America’s Got Talent July 30, 2019 Judge Cuts 4 Results Revealed (Recap)

America’s Got Talent July 30, 2019 Judge Cuts 4 Results Revealed (Recap)

Hey, “America’s Got Talent” fans. Tonight, July 30, 2019, the Judge Cuts 3 episode did indeed air with judges: Howie Mandel, Gabrielle Union, Julianne Hough and Simon Cowell. The special judge was actress Ellie Kemper. She was given the Golden Buzzer to give to whoever she chooses.

Greg Morton kicked off tonight’s performances. He’s a veteran comic and impressionist. After his routine, he got a standing ovation from the crowd. Ellie told Greg, “It was brilliant.” Simon said, “It brings me back to the origins of AGT. You deserves this opportunity.”

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Carmen Carter was up next. She’s a singer. She sang, “Come Together” by The Beatles. She got a standing ovation from the crowd. Ellie told Carmen, “It was unbelievable. You felt it in your heart and soul.” Simon said, “It wasn’t perfect, and you can’t keep doing cover songs.”

Next, they showed a short clip of magician Nicholas Wallace. He was trying to hypnotize someone during his act. Simon said it was boring. Howie didn’t like it. Ellie said, “You’ve got to be zippier.”

Ray Underwood and Magic arrived next. They are a dog act that the didn’t go over well. Simon said, “It was so boring,”

After that, Gonzo the Tambourine dude hit the stage. He performed traditional Japanese karate moves in his act. Afterwards, Julianne told Gonzo, “You woke everyone up.” Howie said, “I love your death stare.” Gabrielle said, “I do not think it was a step up. I miss your nakedness.”

Next, female Malambo group, Revolution, hit the stage. They are a dance group from Argentina. After their performance, Gabrielle said she liked it. Simon said, “It was a step up.”

Teen guitarist Marcin Patrzalek arrived on stage next. After his performance, Julianne told Marcin, ” I’m freaking out.” Gabrielle said, “You’re a rock star.” Simon said, “You’re one of the best I’ve ever heard.” Ellie said, “You’re a virtuoso, and I’m impressed you can excite a crowd with a single instrument.” Julianne said, “You have a shot to win.”

A teen singer named Jacob Norton was up next. He performed, “Crazy Little Thing Called Love.” Overall, the judges thought he was much better this time around.

Patrizio Ratto arrived next. He’s a piano playing dancer. They only showed a brief clip of him. Howie told Patrizio, “You’re amazing and talented, but your piano/robot dance wasn’t a step up.”

Young female singer Ansley Burns hit the stage. She sang, “Good Girl” by Carrie Underwood. Simon didn’t like her background track again. So, he asked her to sing a’cappella again just like he did during the first round auditions. She did.

Afterwards, Gabrielle told Ansley, “You blew it out of the water.” Ellie said, “I’m impressed by your poise.” Simon said, “I love your personality. I think you’ve got something special.”

Next, the Light Balance Kids showed up to do their routine. They are from the Ukraine. They did an energetic performance that involved dance and computer generated effects.

Afterwards, Julianne told them, “You stepped up the creativity and innovation.” Howie said, “I like the kids better than the adults.” Simon said, “It was brilliant. I think you could be stars.”

Ellie said, “If only there was a sure fire way we could get you to the live show.” After that, she smashed the Golden Buzzer for them! That means the Light Balance Kids are going straight through to the LIVE shows!

Next up was Stephanie’s Child. They are a drag girl group. During their routine, Simon buzzed them. However, Howie said he loved it and will fight for them.

Nick and Lindsay were up next. They are a husband and wife knife throwing act. After their performance, Howie told them,”I love that there was so much.” Julianne said, “You are fun.” Ellie said, “I wonder how Nick is alive.” Simon said, “It was fantastically nuts.”

Next, they showed brief footage of Andrei and Alexander. They are an Acrobatic duo. They showed general compliments from Simon and Julianne.

After that, they showed small footage of Duo MaintenanT. They are a sensual acrobatics couple. After their performance, all the judges gave them great compliments.

Edson and Leon hit the stage next. They are elderly hand balancers. After their performance, Gabrielle told them, “It was endearing, charming and death defying.” Ellie said, “It was quite a feat.” Simon said, “It’s what AGT is all about.” Julianne said, “You stepped it up and made our jobs a lot harder.”

Circus performer Melissa Arleth arrived on stage next. She did an act with rats. Afterwards, Ellie told Melissa, “I’ve changed my mind about rats.” Gabrielle said, “I loved it.” Simon said, “It wasn’t enough to advance to the Dolby.”

Next, male singer MacKenzie hit the stage to sing, “Faithfully” by Journey. Afterwards, Ellie told MacKenzie, “Your joy is undeniable. It was raw. It was you.” Julianne said, “This performance felt pushed.” Simon said, “It was amazing. The best singer we’ve had tonight.” Gabrielle said, “I understand a familiar song in a whole different way.”

That was it for all of the performances. Next, the judges revealed who from this group made it to the LIVE shows. Comedian Greg Morton. Teen guitarist Marcin Patrzalek, Singer MaKenzie, Singer Carmen Carter, Knife throwers Nick and Lindsay and the Japanese Tambourine Dude Gonzo all made it to the LIVE shows along with actress Ellie Kemper’s Golden Buzzer pick, “The Light Balance Kids.”

Next Tuesday night, August 6, 2019, we will see the Judge Cuts 4 episode in the 7 pm central time slot on NBC.

You guys can view all of tonight’s July 30, 2019 Judge Cuts 3 performances on the official Youtube channel for “America’s Got Talent” by Clicking Here.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “America’s Got Talent” report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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