Celebrity Big Brother Season 2 Eviction Nominees Revealed For January 30, 2019

Celebrity Big Brother Season 2 Eviction Nominees Revealed For January 30, 2019

Happy Wednesday, fellow Big Brother fans. As previously reported, comedian Tom Green won the Head Of Household competition for round 3 this past Tuesday morning January 29, 2019. Later on that day, the nomination ceremony took place ,and Tom revealed who he wanted on the chopping block!

After much going back and forth, we learned from the live feeds that Tom finally settled on nominating Joey and Kandi for eviction. So, they are now on the chopping block. But as we all know, that doesn’t mean they’re going to stay there. According to the folks over at Big Brother Network, things had already shifted quite a bit.

At first, Tom was going to nominate Tamar and Kandi with a plan to backdoor Joey. Then he decided to switch to just directly nominating Joey. Then another plan came to mind to actually target Ricky at some point because Tom is concerned that Ricky is working with Lolo and Eva Marie.

Obviously, he decided to nominate Joey directly with Kandi. However, Tom is still considering a possible Ricky attack depending on how the Power Of Veto competition plays out.

A couple of interesting conversations took place on the live feeds after the nomination ceremony. Tamar expressed anger over the nominations. Lolo pointed out to Tamar that she isn’t the one on the block. Everyone was also constantly wondering who won the “Power Of The Publicist” twist.

Whoever obtains that power, gets to stop themselves from being nominated for eviction at one of the next two Nomination Ceremonies or Veto Meetings. The power can only be used once ,and it’s set to expire after the Veto Meeting that’s scheduled to take place on Monday, February 4, 2019 if it’s not used by then.

Tamar expressed that she thought Dina won the special power. Ricky, Lolo and Eva Marie talked about Tamar acting strange lately and discussed possibly backdooring her to flush out the potential, special power. Tamar got upset yet again, claiming it’s bullying to attempt to flush out the special power.

At one point,Tom told Joey, “I’m not trying to get you evicted but rather to work on finding the power.” Ricky suggested to Tom that he try to backdoor Tamar. Ricky told Tom, and Kato,”I believe Tamar has the power ,and I think Lolo and Eva Marie feel the same way.” Ricky also warned Tom that Tamar would get very upset if they pulled off a backdoor on her because she’ll know where things are going.

Tom expressed to Kato that he thinks Ricky might have the special power. Kato told Tom, “You can’t risk trying to put up Ricky right now.”Kato said he’s sure Tamar has the special power. Tom disagreed and insisted that Ricky must have it. Tom thought it was very suspicious that Lolo and Ricky are now saying Tamar probably has the power. Those two just kept arguing back and forth about it.

At one point, Tom told everyone they have until the veto competition to come clean about who has the power. Tamar told Tom she doesn’t have the power, and he believed her. Tom also asked Tamar if she could find out if Kandi has the power. It’s clear that Tom thinks these people are stupid enough to actually tell him if they have the power.

Of course, Tamar felt threatened by Tom’s request, claiming he’s making threats to people who he thinks might have the power. Tamar told Tom,”Don’t become the kind of person who makes threats. I feel like you’re threatening me.” Tom told Tamar, I wasn’t threatening you ,and I wouldn’t want to ever threaten you.”

Tamar expressed that she was still heated about the Tom situation when she talked to Joey. Tamar even went and told Kandi that Tom threatened to put her up if she didn’t find out if Kandi had the special power.

Lolo and Joey got into a bit of a heated argument at one point. Lolo told Joey, “I heard you were trying to make alliances after claiming you don’t like alliances. So, I’m wondering if you’ve been lying about stuff.” Joey said, “That’s not true.”

Tamar told Eva Marie that she thinks Tom is letting this special power make him extremely paranoid, and she’s not engaging in it anymore. Lolo told Kato that he needs to get Tom in check real quick because she doesn’t want to work with him when he’s all paranoid and crazy.

Tamar told Lolo that she definitely doesn’t trust Ricky. Tamar also told Joey that she’s tired of Ricky’s BS. Tom started contemplating backdooring Ricky again. At this point, Kato started agreeing with Tom about backdooring Ricky. Ricky told Eva Marie and Lolo to not use the veto if they won it so no one can get backdoored. At one point, Kato and Tom started plotting to really backdoor Ricky!

Tamar, Kandi and Ricky talked about trying to get Tom nominated in the next round. And that was it for the intriguing live feed conversations. As always, you guys can view the Celebrity Big Brother live feeds yourself FREE for one week over at CBS by Clicking Here.

How do you guys feel about Kandi and Joey getting nominated for eviction this round? Are you happy about it? Are you sad about it? Or do you just not care one way or the other? Let us know in the Facebook comments.

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