‘Survivor’ May 6, 2020 Voted Off Jeremy Collins & Nick Wilson (Recap)

‘Survivor’ May 6, 2020 Voted Off Jeremy Collins & Nick Wilson (Recap)

Hey, “Survivor” fans. Tonight, May 6, 2020, another new episode of “Survivor season 40: Winners At War” did indeed air. This is one was a big, 2-hour episode that sent two more former winners over to the Edge Of Extinction.

Tonight’s episode kicked off with Michele talking about how Jeremy decided not to use her 50/50 advantage at the last tribal council. Her 50/50 advantage allows the holder to flip a coin for immunity.

Jeremy gave Michele her 50/50 advantage coin back to her. He also told the private cams, “I don’t know why I’m such a target these days.”

Denise explained that she’s done with dealing with certain things,but not done with the game. Jeremy and Tony argued over how long a week is since they don’t have weekends off on the island. It was humorous.

Tony told the private cams he plans to take his Sarah “Cops R Us” alliance all the way to the end. Sarah said, “I have a problem with Jeremy going because that would cause us to become sitting ducks. My best option, right now, is to get rid of Nick.”

Sarah campaigned to Ben to get rid of Nick, but she made it seem like it should be Ben’s choice. Ben went for it, and he actually suggested to Tony that they blindside Nick. Tony said, “It’s your choice.” Ben told the private cams, “Jeremy is best for my game right now.”

After that,host Jeff Probst showed up with the first immunity challenge for this episode. He said that the winner would ,again, win 2 fire tokens to go along with the immunity.

In the immunity challenge, they had to race out with a ball. Toss it to themselves by way of an apparatus that was over their head. They had to do this two times.

Then they had to dig away piles of sand to get through another obstacle. After that, they had to piece together another puzzle for the win. Nick won it to claim immunity! So, he foiled the big plot to get him out. Michele cried because she couldn’t even make it past the first obstacle of the challenge. `

The big plan changed to getting Denise out. However, Ben told the private cams, “Denise is my friend and a number right now. I want to create distrust between Jeremy and Michelle to possibly break them up.”

Ben told Jeremy to try and get Michele’s 50/50 advantage coin back. That made Jeremy very suspicious of Ben, and he didn’t trust him at all. Jeremy talked to Nick about Ben’s sketchy suggestion to try and figure out what he’s really up to. Jeremy also talked to Michele about it.

From there, Michele told the private cams, “Ben actually approached me and told me that Jeremy is going try to get your 50/50 advantage back. That let me know he’s trying to play both sides.”

Tony pretended to agree with Jeremy and Nick about getting Ben out. However, Tony told Ben, “I want to split the votes between Michele and Jeremy with the goal of getting Jeremy out.”

At the tribal council meeting, they mostly talk about how the game effected them in the past in regards to trust issues. Michele said, “Tonight, is the last time I can play my 50/50 advantage, and it’s going to get played tonight.”

They eventually casts their votes. Afterwards, Michele did indeed play her 50/50 advantage coin. She flipped the coin, and it landed on “safe.” So, any votes against her did not count.

Jeff read off the votes, and here’s what happened. Michele got 2 votes, Jeremy got 3 votes and Ben got 2 votes. So, with 3 votes, Jeremy finally made his exit. He told Nick, “Bad move, dude.” Jeremy gave his two fire tokens to Michele on his way out to “Edge Of Extinction.”

We were able to see that Tony voted out Jeremy. Denise voted out Michele. Jeremy voted out Ben. Nick voted out Jeremy. The rest is a mystery, but you could probably figure it out if you thought about it long enough.

Since this is a 2-hour episode, the action continued. Ben told the private cams, “It feels fantastic that we finally got Jeremy out.” Tony told the private cams, “The plan worked out, and Michele has no idea what’s going on in the game.” Tony told Ben, “Michele needs to go before Nick.”

Nick talked to Michele about his crazy reasoning in voting out Jeremy saying, “You know we can’t beat Jeremy.” Michele said, “What do you think our path to the end is from here? We’re enemy number one. Now that Jeremy’s gone, there’s no path to the end for us. We are literally on the bottom.”

