Another Former Big Brother Houseguest Just Got Engaged To Be Married

Another Former Big Brother Houseguest Just Got Engaged To Be Married

Happy Friday, fellow “Big Brother” fans. We’ve got some very joyous and happy news for you guys in this new report as it contains intel on yet another former Big Brother houseguest that has gotten engaged. This is a more recent houseguest. By “more recent,” we mean she just participated in this past 20th season of Big Brother.

With no further ado the houseguest that we are talking about it is none other than Ms. Angie “Rockstar” Lantry! That’s right guys. According to the folks over at Entertainment Tonight, Angie recently hit up her official Instagram account this past Sunday, October 21, 2018 to reveal her wonderful news that she got engaged to her boyfriend Chris that she always talked about throughout her season.

Angie wrote: “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend but moldavite is a witchy woman’s best friend! #isaidyes #engaged.” She included a photo with this caption. The photo shows her posing with her boyfriend Chris while holding up her hand to show off her new engagement ring. You guys can view that post on Angie’s official Instagram account by Clicking Here.


Chris also hit up his official Twitter account to make a statement. He wrote, “Thank you everyone for the congrats and well wishes!!!! I love you all and want to go like and reply to every one of you but there are so many!!!! @Mrs_ARockstar and I feel the love… thank you all very much!!!”

Angie also reportedly posted a couple of engagement party videos. Angie’s Big Brother castmate Chris Swaggy C Williams hit up his official Twitter account to congratulate Angie. He also revealed that he, Bayleigh, Faysal and Haleigh planned on surprising her in Baltimore, but they had to cancel at the last minute.

He wrote, “Me, Bay, Fes & Haleigh planned to be in Baltimore tonight to surprise Rockstar but we couldn’t make it. We all literally cancelled last minute. Feel so BAAAAD. Anyways. ENGAGED GANG!!! Rockstar lifestyle!!!! @Mrs_ARockstar. I love you girl! See you SOON ? s/o Chris!!”

Angie also did another post on Instagram, showing how she responded to some weird comments about her engagement. One comment read, “I thought she was married.” Angie responded to that saying, “I was to my daughter’s father. It’s called divorce.”


Another comment read, “I thought she was gay.” Angie responded to that saying, “We love rainbows and gays, but I’m a cisgendered female that just loves the d$#ck.”

The last comment Angie revealed, said, “Ring cost $39.” Angie responded with, “Actually free from a cereal box.” So, it looks like Angie found humor even in all the troll comments. You guys can view that Instagram post on Angie’s Instagram by Clicking Here.


Additionally, Entertainment Tonight pointed out that Angie’s popular Big Brother castmate Tyler Crispen revealed to them that he’s definitely moving all the way from South Carolina to California to live indefinitely with Angela Rummans who was also a season 20 houseguest. He also revealed that he’s never felt that way about anyone else!


Tyler said of Angela, “I hear she’s got some room, man. That’s the plan! I’m moving out here for sure. I can’t stay away from her. I can’t stay away. No, I’ve never felt like that about anybody.” We recently reported that Tyler and Angela didn’t waste anytime moving in together, and they seem extremely happy so far.

I think Big Brother is beating ABC’s The Bachelor and Bachelorette shows for successful couples right now. Season 19’s Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson just recently tied the not with a baby on the way. It’s pretty wild. Haleigh Broucher and Faysal Shafaat recently announced that their relationship is real during an interview with Eric on his Reality Recaps Youtube channel. They’ve definitely been spending lots of time together with additional plans for the future.


How do you guys feel about Angie Rockstar’s new engagement? Let us know in the Facebook comments and stay tuned. Be sure follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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