Big Brother Season 20 JC Starting To Cause Major Possible Game Problems For Tyler Sept 4, 2018

Big Brother Season 20 JC Starting To Cause Major Possible Game Problems For Tyler Sept 4, 2018

Happy Tuesday fellow Big Brother fans. We’ve got some major developments that we need to inform you guys about in this latest report from the crazy Big Brother season 20 house. It turns out that the funny, little midget guy JC has been up to more shenanigans as of late. But this time, it involves game moves. That’s right. As much other non-game issues that JC has been involved in this season, he’s matched it with actual game moves.

His latest moves may start to cause his number one man in the game Tyler Crispen a few issues moving forward. What’s really interesting is this latest development could actually shrink Haleigh’s target. So, let’s get right down to the nitty gritty.

As most of you know, Tyler has been getting freaking real close with Angela because they’re in a full blown showmance now. They’re always cuddling together every chance they get. They’ve even kissed at one point. Angela was even seen sleeping with Tyler in his HOH bed the other night. Angela and Tyler think they’re being good at keeping their romance under the radar,but not with JC.

JC has his head very much into this game. He knows and sees all. Not only that, he’s not afraid to confront Tyler about it. He did just that on the Big Brother live feeds yesterday, September 3, 2018 shortly after the Power Of Veto Ceremony meeting took place.

Their conversation got pretty intense. They were in the HOH room. At one point, JC straight up told Tyler, “Angela slept with you in here last night.” Tyler said, “No she didnt. Just cause you went to bed before she went to bed. I swear on everything she did not.” JC said, “I went to the bathroom at 4:51 am, and she wasn’t there in her bed.” Tyler said, “Yes, she was.” JC said, “Okay Tyler” (as in whatever).

JC said, “Angela is the smartest girl in this house. She knows when to stay quiet. She knows when to get involved. If she grabs Haleigh and Kaycee, she has a full team there.” Tyler said, “All Angela and Kaycee do is talk sh@#t about Haleigh and how Haleigh is annoying for following them around.” JC said, “All I did was talk sh@#t about you and we were working together. How do you know Angela is not doing the same thing?” Tyler said,”Angela put Haleigh on the block. I don’t know what you are getting at, but I understand.”

Next, JC went on a rant about Haleigh possibly winning an HOH and going after him and Tyler saying, “Everyone is freaking out at this point. I can tell that even Kaycee is freaking out. If they are trying to get Haleigh on their team, and if Haleigh wins HoH and do something crazy, like put up me and you.” Tyler said, “Haleigh wants Sam.” JC said, “If Haleigh wins HoH, I am going on the block.” Tyler said, “I dont think that’s true.” JC said, “100 percent.”

This conversation between JC and Tyler lasted a pretty good while, and it was just them two going back and forth over Angela and how she may be a problem. Tyler adamantly doesn’t think she will be, and he keeps trying to get JC to just trust that he has Angela all taken care of. JC doesn’t seem to be buying what Tyler is trying to sell him.

JC definitely wants to try and take a shot at Angela sooner rather than later. Proof of that was evidenced in his later conversation with Brett. That’s right. JC is in Brett’s ear right now about the problems Angela could cause later on down the road, and it seems to be working on Brett. JC had brought up possibly trying to backdoor Angela even before they ever get rid of Haleigh! That’s how much JC really wants to remove Angela from this current Big Brother equation.

JC kicked off his conversation with Brett by telling him he thinks Angela is acting really weird lately, and Brett seemed to go along with JC’s notion. JC stated, “Angela is really acting weird.” Brett said, “Angela disapproves of everything I do.” After that, JC went on to tell Brett that he thinks Haleigh and Sam need to stay in the game because they will always just go after each other, and Brett seemed to agree. JC stated, “Haleigh and Sam have to stay because they will always go after each other over them.” Brett said,”I know.”

Next, JC talked about possibly going after Angela and Kaycee. He thinks if they did, Haleigh and Sam would never come after them, and Brett just kept harping on his fading relationship with Angela. JC stated, “If we put you know who and you know who (Angela/Kaycee), Sam and Haleigh are not going to come for us. Tyler would be stupid if he comes for us for making that move. Brett said, “I don’t know what’s going on. It’s like everything I do bothers Angela.

I just feel like every time I go to hang out with Tyler, Angela is there. I feel like I’m intruding.” JC said, “Angela is being a Rockstar right now. She’s up there all the time.” Brett said, “It’s making me nervous because Angela has two people locked. After this week, you only need two people, and then it goes to the HoH.” JC said, “And then working on Haleigh. That’s what I’m telling you.”

Brett said, “The problem that’s really f@#cking us is that Sam wants Haleigh out so bad that she will never make another shot. Actually, Sam is pretty annoyed by Angela too.” JC said, “If Angela gets on the block, she has a lot of chances of being saved.”

Brett said, “That’s why it would have to be a backdoor. Tyler would use the veto on her. Kaycee would use the veto on her. It’s almost better to nominate Sam and Haleigh, and then do a backdoor for Angela.” JC said, “Then we need the veto. What if Kaycee gets the veto?” Brett said, “You’re right. It’s a gamble.”

So, as you can see, this conversation actually got to the point where they were considering a possible backdoor situation in regards to Angela. Also, Brett was not wrong in his assessment of Angela having a problem with him these days. There was one point on the live feeds where Angela was seen telling Tyler that Brett’s jokes just bother her now.

Angela stated to Tyler, “Brett annoys me more and more.” Tyler said, “Why?” Angela said, “His jokes just bother me now.” Tyler said, “Me too. I’m almost positive Brett is going to JC and saying he feels like he is on the outside too.”

Angela expressed that she is very annoyed with JC too stating, “I am so sick of JC. You have no idea. I wish I could evict like four people right now.” There was an instance where Angela talked crap about Haleigh too. Tyler was trying to tell her about a conversation he had with Haleigh. Tyler told her, “I told Haleigh, ‘The only thing you need to do is just not go to Scottie and tell him that he is not safe.’ If she does that, we should send her home.” Angela said, “Deal. Haleigh is really annoying me today.” Tyler said, “She has been annoying me so much.”

So, it looks like Tyler seems to be going along with everything Angela feels about people. It could just be an act though. However, they’ve been getting real close lately, and it’s quite possible that Angela’s feminine wiles have roped him in. We’ve seen Tyler say in his Dairy Room sessions on the TV show that he’s trying to keep his mind in the game, but Angela is so hot or something to that effect. So, we’ll see.

How do you guys feel about JC possibly working with Brett to possibly give Tyler some issues when it comes to Angela? Are you happy about it? Are you sad about it? Or do you just not care one way or the other? Let us know in the Facebook comments. As always, you guys can view the Big Brother live feeds yourself FREE for one week over at CBS by Clicking Here.

As previously reported, Haleigh and Scottie are the finale eviction nominees for this week. One of them will be headed to the jury house this Thursday night, September 6, 2018.

Another new episode for Big Brother season 20 is scheduled to air tomorrow night,September 5, 2018 at approximately 7 pm central standard time on CBS. It’s going to feature the Power Of Veto competition and Power Of Veto Ceremony footage. So, be sure to tune it for it. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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