Ten ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Shocking, Past Season, Character Script Secrets That Never Came About

Ten ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Shocking, Past Season, Character Script Secrets That Never Came About

Hey, Grey’s Anatomy fans. We’ve got a special post for you guys today. We did a little digging around and discovered that Kristina Rodulfo over at Elle.com actually signed up for a television writing masterclass that Grey’s Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes held. In this class, Kristina revealed that Shonda gave away some original and early draft secrets for her hit show Grey’s Anatomy! They also included alternative scenes, the Grey’s “story bible’ and original pitch Rhimes wrote for Grey’s Anatomy way back in 2004.

From that, Kristina revealed some very interesting and shocking script facts and secrets that never, ever made it to the show. We’ll go over ten of them in this article. We might post more of them in another article depending on how this one does. So, your feedback is highly important.

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The first script secret Shonda gave away was that Grey’s Anatomy wasn’t even going to be the name of the show! She originally wanted to name it “Surgeons.” In fact, that was her original pitch to ABC. I don’t know about you guys, but I think Grey’s Anatomy is so much more catchy. We’re glad she went with Grey’s Anatomy instead.

The second script secret was that Seattle, Washington was not going to be the location for the doctors. Original location plans included: Boston, Philadelphia, or New York City. Shonda wrote,”This is not a small town life. Big city, big medical center, big surgical opportunities.”

The third script secret was that Shonda was absolutely certain of the kind of tone Grey’s Anatomy would have. She wrote, “I don’t believe in melodrama and I don’t believe in EARNEST SAPPY MOMENTS.”

The fourth script secret was that Shonda knew her characters so well that she stuffed all their lockers. She revealed it in her character descriptions. She wrote that Meredith had “stacks of old birthday cards she was planning to mail but never got around to” and “three alarm clocks because she’s terrified of oversleeping on her breaks.” George O’Malley’s contents “come from fear—med journals and old text books.” Cristina Yang’s locker included “a Palm Pilot featured with the latest research articles, high heels to go out in after work and condoms because you never know.”

The fifth script secret was that Alex Karev’s character was not originally included in Shonda’s pilot script. He was actually added after the pilot episode was filmed.

The sixth script secret was that Cristina was going to fall in love with dying patient Denny instead of Izzie Stevens.

The seventh script secret was that Derek Shepherd’s character was going to have a teenage daughter in addition to being divorced. If the teenage daughter had gone on to exist, she was supposed to convince Derek to take the job at the hospital. Shonda originally wrote, “This is his chance to make up for all the mistakes he made with her when she was younger. It’s going to be far more difficult than he bargained for.”

The eighth script secret was that Chief Richard Webber’s character was “not a warm man—with his patients, with his students and with his family.”

The ninth script secret was that Preston Burke’s character was supposed to already be married. He was originally supposed to have a wife and kids that made him feel “trapped.” His original plotline revolved around him wanting to leave his wife.

Last, but most certainly not least, the tenth script secret was that Miranda Bailey’s character was originally going to be named Deborah and have a totally different personality which entailed being: “surly, quirky, and sorely lacking in people skills.” She also was supposed to get into an “odd but hot” sexual relationship with George.

Alright guys. What did you think of these unknown, Grey’s Anatomy script secrets revealed by creator Shonda Rhimes? Let us know in the Facebook comments and stay tuned. Be sure to follow us on our Grey’s Anatomy Facebook page for more Grey’s Anatomy news by Clicking Here.

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