‘Survivor’ February 12, 2020 Voted Off Natalie Anderson & Amber Mariano (Recap)

‘Survivor’ February 12, 2020 Voted Off Natalie Anderson & Amber Mariano (Recap)

Hey, “Survivor” fans. Yes indeedy, the brand new season 40, Winners At War edition did kick off tonight, February 12, 2020 with a huge 2-hour episode, and two unlucky contestants already felt the sting of getting voted off at the end.

Tonight’s episode kicked off with all the winners riding a speed boat to the island. The girls and the guys road on separate boats. Host Jeff Probst was right there to greet them as soon as they arrived.

At one point, Sandra told the private cams of Boston Rob, “I felt betrayed by Rob because he never told her me he was playing again when we spent 36 days on Island Of The Idols.”

Jeff asked them a few questions about what it’s like to be back on the island. After that segment, Jeff popped open a bottle of champagne to celebrate this 40th season.

After the celebration activities, Jeff got down to business by separating everyone into two tribes. The tribes are the blue Sele and red Dakal tribes.

Jeff told them there’s a new Survivor currency called the Survivor token. Everyone was given 1 token to start off the season. If they got voted off, they had to give their token to another player, and head off to Edge of Extinction to try to get back into the game.

Next, Jeff revealed the most exciting news of all. They are playing for a whopping $2 million dollars in prize money instead of just $1 million dollars! As you can imagine, that brought a smile to everyone’s faces.

From there, they went right into the first immunity challenge, which also doubled as a reward challenge. The reward prize was fire in the form of flint.

During the immunity challenge, the tribes participated in a very intense, water ring battle. The first tribe to retrieve three rings and touch a poll, won. The red Dakal tribe ended up winning the immunity/reward challenge.

So, the Sele tribe already had to decide who they were gonna get rid of first.

After that, we saw conversation footage from both the winning and losing tribes. At one point, Tony told Sandra he and her beef from the last season they played was water under the bridge. Then they gave each other a hug.

Parvati of the losing Sele tribe said, “I won’t be the flirty girl I was before because I’m a mom now and married.” Denise and Adam of the losing Sele tribe connected ,and everyone noticed immediately. Jeremy said it was a very rookie move.

Amber of the winning Dakal tribe said, “I feel like I already have a target on my back because of Rob.” Sophie and Yul started connecting. Yul had a lot to say about Rob, Kim and Tyson. He said something about them playing poker together before. During that poker game, they agreed to be an alliance if they ever made it back on the show. Yul took that very seriously.

Rob told Parvati “I think we can work together. I don’t think the new people should dictate the way things are gonna go. The new kids aren’t going to know what hit them.”

Danni told the private cams she really wanted to get rid of Rob. However, Ben told Rob that Danni brought up his name as a target. Ben said, “I shouldn’t have told Rob anything, but I was star struck.”

Rob confronted Danni about bringing his name up as a target. Danni responded by saying, “Yes,I brought up your name. I think everyone’s a target. I don’t have anybody right now.”

Rob told Danni, “I respect that you told me the truth. I want to work with you.” Danni was on board. Rob told the private cams, “I’m working with Parvati, Danni and Ethan. We’re going to show the new kids how this works.”

Next, they showed footage of everyone getting really paranoid as the tribal council meeting got closer. Jeremy and Natalie mentioned Denise and Adam as targets.

Adam caught wind of it,and worked on splitting up Jeremy and Natalie. Nobody could really make up their minds heading into tribal council. Rob and Parvati thought everyone was crazy saying, “Do we have to play Survivor for everyone? We should actually be everyone’s target. We’re the most dangerous.”

At tribal council, Ethan and Rob mentioned how fast paced the game is now. Adam tried to make the case why he and Denise should be the last people to be targeted by bringing up Rob and Amber and other people who already know each other. Rob said, “There’s a good case for everyone to be targeted.”

Finally, the votes were casts. Adam received 1 vote, Denise 2 and Natalie 5. So, with 5 votes, poor Natalie Anderson was the very first one to get voted off in this season of all winners. She gave her Survivor token to Jeremy just before heading off to Edge of Extinction.

While at Edge Of Extinction, Natalie was told she will be given a chance to win five tokens to get back into the main game. This would happen over a period of time.

Back in the main game, we saw more conversation footage. Sandra brought up the Rob not telling her he would play again thing. She said she was really emotional about it. Sandra also said Rob’s wife Amber will be the first to go on her list.

Yul said he wanted to work with Nick, Wendell and Sophie. So, they started plotting. Michelle, Ben, Jeremy and Adam started talking about Rob and Parvati pretending like they aren’t running the game. They said, “We need to take control back.”

They showed Natalie at Edge of Extinction again. She got her first chance to get a fire token. They showed her walking up this high mountain, and she eventually found an immunity idol that’s good for three tribal councils. However, it’s no good on Edge Of Extinction, but she can sell it to someone else for a fire token.

Right after that segment, they showed the second immunity challenge. Sandra sat out of it. During the immunity challenge, the tribes had to paddle a boat out to a station to get a bag of tiles.

Then they had to swim back while getting over a crate stack, barrel roll and net draw obstacles that were in the water.

Then they had to work a combination lock to free up some rings. After that, they had to toss the rings onto three paddles for the win. The blue Sele tribe made an amazing comeback to win it and escape a second tribal council!

Meanwhile, The red Dakal tribe had to figure who their first victim would be. Sandra, Tony, Nick, Amber’s names were mentioned as targets right away.

Sandra told the private cams, she found her first immunity idol, but she had to buy it with her Survivor fire token. Sandra told Tony that Tyson was plotting to get him out. So, Tony campaigned to get Tyson out. He said it’s ok to leave the husband and wife team Amber and Rob in the game as big shields for him.

Kim felt very insecure about her position in the game because she was on the outside of every conversation. Kim said, “My start to this season has been the biggest mess. I know me, Tyson and Amber are being targeted as a poker alliance.”

At tribal council, Amber said the game is way quicker than it was when she played. Sandra said, “You have to keep up with the pace, or get out of the way. That’s just how it is.” Ha! Sandra is always so blunt.

Kim tried to really sell that she is not in a poker player alliance. “It’s not a thing,” she said.

Finally, the votes were casts. Nick received 1 vote, Kim 3 and Amber 5. So, with a whopping 5 votes, poor Amber had to say goodbye.

It appears that they decided to go ahead and break up the husband and wife team of Amber and Rob at the end of the day.

Amber, of course, gave Rob her fire token on the way out. Then she headed off to Edge of Extinction to greet Natalie with a hug saying, “I’m here to join you.” Amber took her elimination calmly saying, “I knew I would be a target because of Rob.”

With all that said, Amber Mariano and Natalie Anderson were the first victims of this All Winners season. How do guys feel about that? Are you happy? Are you sad? Or do you just not care one way or the other? Let us know in the comments section.

The next,new Survivor season 40 episode 2 is scheduled to air next Wednesday night, February 19, 2020 at approximately 7 pm central standard time on CBS. Episode 2 will just be a one hour show. So, it’ll be a lot shorter.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “Survivor” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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