I don’t intend on using the power.” Bayleigh asked her, “Does it expires this week?” Sam told her, “I’m going to say so that you don’t have to lie. I can’t believe everyone knows about the power. I can’t trust anyone now.”

At around 10:10 pm, Scottie and Angie were both seen agreeing that Tyler played both sides before turning on theirs. Scottie said, “We should put Tyler and Sam on the Block next week and see what happens with Sam’s alleged power.” Angie said, “I would feel bad nominating Sam.” Scottie said, “I wouldn’t. Not anymore.”

Alright guys. That wraps it up for this report. As always,you guys can view the Big Brother live feeds yourself FREE for one week over at CBS by Clicking Here.

A new episode of Big Brother season 20 is scheduled to air tomorrow night, July 18, 2018 at 8pm central standard time on CBS. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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