American Idol Finale: Laine Hardy Won The Whole Thing Tonight, May 19, 2019

American Idol Finale: Laine Hardy Won The Whole Thing Tonight, May 19, 2019

Hey, “American Idol” fans. Happy Sunday! Tonight, May 19, 2019 was indeed the big night! Finale night! That’s right, guys. This long season finally came to a freaking end tonight, and a winner was revealed. All Of the final three contestants: Alejandro Aranda, Laine Hardy and Madison VanDenburg performed two, new songs. They also took part in some artist collaborations.

Tonight’s LIVE finale lasted a freaking, full three hours. That’s the first in its history. I guess ABC is a lot more generous with their airtime than FOX ever wanted to be. To kick off the show, Judge Lionel Richie, mentor Bobby Bones and a whole bunch of other people hit up the stage to sing, “Dancing on the Ceiling.” Eventually, the top ten Idol contestants returned to join Lionel on stage.

After all of that, Laine Hardy hit the stage to sing his first song of the night, which was, “Home” by Marc Broussard. Afterwards, Katy told Laine, “If you apply yourself and don’t get lazy, you are going to be one of the biggest stars on the planet.” Luke said, “Great job Laine. Don’t let them bedazzle your hunting boots.” Lionel said, “You stole my look! That was a nasty song! You’re on your way my friend.”

Next up, was Madison VanDenburg. She sang, “Shallow” by Lady Gaga. Afterwards, Luke told Madison, “We have been pushing you the whole time to dig in. It’s been so amazing to watch.” Lionel said, “You are an amazing light. You have to know what a gift you have. You are truly on your way.” Katy said, “The greatness is coming out of you. We’re pushing you because we know the greatness is inside of you.”

After that, Alejandro Aranda hit the stage to sing an original song called,”Millennial Love.” Afterwards, Lionel said Alejandro’s performance was captivating and next level. He also told him, “From one song writer to another, we are so happy to have you join the ranks.”

Katy said, “You could here a pin drop. There is so much reverence and respect when you sing.” She also advised him to never let it get watered down. Luke said, “We have been spoiled by you, week after week.”

After that, Luke said he thinks Madison won the first round saying, “Your voice is just so big.” Lionel said he thinks Alejandro won round 1 saying, “I’m a sucker for a songwriter.”
Katy said she also thinks Alejandro won that round saying, “There is something otherworldly and holy about what Alejandro does.”

After that, Laine Hardy took the stage for his second set. He sang, “Jambalaya” by Hank Williams. They also showed his hometown footage. Afterwards, Katy told Laine,”I want to go to Louisiana.” Lionel said, “Great song choice.” Lionel said of Laine’s hometown footage, “I’m impressed that the Governor showed up.”

After that, last year’s American Idol champ Maddie Poppe talked briefly with host Ryan Seacrest to plug her new album and single.

Next, Madison VanDenburg arrived on stage to perform her second song, which turned out to be,”BreakAway” by the first ever American Idol champ Kelly Clarkson. They also showed her hometown footage in New York. Afterwards, Luke told Madison, “Great job. What an amazingly tough song.” Lionel said, “You’re on your way.” Katy said, “You’re about to spread your wings in the real world. Keep your work ethic.”

After that, Alejandro Aranda hit the stage for his second set. He sang an original song called, “Tonight.” They also showed some of his hometown footage in Pomona. Afterwards, Lionel told Alejandro, “Welcome home to the business. Welcome home to your heart. Vote, vote, vote.” Katy said, “It’s been such a pleasure to live in the same lifetime as you. American Idol is no longer a karaoke show.” Luke said, “What a beautiful moment! You are truly something to behold. When you are on the cover of the ‘Rolling Stones,’ I will buy them.”

Next, season 4 American Idol champ Carrie Underwood hit up the stage to sing her current single,”Southbound.” LIVE audience voting was going on throughout Carrie’s performance. Right after that, Ryan Seacret got down to business by revealing that Madison Vandenburg landed in third place. She was seen crying in her father’s arms. Awww.

After that, R&B artist Montell Jordan hit up the stage to sing one of his early to mid 90’s hits, “This Is How We Do It.” After that, Katy Perry and Daddy Yankee hopped on stage to perform their song, “Con Calma.”

Shortly after that, Alejandro Aranda jumped on stage again to perform his song called, “10 Years.” He performed it with a huge orchestra.

Next, season 8 runner up Adam Lambert hit the stage to perform his new song titled, “New Eyes.” Right after that, Adam and one of the top 10 contestants Dimitrius Graham sang Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

Next, Dan + Shay sang, “All to Myself.” Right after that, Madison VanDenburg joined them to sing, “Speechless.” From there, judge Luke Bryan hopped on stage to sing,”Knockin Boots.” Right after that, Laci Kaye Booth joined him to sing, “Every Breath You Take” by The Police.

Next,Jon Pardi and Laine Hardy hit up the stage to sing songs, “Dirt On My Boots” and “Night Shift.” Right after that, Katy Perry hit the stage again to sing her song, “Unconditionally” with Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon.

Next, Rivers Cuomo and Weezer hit the stage to sing their cover of Toto’s “Africa.” After that, they sang, “Everybody Wants to Rule the World.” Walker Burroughs joined them on stage for A-ha’s “Take on Me.”

A former American Idol contestant Kane Brown arrived on stage to sing, “Good As You.” Alyssa Raghu joined him to sing, “Lost in the Middle of Nowhere.”

Next, it was revealed that both Laine and Alejandro won a trip to the Bahamas. Shortly after that, Shay hit the stage to sing, “Rise Up.” Andra Day joined her at one point.

Next, Kool and The Gang arrived on stage to sing, “Hollywood Swinging.” Uche joined them at one point, and then they started singing their hit song,”Ladies Night.” After that, the top 10 contestants joined them on stage to sing, “Celebration.”

After all of that, Laine Hardy sang, “Bring it On Home to Me” by Sam Cooke. Afterwards, Luke said, “The tone of your voice is something special.” Lionel said, “I want you to remember me at the stage door.” Katy said, “You are ready this time.”

Next, Alejandro Aranda sang another original song called, “Out Loud.” Afterwards, Katie said, “Helping you is such an incredible honor.” Luke said, “Send me a postcard from the planet you comes from.” Lionel said, “instant identity.”

Finally, after all of that, Ryan Seacrest got down to business again by revealing that Laine Hardy won this whole thing! So, Laine Hardy is your winner for the 2019 edition of American Idol! Alejandro Aranda is the runner up. And again, Madison VanDenburg came in third place.

How do you guys feel about these final results of American Idol 2019? Are you happy about it? Are you sad about it? Or do you just not care one way or the other? Let us know in the comments section and stay tuned.

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