New Kingdom Hearts 3 Extra Downloadable Content Is Officially On The Way

New Kingdom Hearts 3 Extra Downloadable Content Is Officially On The Way

Hey, Kingdom Hearts fans. We’ve got some great news for you guys in this article. It turns out that it has been confirmed that the recently released Kingdom Hearts 3 will have some brand new DLC aka Downloadable content to offer up! There’s going to be a version of it that’s both free and paid.

According to the folks over at, the director of Kingdom Hearts 3 Tetsuya Nomura has officially confirmed that this new downloadable content is on it’s way. Apparently, Tetsuya did an interview with a Japanese publication called, “Dengeki Online.”

During this particular interview, Tetsuya revealed that the free downloadable content will most likely show up in the game as incremental updates after they are completed. On the other hand, Tetsuya mentioned that the paid version of the downloadable content will be larger and possibly grouped together to be released before the end of 2019.

IGN pointed out that one of the free updates might include a Critical Mode difficulty level. They went on to say that the paid downloadable content will most likely expand the story, potentially filling in details on characters that perhaps weren’t fully explored in the main game. At one point,Tetsuya mentioned that the character Xion’s revival might be described in the future. made note that there still isn’t an official announcement for any future Kingdom Hearts 3 downloadable content yet, but that it certainly seems like the most logical thing to do since Kingdom Hearts 3 has already sold a whopping 5 million copies in just the first,freaking week! It was actually January 2019’s best-selling video game. So, that is some wild stuff.

The folks over at provided some extra info about this new downloadable content. They got some translated quotes from the Kingdom Hearts 3 director interview. Tetsuya said,”As far as I can see of the specific data, including the download version. Sales numbers were good and far beyond my own expectations. We’re currently working on downloadable content. So, I don’t quite have the feeling that we’ve finished yet, and I’ve been sleeping less post-release.”

He also talked about the Critical Mode stating, “Before, Critical Mode was not in the original versions, but in the Final Mix versions of the Kingdom Hearts games. So, this time, we’re going to release it as an update at a later date. It’s not about simply changing the numerical value to be stronger, we’re readjusting and debugging. Rather than just making it more difficult, we’re making adjustments to pinpoint a level of fun unique to Critical Mode.”

In this following statement, Tetsuya confirmed that he’s definitely working on putting together the free and paid versions of downloadable content, and that he wants to get it done before 2019 is over. He stated, “While we’ve previously prepared “Final Mix” versions as separate packages. This time, I want to add all additional elements through downloadable content.

We will offer free downloadable content from what can be done through additional updates, but we’re also planning paid downloadable content to release several elements together as a batch. That being said, paid downloadable content will take a little while to produce, but I would like to finish within the year and have the team move on to its next work.”

Tetsuya also mentioned that there could be a future for the Kingdom Hearts series beyond Kingdom Hearts 3. They’re still thinking about it. It’s up in the air right now. Tetsuya explained, “As for the future of the Kingdom Hearts series, while we’ve had various discussions. Whether there will be anything, or whether we do something is still up in the air. I already have a full schedule for the rest of the year.”

How do you guys feel about possibly seeing new, downloadable content for Kingdom Hearts 3 in the future? Are you happy about it? Are you sad about it? Or do you just not care one way or the other? Let us know in the Facebook comments.

Alright guys. That’s all we got for this latest Kingdom Hearts video game report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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