Big Brother Season 20 Angela Rummans Is About To Appear On Another Big CBS TV Show This Week

Big Brother Season 20 Angela Rummans Is About To Appear On Another Big CBS TV Show This Week

Happy Friday, “Big Brother”fans. We hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving holiday yesterday. We’ve got some great news for all of you Angela Rummans fans out there. It turns out that she’s about to really low-key appear on another one of CBS’ hit TV shows! I say “low-key” because her appearance on this particular show was never reported ,as far as I know, by any of the other news outlets.

The show that Angela will be appearing on is “The Bold And The Beautiful.” We previously saw Angela’s castmates Tyler Crispen and Brett Robbinson make an appearance on there a month or so ago. Now, it’s apparently Angela’s turn. The way we found out is we noticed her in one of the “Bold And The Beautiful” preview clips.

CBS just released one this past Wednesday, November 21, 2018. It features scenes that will be shown in this week’s November 26 to November 30, 2018 episodes. Angela is seen right at the beginning of the clip.

She’s standing to the left of the design office door. She’s wearing a red jacket with a cute belly shirt and tight jeans. Then Wayne Brady’s character comes walking through the door to say, “Surprise” to his daughter Zoe. You guys can see Angela right at the one-second mark on the video. It’s up on Youtube. You can watch it by Clicking Here.

We’re not sure if that’s the extent of her role in the episode, but it most likely is. We also can tell you when this episode is scheduled to air because we know which day Wayne Brady is supposed to make his first appearance as character Zoe’s father. It’s going to air this Friday, November 30, 2018. So, all of you Angela Rummans fans might want to jot that date down so you can catch Angela doing her thing in the “Bold And The Beautiful!” I must say she does look gorgeous on the show as usual.

We’re still trying to figure out why no one reported her appearance. All the news outlets jumped report on Tyler and Brett’s appearance, but left poor Angela out in the cold. Well, we’re not. We’re glad to see that Angela was selected to be on the show.

The official CBS teaser description for Angela’s Friday, November 30, 2018 episode reads like this, “Dr. Reese Buckingham arrives in Los Angeles from London, much to the irritation of his daughter, Zoe. Taylor tells Liam and Steffy about her confrontation with Hope and Brooke, and Hope decides she needs to protect Brooke the only way she knows how.”

For any of you “Bold And The Beautiful” fans out there, Wayne Brady will playing the Dr. Reese Buckingham character. He’s Zoe’s father, and it should be interesting to see what he’s in town for.

As for anything else about Angela Rummans. The last post we did on her,she was busy showing her beautiful Los Angeles, California apartment off to with her main man Tyler Crispen. As most of you know, those two really connected during Big Brother season 20. So much, in fact, that they wasted no time moving in together right after the show.

They expressed to that they just don’t feel quite right if they’re away from each other for just a few hours. So, it sounds like Tyler and Angela are indeed madly in love. Anyways, if we hear anything else about them, we’ll definitely let you guys know.

As for the Big Brother show itself, any news for it is just totally scarce right now. There’s no rumors for Celebrity Big Brother season 2 yet. I mean it’s just totally dead right now. We’re expecting something to show up as the days keep counting down to its arrival.

The last time we checked, CBS is currently accepting casting tapes for the new Big Brother season 21. I imagine they will put out a list of casting call locations in a couple of months. Other than that, we are just going to have to wait and twiddle our thumbs a couple more days or weeks until something new turns up for Big Brother. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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