MasterChef June 20, 2019 Eliminated Kimberly White (Episode 5 Recap)

MasterChef June 20, 2019 Eliminated Kimberly White (Episode 5 Recap)

Hey, “MasterChef” fans. Tonight, June 20, 2019, the 5th episode of this 10th season did indeed air. The three brutal judges: Gordon Ramsay, Aarón Sanchez, and Joe Bastianich were on hand to deliver more hardcore honesty to the contestants’ efforts.

The episode kicked off with a continuation from last night’s episode. Since Noah’s red team lost the challenge in episode 4, he had to pick one of his team members to compete in the elimination challenge. He decided to go with Subha. After that, it was revealed that the elimination challenge would require the contestants to work with chicken.

At one point, Gordon said he can work with chicken with his eyes freaking closed, and he proved it too! He literally put on a show by cutting up and breaking down an entire chicken and all its part, blindfolded! It was amazing!

Then it was revealed that the contestants also had to do the elimination challenge, blindfolded! However, Gordon chimed in to say, “We’re just kidding.” After that, the contestants commenced with the challenge without the blindfold. They had to break down the chicken and all its parts correctly within 5 minutes.

Afterwards, Gordan, Aaron and Joe judged the breakdown quality of each contestant’s chicken. After that, they told Jamie Hough, Michael Silverstein and Dorian Hunter they were all safe and could join the blue team.

That left Kimberly, Subha, Wuta, Sarah, Renee, Shari and Micah to battle it out in the second half of this elimination challenge. The second half of the challenge required them to make a tasty chicken dish within 45 minutes.

Everyone immediately ran to get the ingredients for their dishes. Shari revealed that she was attempting to cook a Tandori dish. Ramsey immediately told her to stop because they don’t even have a Tandori oven, but Shari insisted it was going to be good.

Micah revealed he was attempting to pull off Coq Au Vin chicken dish. Subha revealed he was trying to make some sort of Indian dish. Gordan told Subha his dish was going to take too long to prepare. It usually takes three hours. However, Subha insisted he could get the job done.

Finally, After their time was up, Kimberly revealed she wasn’t particularly happy with her dish. That would prove to be very telling later on.

From that point, the judges had Wuta Onda present his dish first. He revealed that he cooked some fried chicken with eight spices in the batter and a potato. Aaron said, “I like the boldness, but I thought it needed something extra.” Gordon said,”I didn’t want to taste the flower.” Joe said, “I like how far you’ve come.”

Sarah Faherty was up next. She revealed that she prepared a buttermilk spicey fried chicken dish. Gordon said, “It looked good, and it was cooked beautifully.” Aaron said, “It was remarkable.”

Next, Subha Ramiah revealed that he cooked a Chettinad Chicken Curry dish. Gordon said, “It doesn’t look attractive, but it tastes delicious.” Aaron said, “It tastes a lot better than it looks.” Joe said, “It was fantastic.”

At one point, Joe asked Noah, “Do you hope Subha rejoins you, or comes at you?” Noah replied with, “I hope he comes at me.” Hmm, interesting.

Next, Renee Rice revealed that she cooked up a Southern Fried Chicken and biscuit meal. Gordan said, “It was a big risk. You overcooked the potatoes. The chicken was cooked good.” Aaron said, “I loved the seasoning of the chicken.” Joe said, “It looks like it taste. Super homey.”

After that, Shari revealed that she made a Tandori chicken dish with cumin spiced potatoes and Mint-Coriander Foam. Gordon said, “It looks beautiful. The chicken is delicious, but the foam spoiled the dish.” Aaron said, “I disagree. I liked the foam, and the chicken taste great.” Joe said, “I looks nice. The foam and dish was excellent.”

Next, Micah revealed that he attempted to make a Coq Au Vin chicken dish with mushrooms and roasted carrots. Gordon said, “The chicken is cooked beautifully, but it’s just not Coq Au Vin. Joe said, “Unfortunately, you tried a to make a dish without ever trying an authentic version of it.”

Lastly,Kimberly presented her dish. it was a Rosemary herb chicken dish with a mushroom sauce. Gordon said, “The sauce is like a cold vomit, but the chicken was cooked well.” Aaron said, “The chicken is cooked well, but the sauce is very off putting.” Joe said, “The mushroom sauce is actually flavored cottage cheese.”

After that, the judges deliberated and revealed that Shari and Sarah made the best dishes. So, they were immediately told they are safe and could join the blue team. Micah was also told he was safe for his nicely cooked chicken. Subha was told he was safe for his ugly but tasty Indian dish.

That left Wuta, Renee, and Kimberly as the bottom three this round. The judges decided to save Wuta and Renee. So, they told Kimberly White she was out, but they encouraged her to keep cooking. Just not on this show.

How do you guys feel about Kimberly White getting eliminated in tonight’s episode 5? Are you happy about it? Or you sad about it? Or do you just not care one way or the other? Let us know in the comments section. Episode 6 is scheduled to air on Wednesday night, June 26, 2019 at approximately 7 pm central standard time on FOX.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest MasterChef report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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