Disney World Is About To Offer A New, Exciting Experience Based On A Very Popular Movie

Disney World Is About To Offer A New, Exciting Experience Based On A Very Popular Movie

Hey, “Disney World” fans. It’s time to get ready because your favorite theme park is about to add yet another huge experience to its huge menu. This particular experience will be a hotel experience based on the popular Star Wars movies! That’s right, guys. Disney World is currently working on a new Star Wars themed hotel experience according to the folks over at attractionsmagazine.com.

The new Star Wars themed hotel is going to open up right outside of Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Bob Chapek ,who is the Disney World Experiences and Consumer Products Chairman, revealed a lot of new details about the hotel at the recent D23 Destination D event.

People who visit the new Star Wars resort will take a pod to a luxury starship. This pod ride will be the start of their multi-day hotel experience. Attractions Magazine pointed out that popular Star Wars character R2-D2 was seen piloting one of the pods. So, it’s possible that he’ll be around quite a bit for visitors to marvel at.

They went on to explain that the pod ride will shuttle visitors to their resort in the stars as their experience begins. They will be fully immersed in the Star Wars universe, complete with a picturesque lookout from their room into the star fields of space.

The resort will connect seamlessly with Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge which is the themed Star Wars land coming to Hollywood Studios next year. The experience will go on to take visitors into the storyline of Star Wars. Disney World also released the official theme song of the land which was crafted by John. It’s currently not known when the new Star Wars Themed hotel will be ready. Attractions Magazine just said that it will be coming soon.

In related Disney World news, we previously reported that the famous theme park is also currently in the process of building a huge “Guardians Of The Galaxy” roller coaster ride at Epcot. It’s supposed to be one of the longest,enclosed roller coasters in the entire world! It was revealed that the foundation for the new “Guardians Of The Galaxy” ride caused Disney World to have to do the largest concrete pour in the history of the amusement park. The building is so big, it can fit four Spaceship Earths inside of it!

The huge “Guardians Of The Galaxy” ride will actually spin as it moves, and it will feature a storyline that revolves around the plot and characters from the movie. Bob Chapek stated, “On most coasters, the vehicles point straight ahead throughout the ride. But, on this attraction, each individual cab will be programmed to direct your eye to the story happening around you.

That means instead of whizzing by the action, you’ll be fully immersed in the story from the minute you launch. Guests will be able to experience it when it opens in time for Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary in 2021.”

Disney World also has a couple of New Year’s Eve parties planned out for various areas of the park. Some of the festivities will include a Magic Kingdom fireworks show from across the Seven Seas Lagoon.

The Atlantic Dance Hall at Disney’s Board Walk is going to host a late-night, New Year’s Eve party. It will host a bash with a DJ, party hats and a view of the Epcot fireworks.

The Fort Wilderness Resort Beach Dessert Party will include an assortment of desserts, fruits and cheese. So, it sounds like Disney World could be a great, festive place to ring in the New Year. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Disney World News Facebook page for more Disney World news by Clicking Here.

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