Michele told the private cams, “Unless I win immunity, I’m out. They better watch out. I’m going to go out fighting. I don’t trust anybody. Nobody trusts me.”

Michele told Sarah “I’m next. Nobody’s talking to me.” Sarah tried to tell Michele “No, you’re not.” Michele tried to imply to Sarah that nobody can beat Tony.

Sarah, seeing right through it, ran back and told Tony, Ben and Denise, “Michele is trying to pit me against Tony. At least she’s trying. I give her credit for the effort.”

Next, they showed more “Edge of Extinction” footage. The castoffs got a new clue that said the advantage is sitting on the throne of stone.

They immediately went running all over the island to find it, but it was Natalie who got to it first. Then she revealed that the advantage gave a player the power to place a disadvantage on a player in the immunity challenge, and they won’t know who it came from. Natalie was also able to charge as many fire tokens as she could get for it.

Natalie sent the advantage to Nick, and she charged him 8 fire tokens for it. Nick revealed he only had 6 fire tokens. So, he decided to ask Michele for her 2 fire tokens that Jeremy gave her when he left. Michele , of course, agreed to it since Nick was now her only hope.

Next, they showed the second immunity challenge. Jeff revealed that another 2 fire tokens were thrown in along with the immunity. However, that was the last day they could spend any fire tokens. Jeff also revealed that the advantage was used, and it was used on Ben.

So, Ben got a disadvantage in the immunity challenge. The disadvantage gave Ben 30 percent more beam and more blocks to stack.

In the immunity challenge, they had to stack blocks on a beam without them falling until they could push them over like dominoes to hit a dong for the win. If one of the blocks fell, they had to go back and fill in the hole where it fell, wasting more time.

Michele ended up pulling out the much-needed victory! So, Michele could not be voted out at this tribal council, and she let the private cams know it by saying, “Na, na, na, na ,na. You can’t get me.” It was pretty funny. I’m starting to like Michele.

Next, Denise told Ben, Sarah and Tony, “I know I’m on the block, but I would like to use my fire tokens to buy some rice and eat,” but she really wanted to get out Nick. Ben, Tony, and Sarah all agreed to vote out Nick. However, Ben told Michele and Nick he would like to get out Denise, but it was just an act.

Nick revealed his plan was to get Ben out. Nick told Tony that Ben is better at fire-making, which could come into play. Tony started considering it. However, he needed to spy some more. While spying, Tony overheard Denise campaigning to Sarah and Ben to get out Tony. So, Tony said, “Denise has to go.”

Tony told Ben about his plan to get Denise out. Tony also told Sarah he wanted Denise out. Sarah told the private cams, “Denise is definitely a good option because she’ll be hard to beat in the end. However, Nick has played his butt off, and it’s hard to not like the guy.”

At the tribal council meeting, Denise talked about how she’s not giving up, but she doesn’t want to scramble anymore. Other than that, it was pretty much just general game talk.

They finally voted, and no other twists were thrown in. So, Jeff read off the votes, and here’s what happened. Denise got 2 votes, and Nick got 4 votes. Nick said, “Well done, you guys. I’ll do my best to join you again tomorrow.”

After that, Jeff said, “Somebody will battle their way back from Edge Of Extinction tomorrow.” We were able to see that Nick voted out Denise, and Tony,Sarah,Denise and Ben voted out Nick during that tribal council meeting.

Next, they showed more “Edge of Extinction” footage. The castoffs talked about it being their last night there. They took one last walk around the camp before getting ready to battle back. Their fire tokens bought them advantages in the battle back challenge.

Natalie revealed that she bought 3 advantages, two idols and some peanut butter with her whopping 14 fire tokens. She gave one of her idols to Tyson in case he got back in the game. And that was it, guys. That was the show.

How do you feel about Jeremy Collins and Nick Wilson getting voted off in tonight’s May 6, 2020 episode of Survivor season 40? Are you happy about it? Are you sad? Or do you just not care one way or the other? Let us know in the comments section.

The next, new Survivor season 40 episode is scheduled to air next Wednesday night, May 13,2020 at approximately 7 pm central standard time on CBS. This one will be a whopping 3 hours long because it is the season 40 finale episode. That’s right, guys. This season will be ending next week!

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “Survivor” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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