‘Survivor’ April 8, 2020 Voted Off Adam Klein (Recap)

‘Survivor’ April 8, 2020 Voted Off Adam Klein (Recap)

Hey, “Survivor” fans. Tonight,April 8, 2020, another new episode of “Survivor season 40: Winners At War” did indeed air, and it featured probably the most chaos I’ve ever seen on a season.

Tonight’s episode kicked off with Michele complaining about being blindsided during the votes to get Wendell out at the last tribal council meeting. Nick talked with Michele, and he complained about it too.

Nick told the private cams, “I feel like it’s my duty to take out everyone that has double crossed me. I’m out for revenge.”

Adam mentioned that he thinks there’s a LIVE idol in front of Jeff’s podium at the tribal council meeting. So, he was making plans to try and play it.

Next, they showed more “Edge Of Extinction” footage. The current castoffs got another clue to find an advantage. Parvati and Danni ended up finding the advantage.

This particular advantage was a flip-a-coin advantage. If gave the recipient a 50% chance of immunity during a tribal council meeting. They could flip the coin, and if it landed on safe, they were awarded immunity.

Parvati and Danni eventually told everyone else they found it. Parvati and Danni agreed that they wanted to try and sell it to one of the LIVE players for 4 fire tokens.

After that segment, host Jeff Probst showed up with a new Reward challenge. The reward was Chinese take-out. During this challenge, they were split up into two teams of five. Denise wasn’t chosen. So, she could not compete.

During this challenge, the two teams had to swim out to untie a net that contained wooden fish puzzle pieces. Then they had to drag it back to shore.

Once they got it back to shore, they had to untie the fish and put them on a hook. Next, they had to take all the hooked, wooden fish to a puzzle board and solve a puzzle for the win. When it was all played and done, Kim, Sophie, Michele, Sarah and Ben won.

However, Sarah decided to give up her reward to Nick saying, “Happy birthday.”

Adam told the private cams, “Sarah made a bad move by giving up her reward to Nick. I don’t trust her as far as I can throw her, and I can’t throw very far.”

Sarah told the private cams, “I gave my reward to Nick as a human being to a human being. It was a genuine thing.”

Tony told Sarah it was a mistake. Jeremy said it was a mistake too. Nick said of Sarah’s reward gesture, “I appreciate it, but I don’t owe her anything. I don’t trust her anymore than I already did.”

At this point, Michele took the spotlight again by revealing to the private cams that Parvati and Danni sent the flip-a-coin advantage they found on “Edge Of Extinction” to her since she had 4 fire tokens. After much contemplating, Michele did decide to give up her 4 fire tokens for the flip-a-coin advantage.

Next, they showed the new immunity challenge. Jeff said the winner of this challenge also won a fire token. In the challenge, they had to stand and balance themselves on a perch that was on a triangle platform in the water.

This comp had different rounds. They were able to rest a little bit in between rounds. Each round got more difficult as they had to stand on a much more narrow and higher perch each round, making balancing more difficult.

Ultimately, it came down to Kim and Ben in the last round, and Ben just couldn’t hold his balance longer than Kim. So, Kim won immunity and a fire token.

After that, Kim was seen campaigning for Nick and Adam to be targets for this tribal council meeting with Michele as a backup vote.

Nick told the private cams, “I’m about to take this game over. I’m tired of my name being thrown out there as an easy vote.”

Nick told Tyson Sophie threw his name out there to shake things up. So, Tyson was seen campaigning to get Sophie out at one point. Nick told the private cams he wanted to take a stab at getting Sarah out.

So, Sarah’s name was seen getting tossed around a bit, but Tyson switched up and decided he wanted to go after Adam. So, he campaigned to get Adam out, and he seemed to convince most of the people to vote for Adam.

Tyson also told Sarah that Adam was throwing her name around. In response to that, Sarah told the private cams, “Adam, you do not throw my name out there, and you’re about to find out why.”

Adam and Ben had another argument. Adam told the private cams, “Ben plays a lot like Boston Rob more than he would like to admit.” Next,there was another switch up with the voting talk. They started mentioning voting out Tyson.

Adam was again seen mentioning he might go for that immunity idol he thinks is in front of Jeff’s podium at the tribal council meeting.

Next, they finally showed the tribal council meeting, and it got real crazy. At one point, Nick said, “I’m tired of my name coming up, and I’m ready to make a push.”

Then a couple of people started whispering to each other. Adam said, “I’m concerned Ben might vote for me because he would not answer my questions earlier.” So, they got into a big argument, and other people just kept whispering.

It was crazy. I’ve never seen people whisper so much at a tribal council meeting. Ben told Adam, “I’m not writing your name down tonight.”

Adam kept trying to find out what all the whispering is about. Adam said, “I’m concerned my name is coming up tonight.” Adam tried to ask everyone what the hell is going on,and nobody would tell him a thing. All we could hear was crickets at that point.

Finally, the votes were casts. Before Jeff read them off, Adam ran up to Jeff’s podium to see if there was really a hidden immunity idol there like he thought.

Adam was unfortunately told by Jeff that there sadly is not a hidden immunity idol there. It’s just a podium. It made for a good chuckle though. Adam said, “It was worth a shot.”

After that humorous moment, Jeff finally read the votes, and Adam got 6 votes, Nick got 2 votes and Sarah got 1 vote. So, with a whopping 6 votes, Adam gracefully left the game. He told everyone, “Good luck.” Adam also gave his fire token to Denise on his way out to “Edge Of Extinction.”

During Adam’s final words of tonight’s episode, he said, “Thinking there was an idol at Jeff’s podium allowed me to play more aggressively than I should have, and it costs me.”

How do you guys feel about Adam Klein getting ousted from Survivor season 40’s April 8, 2020 episode? Are you happy about it? Are you sad? Or do you just not care one way or the other? Let us know in the comments section.

The next, new Survivor season 40 episode is scheduled to air next Wednesday night, April 15, 2020 at approximately 7 pm central standard time on CBS.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “Survivor” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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