‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Producer Revealed Something Pretty Shocking About Meredith Grey’s Character

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Producer Revealed Something Pretty Shocking About Meredith Grey’s Character

Happy Monday, “Grey’s Anatomy” fans. We have a pretty interesting report for you guys today in reference to the main character of your favorite show Meredith Grey. The current showrunner Krista Vernoff recently made a pretty shocking reveal about Meredith’s character with the folks over at the Los Angeles Times.

She claims that in today’s storyline’s there was no way Meredith would’ve ended up with character Derek Shepherd played by actor Patrick Dempsey! She said with the Time’s Up and #MeToo movement that’s going on it’s likely not a story they would try to tell.

She explained, “If you look at, for example, Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) and Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) through the lens of Time’s Up and #MeToo. He was her boss. She was an intern, and she kept saying, ‘No, walk away from me,’ and he kept pursuing her, and that is probably not a story we would tell on the show today, and it’s a beautiful reflection of the changing times.”

What do you guys think of that bold statement about Meredith not ever hooking up with Derek Shepherd in today’s era? Let us know in the Facebook comments.

Krista went on to talk about the storylines she’s currently writing for Meredith’s character. It turns out that she’s setting up a love triangle with Meredith and Andrew DeLuca being two pieces of that triangle. She explained, “This season, we’re doing a little bit of a reversal as we begin to build this love triangle that’s emerging with DeLuca as one the people in that triangle, and he is a resident and Meredith is an attending, and we’re having to address it differently than we ever would have before.

We’re having to talk about and look at power dynamics. It is an ongoing conversation in the writer’s room. How do we tell that story in a way that feels honest and romantic and sexy and yet proactive and progressive?”

Aside from the shocking Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd statement, Krista revealed some other interesting stuff about her working relationship with the creator of Grey’s Anatomy Shonda Rhimes. She revealed that Shonda started it, and then decided to hand if off to her in season 14.

She stated, “I’m only beginning to fully understand this gift that creator Shonda Rhimes gave me in handing me a show in its 14th season. It’s like Shonda gave birth to the baby, but I helped her raise it for the first seven years, and then we broke up — not really, we stayed friends but I went on and did other things for seven years, and she raised this kid. Then the kid was 14 and she was like, “Ugh, I’m tired, it’s your turn.”

She went on to reveal that she wanted to reinspire the Grey’s Anatomy cast when she returned after being gone for seven years. She explained, “It was both exciting and daunting because when I came in, people were tired and had been in these trenches for 14 years. That’s a long time. So, I felt like part of my job was also to come in and reinspire the cast and crew.

To say like, “I am not tired. I have been away for seven years. I got to come in and Ellen would look at me some days. I’d be bouncing around that set and she’d be like, “You know, Krista, I know it’s all fresh and shiny for you now, but you’re going to get tired again soon.” I feel like part of my job as that showrunner was to help everyone wake up and get excited again, and I think I’ve done that.”

Lastly, Krista made a statement about the ending of Grey’s Anatomy, and her response was quite positive as she doesn’t see that an ending is near. She stated, “I won’t begin to plan the end of the show until Shonda and Ellen and ABC all sit me down and say this is the end of the show. I don’t think it’s my job alone to figure out where Meredith Grey ends, but I’m not planning the end because so far it doesn’t feel true to me that it’s ending.”

Also, as previously reported, Meredith Grey’s portrayer Ellen Pompeo recently made a statement about how she must keep doing the show because it touches so many people’s lives. She stated to Ellen DeGeneres on her daytime talk show, “A teenager was in the show, and he was gay, and played a gay character on the show. After we had filmed the whole entire episode he said, ‘My whole life, I’ ve watched the show with my parents, and I’ve sort of used the show to tell my parents I’m gay.

To show my parents: It’s okay that I’m not different and there’s nothing wrong with me. Grey’s really helped my parents to understand what having a gay son meant and that it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing.’ I got to keep doing it, man, because we’re touching lives and making a difference.”

Alright guys. That’s a wrap for this latest Grey’s Anatomy report, but definitely stay tuned for more. A new episode of Grey’s Anatomy is scheduled to air this Thursday night, November 15, 2018 at approximately 7 pm central standard time on ABC. Be sure to follow us on our Grey’s Anatomy Facebook page for more Grey’s Anatomy news by Clicking Here.

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