Kingdom Hearts 3 Had To Make A Big Change To The Olaf Character

Kingdom Hearts 3 Had To Make A Big Change To The Olaf Character

Happy Saturday, Kingdom Hearts fans. We’ve got some pretty interesting news for you guys today. It turns out that a behind-the-scenes arrest took place in regards to the recent Kingdom Hearts 3 video game release! According to the folks over at, The Kingdom Hearts developer Square Enix has decided to remove one of the voice actors from the game after a big drug arrest of one of the actors!

The actor in question is named Pierre Taki. Apparently. he did voiceover work for the Japanese version of Kingdom Hearts 3 for the Olaf character from Frozen in Kingdom Hearts 3. Now, his voice will immediately be dubbed over with a new voice. Plygon pointed out that Pierre Taki was actually the voice actor in the Frozen movies. So, he was reprising his role in the video game until now.

The drugs have officially did Pierre in. Pierre is going to be replaced by voice actor Josh Gad. This new move will reportedly have very little or no effect on the American version of the game as it already features the new actor Josh Gad as Olaf. Square Enix is supposed to announce additional details about this recent update in the future.

Pierre Taki was arrested by the cops in Tokyo over suspicion of drug use. Taki reportedly tested positive for cocaine based on a urine sample test.They’re apparently really strict in Japan about drug use. You can actually get up to seven years in prison just for having it in your possession or using it! Actors over there who are arrested for drug-related crimes usually get scrubbed from creative works.

In fact, another game company Sega had to suspend sales of another game that Pierre was involved in called Judge Eyes. It’s called Judgement In The West over here in America. Pierre not only did work in this game, it’s reported that he actually had a major role in it.

So, it appears that poor Pierre Taki is done for in this industry. Drugs are bad boys and girls. Just say no. If you don’t , you could get fired from a video game job one day. And that’s just not fun at all.

Alright guys. It appears that’s all we’ve got for this particular Kingdom Hearts report, but definitely stay tuned for more. We’ve got new details for the upcoming downloadable content (DLC) for Kingdom Hearts 3 and more!

How do you guys feel about getting a new Olaf from Frozen voice in Kingdom Hearts 3? Do any of you even care at all? It seems like a pretty minute issue to us, but some of you guys may have grown accustomed to Pierre’s voice. Who knows?

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