Big Brother Season 20 Winner Kaycee Clark Revealed A Pretty Surprising Thing About Her Final Two With Tyler

Big Brother Season 20 Winner Kaycee Clark Revealed A Pretty Surprising Thing About Her Final Two With Tyler

Hey, fellow “Big Brother” fans. We’ve got a new Big Brother season 20 interview report for you guys. This time, it’s in regards to the grand prize winner Kaycee Clark! That’s right guys. Kaycee had a lot to say after she won that $500,000 last Wednesday night, September 26, 2018, and the folks over at Entertainment Weekly were right there to get all of it out of her.

At one point, Kaycee said something very interesting during her interview. It turns out that she didn’t really think the vote would actually be as close as it was between her and Tyler. She didn’t say how close she thought it should be, but she definitely thought ahead of time that the winner would be decided by a much larger margin than the 5-4 vote that it turned out to be. Kaycee also expressed what her thoughts were when host Julie Chen was reading the votes and Tyler was up 4-1 and more.

Kaycee revealed that she totally thought Tyler won when he was up 4-1 in the votes. She stated, “What was it? Four to one? I was like, “He won.” I was like, “He totally won. It’s all good.” And I just couldn’t believe it. I could not believe. I kept seeing Tyler, Tyler, Tyler. I was like, “Cool. He freakin’ won. I didn’t. Whatever.” But, it turned around and I won the whole thing. It’s crazy. Nail biter for sure.”

Kaycee talked about how many votes she thought she had going into the finale. She felt pretty sure she had most of Foutte’s votes and she did. She also attributed her win to making sure she treated the Foutte group nice before they left. Kaycee explained, “I knew I was gonna have majority of the other side, you know, their votes of the house, like Scottie. I know Scottie. I was a little worried because, you know, he was close to both me and Tyler.

Haleigh, I thought she would vote for me, but she didn’t. And I mean to know at the end of the show that Angela and Tyler were really into a showmance, I thought, “Well, she’s definitely not voting for me.” So, I’m just surprised with the votes. I knew Rockstar would because she wasn’t a big fan of Tyler. So, all my votes came from the other side of the house and non-Level Six members. Which worked to my advantage to care about the other side of the house as human beings, and it all worked out in the end.”

Kaycee also talked about how she felt when Tyler decided to win the first part of the final HOH when they had previously decided she would win it. Apparently, she just decided to drop because she thought it would’ve looked too obvious they were working together or something along those lines. Kaycee explained, “When Tyler took the first part of the competition, we threw it up in the air. I was like “Dude let me take the physical one. I have more confidence than in the memory or mental” whatever the case, whatever the next one was.

So, after JC falls, I kind of yell out, “Okay my arms are hurting I’m about to fall”. And I look over and Tyler looks like he’s just having a nice little tea party. Just super comfortable. So I was like, ‘there’s no way they can pull this off where it was gonna be not so obvious.’ You know what I’m saying? So, at that point, I tried to hold on as long as possible, and it didn’t work out. So, I just fell ,and I just had to refocus for the next. For part two.”

Kaycee talked about why she chose Tyler over JC to go to the final two with her. Her explanation pretty much echoed Tyler’s explanation. They were just super loyal to each other after making their final two deal early on in the game on freaking day one.

She stated, “I picked JC to go just because I was super loyal to Tyler, you know? We clicked from the very beginning. Day one, we made up final two. And I was not gonna go against that. There was no way I was going to unless I’d seen that he was doing something shady towards me. And he never did. We had each other’s backs a hundred percent. Now, I love JC. I really do. I mean LGBT representing. But I had to stay loyal to what I originally made final two. When I originally made up final two with Tyler. And I was sticking to my word. There was nothing that was gonna steer me away, and it worked out just perfect.

