Disney World Is Reportedly Offering Up Lots Of Free Stuff These Days

Disney World Is Reportedly Offering Up Lots Of Free Stuff These Days

Hey,”Disney World” fans. If you’re planning a new trip to the very popular amusement park anytime soon, you’re definitely going to want to take notes from this article to get yourself some freebies while you’re there! The folks over at ibtimes.com recently revealed a lot of free stuff you can get at Disney World, and it seems like something that’s worth taking advantage of anytime you can since those tickets can be pretty expensive.

The first thing they revealed is that you can get around the $15 dollar official Disney vacation photos by simply asking a Disney Photo pass castmember to snap one for you with your own phone. They said if you ask them nicely, it’s usually not a problem.

In addition to that, they said if you have a Disney Visa card, you can also get a free download of your photo from a character meet-and-greet. You will need your credit card and an ID to get in. They listed where the photo opportunities take place in each of the Disney World U.S. parks. They are as follows:

Disney Character Experience at Epcot in Future World (Daily 1-7 p.m.)
Stars Wars Character Experience at Hollywood Studios (Daily 11 a.m.-4 p.m.)
Disney Character Experience at California Adventure Park in Hollywood Land (Daily 10:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m.)
Stars Wars Character Experience at Disneyland at Star Wars Launch Bay in Tomorrowland (Daily 2-6 p.m.)

The next thing that Ibtimes revealed is that you can get around paying $4 dollars for bottled water at Disney World by simply visiting any of the snack or quick meal stands and asking for a cup of ice water. They say the ice water is filtered. So, it should be like getting bottled water and it’s free.

They revealed that you can get free souvenirs at Disney World. The first souvenir they mentioned is a map from the Jungle Cruise attraction. You can get one just by asking for one. The second souvenir you can get is recipes from any of the Disney restaurants by asking customer service at the front of the park. The third souvenir you can get is an autograph from your favorite character.

Next, they revealed that Disney World apparently offers up free interactive games that you can play. In the Magic Kingdom, you can request free “Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom” cards to play throughout the park. There is also a free mobile game available at Epcot called, “Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure.”

The next free thing on the list is the beautiful Disney World Fireworks show. They revealed that you don’t actually have to be a paying guest at the Magic Kingdom or the Disney resort to view them. If you pay to park at Disney’s Polynesian Resort in Orlando, you can view the entire show right from the hotel’s own beach. You can also see Epcot’s night time spectacular from the Boardwalk Inn.

Next, they revealed that you don’t have to pay to get into the Disney Animal Kingdom park to enjoy all the nice animals. There’s actually a lot of animals at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. They usually roam the big open landscape just outside the lobby, and guests are welcome to enjoy the savannah for free.

Next up is stickers. They say you can almost always snag a few for free from a Disney Vacation Club castmember. They often carry them to give out to people.

If you’re hungry, you might be able to sort of fill your appetite with a free sample snack. They say that if you visit the Main Street, USA confectionary in the Magic Kingdom, you can often get your hands on a free sample of a sweet, snack treat. Also, if you happen to be visiting the Disney World’s Disney Springs in Orlando, you can always get a free sample of a seasonal treat at the Ghirardelli.

They revealed that Disney World even offers free medical attention! Simply visit any of the parks’ first aid stations to get some speedy and free medical assistance.

Lastly,they revealed you can get a free dessert out of any of the Disney restaurants. If you’re celebrating a birthday or any other special occasion,just tell one of the servers. Apparently, it’s a common thing for them to offer up a free birthday treat after the meal.

Alright guys. That’s a wrap for this little Disney World, free stuff report, but definitely stay tuned for more in the future. Be sure to follow us on our Disney World News Facebook page for more Disney World news by Clicking Here.

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