‘Bachelor In Paradise’ August 6, 2019 Eliminated No One (Recap)

‘Bachelor In Paradise’ August 6, 2019 Eliminated No One (Recap)

Hey,”Bachelor In Paradise” fans. Tonight, August 6, 2019, another episode did indeed air, but with no pay off. I don’t know what ABC is trying to pull here, but they didn’t show an elimination at the end of this episode even though they said they would in their press release.

Anyways, we did get some interesting footage from it. The show kicked off, showing a ton of Blake drama. Kristina chose Blake to go on a 1 on 1 date so she could confront him towards the end of it.

She wanted Blake to admit he was wrong for sleeping with her one night and then sleeping with Caelynn the following night about two months ago.

Blake refused to admit he did anything wrong because they were not in a established relationship. So, Kristina remained super pissed off at Blake.

Next, they showed more of Caelynn complaining nonstop about how Blake treated her. Eventually, Blake pulled Caelynn aside to talk to her. She started crying, claiming he told her that she was a mistake to be with.

Blake immediately tried to apologize to Caelynn if he ever said that. He kept saying, “I didn’t have any idea you felt this way. I thought we talked about this and decided we would just be friends” and so on and so forth.

Eventually, Caelynn ran off crying to the other girls, and made Blake look really bad. He was public enemy number for a while.

At one point, Tayisha told Caelynn,” Blake doesn’t have a chance with me anymore.” After the Blake drama, we saw Wills make his move on Hannah G. He pulled her aside to tell her how cool he thinks she is. Then they kissed. She told Wells,”That was really smooth.”

Afterwards, Dylan tried to tell Hannah G he only has eyes for her at this point. Then Hannah told Dylan she and Wells kissed. He asked her if she was interested in pursuing Wells. She said she wasn’t sure yet.

We saw footage of Clay connecting with both Bibiana and Nicole at separate times. However, it was later revealed that he connected more with Nicole when he asked her to go on a 1 on 1 date. The date went very well. So well, in fact, that Clay said, “I’m definitely giving Nicole my rose.”

Nosy Annaliese was seen confronting Clay before he went on his date with Nicole. Apparently, she had a problem with him dating so soon after breaking up with her good friend Angela. Clay tried to be understanding at first, telling her,”Me and Angela haven’t been together in 3 months. You have some misinformation.”

Annaliese kept pressing him and tearing up. Clay eventually just had to tell her,”I think you need to focus more on yourself.” I was like, “He is so right.” What the hell?

Anyways, at one point, host Chris Harrison pulled everyone aside to tell them it’s almost time for the guys to start handing out their roses. From there, they showed a super long cocktail party that would apparently never end.

Demi revealed that she felt very confident in her relationship with Derek. She was seen kissing him a lot and all that good stuff. Also, Demi did a lot of narration footage for a lot of the couples. It makes me think they might be grooming her to host something. She’s a super star though.

At this time, Blake finally showed his face again. He went to talk to Tayshia at one point. She told him Caelynn definitely painted him in a very bad light, and that he should go work that out.

From there, Blake tried to apologize to Caelynn again. Caelynn said, I just want to be done with Blake and explore my options.” From there, she went to talk to Cam. During this conversation, Cam mustered up enough game to impress Caelynn. So, they ended up kissing.

John Paul Jones told Onyeka, “You have been a breathe of fresh air. I’ve really enjoyed my time with you.” Onyeka was thrilled to hear it. So, they kissed. Afterwards, Jane made a play for John Paul Jones, but things didn’t go quite well because John Paul Jones started throwing up some food profusely.

Annaliese revealed she wanted a rose from Chris. They were seen talking and kissing. However, Kristina expressed interest in Chris as well, and Chris was liking it.

At one point, poor Bibiana started crying saying, “I feel so rejected.” Annaliese went to comfort her.

Wills and Hanna had another 1 on 1 moment. Hannah told him, “My heart is being pulled elsewhere. So, I don’t want you to waste your rose on me.” Wills said, “I understand.”

Hannah went back and told Dylan that she told Wills “I’m into you.” Needless to say, Dylan was very happy about that.

Blake talked with Hannah. He asked her if she was still open to exploring things with him. She said she did want to explore things with him when she first got there. Then, she basically let him think there’s still a small chance. That was enough for them to go ahead and kiss.

Afterwards, Hannah told Dylan she and Blake kissed, and that she’s sorry. Dylan seemed to be fed up after that. Hannah just kept saying, “I’m confused right now.”

The episode pretty much ended on that note. We got more from Demi expressing how she felt about Blake. She said, “He’s a loser.” So, no confusion there.

Again, ABC gave us no elimination in this episode. Just a “to be continued sign.” I don’t know what game they’re trying to play, but that’s what they apparently like to do. They even go against their own press release.

The next, new episode is scheduled to air on Monday night,August 12, 2019 at approximately 7 pm central standard time on ABC.

Alright guys that’s all we’ve got for this latest “Bachelor In Paradise” report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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