Grey’s Anatomy Meredith Grey Star Ellen Pompeo Gave A New Update About Whether She Will Stay On The Show

Grey’s Anatomy Meredith Grey Star Ellen Pompeo Gave A New Update About Whether She Will Stay On The Show

Happy Wednesday, “Grey’s Anatomy” fans. As the excitement builds for the return of your favorite show’s 15th season tomorrow night, January 17, 2019, the press recently got a hold of Grey’s Anatomy’s main lady Ellen Pompeo aka Meredith Grey. During her latest interview, she gave a new status update about how she feels about staying on the show after her 20 million dollar, two-year contract ends next year 2020.

For the most part, it sounds like good news. She’s still conflicted because she keeps telling herself she wants to leave before the ratings go downhill, but they never do. Plus, the show is still rated number one on ABC. Also, she thinks about all the jobs that their long 25 episode seasons are providing to the cast and crew that work on the show.

She also mentioned how cushy the job is. It’s a regular gig that doesn’t require her travel a lot. Since she has three kids, the show’s schedule works out really well for her. All of that along with all the bonuses the network keeps trying to offer her, make it tough for Ellen to walk away.

According to a new report from TV Line, Ellen explained, “I keep saying, ‘I’m ready to move on and I want to stop the show before the ratings go down,’ but the ratings never go down! They go down a little bit, but the fact that we are able to hold our [title as ABC’s No. 1 series is kind of incredible. It’s very cool to have these kind of ratings and be on a hit network show in this Peak TV landscape.

It’s a pretty nice place to work. I like my situation here. As much as the idea of something new appeals to me, the truth is I have three kids. I don’t really want to travel and leave them. I don’t want to be a circus traveler and live in hotels. And the network and studio continue to incentivize me and just make me offers that I can’t refuse.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think about how many people have stable jobs at Grey’s. In this town you don’t get a lot of 24-episodes-a-season shows. So, the fact that this crew gets to film 24 episodes. That’s 10 months of work, and they get to stay in LA is remarkable.”

To wrap up that interview, Ellen indicated that she still really doesn’t know if she will continue doing the show beyond season 16. She stated, “I’m contracted through Season 16, And beyond that, I don’t really know. I take it day-by-day.”

So, it sounds like the performance for the rest of the current season 15 and season 16 will certainly have a lot of impact on Ellen’s decision to continue the show or not. Hopefully, she will continue ,or that will most likely be the end of Grey’s Anatomy. The show’s creator Shonda Rhimes has gone on record saying that the show will end when Ellen decides to call it quits.

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