New Kingdom Hearts 3 How To Get More Wellspring Crystals To Upgrade Keyblades Tips Revealed

New Kingdom Hearts 3 How To Get More Wellspring Crystals To Upgrade Keyblades Tips Revealed

Happy Sunday, Kingdom Hearts fans. Today, we’re going to give you guys a few tips on how to locate and get your hands on more Wellspring Crystals. You’ll want get these fabulous items because they are one of the things you will need to upgrade your keyblades. Players will definitely need to upgrade their keyblades as they progress in the game and much face tougher enemies.

The thing about these Wellspring Crystals is that they’re a little tough to find in the game. According to the folks over at Game , the Wellspring Crystals can only be tracked down in specific worlds. Players will have to destroy powerful Heartless in these specific worlds in order to get their hands on these Wellspring Crystals.

The specific worlds that Kingdom Hearts players will need to visit to track down the Wellspring Crystals are: Monstropolis, San Fransokyo and The Caribbean. Game Rant pointed out that although Arendelle is a frozen-themed world, it surprisingly is not a great place to find Wellspring Crystals. So, you might not want to waste your time trying to find them there.

Some less boring and fun ways you guys can farm Wellspring Crystals in Kingdom Hearts 3 is to hunt down the Lucky Emblems, search for all of the treasure chests hidden in each world and fully upgrade the pirate ship in the Caribbean.

Another very important point that Game Rant mentioned is that Kingdom Hearts players may want to make sure they’ve collected a ton of Wellspring Crystals before venturing off to try their hands at the super tough challenges the Battle Gates has to offer. Sure, the rewards are great, but that’s because the battles to get them are extremely tough.

They explained that the Battle Gates challenges unlock in seven different worlds. These Battle Gates feature very powerful foes that will grant Sora significant XP and high quality rewards if he is able to complete them.

Again, these Battle Gate challenges are supposedly very tough which is why players might want to get as much Wellspring Crystals as they can possibly get.

The folks over at provided some other tips that can increase your percentages of getting your hands on the all-important Wellspring Crystals. They explain that when you’re battling the large Heartless in the San Fransokyo, the Caribbean, and Monstropolis worlds, there’s a very small drop rate percentage of the Wellspring Crystals. However, you can increase your percentage by battling the Heartless with certain keyblades.

They revealed that the Wellspring Crystal drops more frequently when you defeat enemies with the Favorite Deputy keyblade. Another reliable way they revealed to farm Wellspring Crystals is to interact with Battlegates like Battlegate #12 in San Fransokyo. Battlegates appear as blue, spiked orbs that are hidden throughout the various worlds of the Kingdom Hearts 3 game. goes on to explain that in order to unlock Battlegates, players will have to make their way to the Skein of Severance section. To locate Battlegate #12, players will want to spawn into San Fransokyo at the North District (Day) area and look for a tall building with three circular platforms on top of it. Once players get to the building’s highest platform, they should be able to see Battlegate #12.

They mentioned that Battlegate 12 has only a 1-star difficulty level. So, players shouldn’t have too much trouble destroying the enemies inside of it. If players can pull this off, they will be rewarded with Wellspring Crystals and a couple of other rewards to boot. Also, there’s no limit to how many times players can complete the twelfth Battlegate in San Fransokyo. That makes this a very reliable way for players to get their hands on Wellspring Crystals.

Allgamers mentioned that Battlegate #10 in the Caribbean is also another good place to farm Wellspring Crystals. However, they didn’t reveal any specific instructions for it. If we can locate more specific instructions for the Battlegate #10 Wellspring Crystals, we’ll definitely let you guys know.

Alright guys. That’s going to wrap it up for this latest Kingdom Hearts report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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