New ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 15 Meredith Grey, Extra Love Triangle Details Revealed By The Producer

New ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 15 Meredith Grey, Extra Love Triangle Details Revealed By The Producer

Merry Christmas, Grey’s Anatomy fans. We hope that your holiday is going well. We’ve got some more exciting news for you guys in regards to Grey’s Anatomy’s leading character Meredith Grey. It turns out that the folks over at TV Line were able to squeeze some more specific details about Meredith’s upcoming love triangle out of the showrunner Krista Vernoff.

As most of you are well aware, Meredith is currently involved in a budding love triangle with characters Andrew Deluca and Link. In this session with TV Line , Krista revealed a little snippet of what we can expect to see in the first two episodes back from the winter break. It turns out that both of these guys are going to get their shot at some alone time with Meredith, but they will take turns in each episode.

Before we dive deeper into what Krista had to say, we must warn you guys that this article does contain some light spoiler teasers. If you don’t want to see any spoiler teasers, it’s highly advised that you stop reading this article right now. For those of you who don’t mind spoiler teasers, by all means please keep reading this article.

Alright, now that we got that out of the way, let’s jump right into what Krista had to say about Meredith’s new love triangle. To get this little teaser session started, Krista confirmed that Meredith’s love triangle has definitely come down to just these two guys Andrew DeLuca and Link. She stated, “Her dating adventure has boiled down to that triangle. I can’t reveal more than that.” Oh, but she could reveal more than that, and she most certainly did.

TV Line was able to get Krista to open up a little more about what’s going to take place between these three love birds. It turns out that they will most certainly get a deeper understanding of each other. Krista specifically revealed that we will see Meredith get to know Andrew better in episode 9 of this 15th season. Then in episode 10, it will be Link’s turn to get to know Meredith better. She stated, “In Episode 10, Meredith will get to know Link better. She gets to know DeLuca better in Episode 9, and she gets to know Link better in 10.”

Additionally, TV Line pointed out that some fans are saying that neither DeLuca or Link have the necessary life experience to keep up with a woman like Meredith. Well, Krista had an answer for those comments. She implied that we’re about to find out there’s way more life experience inside of DeLuca and Link that’s about to get revealed.

Krista explained, “Viewers don’t yet know all of DeLuca’s life experience, and they don’t yet know all of Link’s life experience. And if life experience is code for age, then I would ask those viewers to look at the double standard because they never questioned Meredith for Derek even though there was an age difference.”

Wow, so it certainly sounds like we have some interesting scenarios to look forward to in regards to this Meredith, Andrew and Link love triangle when season 15 finally starts back up. Speaking of it starting back up. For those of you who do not yet know, season 15 is currently scheduled to resume with episode 9 on Thursday night, January 17, 2019 at approximately 7 pm central standard time on ABC. So, be sure to mark that very important date down on your TV show calendars.

Alright guys. So, how do you feel about this upcoming Meredith, Andrew and Link love triangle so far? Are you happy about it? Are you sad about it? Or do you just not care one way or the other? Let us know in the Facebook comments.

In related news, we previously reported that former “Dirty Dancing” movie star Jennifer Grey has been hired to come on and play a mystery woman in a few of the season 15 episodes. No other details were revealed about her mystery role, but it’s highly speculated that she might possibly be playing character Jo Wilson’s estranged mother.

We’ll have to wait and see if that pans out to be true. That’s just something else for you guys to keep a lookout for when season 15 starts back up. One more thing. ABC recently revealed the title for the upcoming episode 9. It is labeled, “Shelter From The Storm.” We’re expecting a full press release for the episode any day now. So, be on the lookout for that. We will definitely post it when it comes out.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest Grey’s Anatomy update, but be sure to stay tuned for more in the future. You can follow us on our Grey’s Anatomy Facebook page for more Grey’s Anatomy news by Clicking Here.

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