Now with JC, It could’ve been a close win as well with JC. Well, kind of. Now that I think about it, Tyler did a lot of game moves. He really did. And if I was up against JC, I feel like I would have still won. Like I had a good chance. Just because I know a lot of people didn’t like that he was kind of just back and forth and shady and all this stuff. So, I don’t know. It would’ve probably still been pretty close, but overall, I feel like I would’ve come through to win. It was a lot closer than I expected.”

At this point, Entertainment Weekly straight up asked Kaycee if the 5-4 vote against Tyler in the final two was closer than she expected. She told them, “yes.” After that, Kaycee further explained by saying, “I knew there was a chance that he can have Angela’s vote, and then Sammy’s vote. I was overthinking a lot of it. I really was. And at the end of the day, I had like shut my mind off and was like, ‘You know what? The jury will do whatever they want to do, and they all have different perspectives, and they’re all feeling differently, and I’m not going to try and guess.’ But, I’m just thankful for the votes that I did get for me to win Big Brother 20.”

Kaycee revealed that she knew her social game would take her very far in the season. She also pointed out that she would never make any promises to people that she couldn’t back up. Kaycee told them,”You know what? Because of my social game, I knew it was going to take me very, very far ,and I knew if people liked me and trusted me, that it would take me far. So, when I was on the block with Rockstar. When I was on the block with Scottie, being okay with that, and knowing that I was going to have the votes, it’s just crazy.

It comes down to my social game and how I make people feel. Whether they can trust me or not, or just like me for who I am. And I never made any promises that I could not keep. I was very vague. People would always say in the beginning, you know Kaycee doesn’t talk a lot of game, but I knew that coming into this house, less was more. Less is more. I can’t trust everybody. So, I kept everything either to myself, and/or Level 6, and it worked out.”

Kaycee revealed that her best move in the game was turning it on strong towards the end with all those freaking Power Of Veto wins. She stated, “My best move, honestly, was me winning the vetoes and solidifying that the big targets got out the house. Like me pulling through with the one for me supplying the veto against Fessy. Because if he would have won that, he still would have been in the house. To insure winning these vetoes, insure that these big targets stay on the block and that they go home, I feel like it was huge.”

Kaycee talked about how the Foutte alliance just kept going after each other. She thought it was insane. However, she did give credit to her Level 6 alliance for helping make some of that happen. Kaycee explained, “The other house going after each other was insane, but Level 6 did an amazing job. Whether we had to act, whether we had to sound like… I had to get into an argument a little bit with Scottie to kind of play it off that he voted to keep me. And so next thing you know, Fessy puts him up. Or trying to hide the fact that I was not the Hacker when I got into an argument with Rockstar. If anyone were to speculate outside of Level 6, I would’ve been out. It was just insane.”

Kaycee talked about what she plans on doing with that $500,000 dollars. She stated, “With the money, I’m definitely going to help out my family. Whatever I can do to help out my family, and invest in our future. I’m definitely going to be smart with it. I have to be. And a lot of good things. That’s for sure. I do want to help out a lot of people so for sure. A lot of good things.”

Lastly, Kaycee revealed if she would ever play Big Brother again stating, “That’s so hard to say right now just coming out of the house after 99 days. As of right now, I don’t know. Maybe by the little break and then… It’s a whole other level. I’ve been watching this show for years, since the very beginning, and to actually be in the house is a whole other level.

No one will ever know how it feels to play this game or be in this house unless you are in there. It is crazy and very mind blowing, and I did not expect it to be this hard you know? It’s a lot easier watching it that’s for sure. I appreciate the experience and being able to play this.”

Alright guys. That was everything Kaycee had to say during her Entertainment Weekly, post-Big Brother season 20 interview. Definitely stay tuned. We’ve got a lot more Big Brother news to bring to you guys.

As previously reported, host Julie Chen confirmed during the finale show last Wednesday night that season 2 of Celebrity Big Brother is happening. She also said that casting is underway for regular Big Brother season 21! So, it sounds like a lot of positive things are on the horizon for Big Brother. Be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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