Big Brother Seasons 11 and 13’s Jeff & Jordan Shroeder Released A Special Update Video

Big Brother Seasons 11 and 13’s Jeff & Jordan Shroeder Released A Special Update Video

Happy Tuesday and Merry Christmas,fellow Big Brother fans. We’ve got some more news from a couple of Big Brother alumni in this latest article. As we previously reported, former Big Brother seasons 11 and 13 houseguest Jeff Shroeder recently landed a new gig on a show called the Daily Blast LIVE, which is a pretty popular daytime talk show that airs nationally here in the United States.

Well, the Daily Blast Live recently did a cute, little Christmas video segment with Jeff and his wife. I’m sure most of you know who Jeff’s wife is. It’s none other than Jordan Lloyd (now Shroeder), the winner of Big Brother season 11. She also competed with Jeff in season 13, and actually made final four again that year.

Anyways, the Daily Blast LIVE’s special Christmas segment with them, featured Jeff revealing a special thing that they do for the Christmas holidays. Apparently, Jeff has taken a childhood family tradition, involving ornaments and made it his own. He uses the ornaments to feature certain, special events that happened during the year and so on and so forth.

Jeff explained,”Each year my mom or dad would get me an ornament,summarizing what I did that year. Whether it was football or going away to college or my first car, and I think we kinda took that tradition and made it our own.

My favorite part of this tradition is each year, unpacking the ornaments and putting them up on the tree. And then see all the previous things I’ve done in year’s past. The ornaments that Jordan and I cherish the most are probably of our children, obviously.

So, we’re being biased there. I think no matter what your tradition is, just having one that you can kinda remember your family on and look back at the times you’ve had with your family and the great moments ahead. I think any sort of Christmas tradition is what the holidays are all about.”

The video of this segment has been posted on Jeff’s official Twitter account with the following caption: “Our holiday ornament tradition segment on @dailyblastlive. @BBJordanLloyd.#family.” You guys can view it on Jeff’s official Twitter account by Clicking Here.

Anyways, that’s just something special for all of you Jeff and Jordan fans out there. They’re still trucking along and doing great these days. We’re still not sure why Jeff stopped hosting Big Brother’s online shows, but he seems to be quite happy at his new job. So, that’s good.

As for the upcoming Celebrity Big Brother second season, we still haven’t heard anything. Not even a rumor as to who any of the castmembers might be. With less than a month to go until premiere night, January 21, 2019, it is quite shocking. Hopefully, something will turn up any day now.

Alright guys. That’s going to wrap it up for this latest Big Brother report, but be sure to stay tuned for more. You can follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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